Sunday, November 2, 2014

People will first see the lawsuit abuse ad by Rick Zayas and then this ad.  This ad cost Luci Longoria votes. It is a pathetic plea for $2 million of your money.  It is actually beyond bizarre.  We all know a vendor paid for this ad because Cata has no money.
What people do not know is the Herald stopped other ads by Cata.  While this ad is misleading in that Cesar never admitted that her First Amendment Rights were violated, the Herald went with it because it says "seems".
In the past two weeks Luci, Carlos and Shirley Bowman made clear they were at their limits with Cata.  As has been the case in the past Cata and some third party with her tried to pass off an ad by Shirley Bowman with a strong attack on Mary Rey.  The Herald demanded to see Shirley Bowman.  When Shirley Bowman refused to endorse the ad being presented by Cata as beneath her, Cata had a meltdown. 
Luci Longoria already being nailed by the Herald for false ads against Cesar Lopez refused to sign off on this ad.
For another meltdown by Cata Presas-Garcia click on video of her stomping like a horse over the United Airlines baggage fee.



Anonymous said...

You are a liar and a jerk. Cata has the support of this community and her candidates will win.

BobbyWC said...

You are a coward and a liar - You are an expert apparently but too cowardly to use your name.

I defy you to copy and paste wherein I ever said Luci, Carlos or Shirley cannot win - I never said it - I have repeatedly said no one knows since there is no polling on the issue.

But apparently you have walked all of Brownsville and interviewed the 200,000 residents and know something no one else knows - good for you.

It will not shock me one bit if Cascos, Garcia, Longoria, Elizondo and Bowman win - to simply are too many unknown variables

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Cata needs an

Anonymous said...

This woman is crazy