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CARLOS CASCOS - County Judge
JUAN MAGALLANES 357TH Judicial District Court - I am certain he will bring integrity back

My analysis:

GILBERT HINOJOSA- For me if Cascos' win is enough for the state Democratic Party to send Gilbert Hinojosa packing - it was worth the win for Cascos. Hinojosa could not only hold his own county to elect a Democrat as County Judge, but Bill White received a higher % of the votes in his run against Governor Perry than Wendy Davis received against Greg Abbott - we actually lost voters by % under Hinojosa.  If the Texas Democratic Party does not dump him today - they will get what they deserve - nothing.

Joe Rivera stayed way to long - the vote was not for Carlos Cascos - it was against Joe Rivera - he cut a deal with the devil himself Gilberto Hinojosa and it cost him.  He asked Democrats to be loyal to him after he showed he knows nothing about loyalty.  Cascos was able to use this to his advantage. Cascos will find Cris Valadez will finish him off for good.  Cascos no longer has Joe Rivera to blame for that thing he calls an assistant.  Cascos' ability to rule will be impaired every day he fails to fire Valadez.  There are pending investigations Saenz cannot stop.  Unfortunately for Cascos he does not see it and he will allow for Valadez to destroy him.  Hopefully in short order Valadez will cause Cascos to be on the receiving end of an indictment

Judge Elect Juan Magallanes won because with the exception of that sex offender ad he conducted himself with the form of dignity we expect from judicial candidates.  Oscar Garcia could have won this had he stayed a Democrat but he lacked the integrity to be loyal to anything or anyone.  he went with Montoya on a promise the FBI 302 Interview of Magallanes could be used as a weapon.  That ended once people understood why he went with Montoya.  Montoya did not cost Garcia the election.  Garcia's lack of a moral compass cost him the election.  Hundreds upon hundreds of emails went out over the veterans issue and how he stood with Montoya to violate the privacy of every veteran in the State of Texas - Garcia lost because he never learned respect for the very people who have sacrificed for his freedom.  THE BAD NEWS IS - The Republicans once they take the Senate in January will confirm Judge Olvera as a federal judge [that is actually good - he is a good and honorable man]  the bad news is Governor Abbott will immediately appoint Oscar Garcia to replace Judge Olvera - I will spend the next weeks informing Governor Abbott the truth about Oscar Garcia on veterans, his homophobia, and trashing of disabled veterans


Cesar Lopez pulled out a great victory.  The race was close enough that the blogs on this one mattered.  A 4 year narrative of the truth behind Luci Longoria cost her the handful of votes she needed to win.  I am certain Cata is livid and her husband took the brunt of it.  Had Rick Zayas understood the importance of the long term narrative Luci never would have beat him 4 years ago


In politics name recognition is everything.  With all of his negatives - his credentials won the day for him.  Cata and her vile mouth could not stop Joe.  Shirley la KKKKKKKKKKKK? Bowman found out you cannot insult Latinas by trying to pass as one to win an election.  She came in nearly a 1000 votes behind Mary Rey.

For me the big winner is Mary Rey because she took the brunt of Cata's pure evilness but stood her ground and educated the people - it is clear people saw Joe as the safer vote to defeat Cata - which is fine - he is not Shirley Bowman - but it was Mary Rey who educated the people that Shirley Bowman was a fake Latina trying to claim the hardship of being a Latina - Shirley Bowman will live the remainder of her life with people knowing how vile she was in her actions


In the last weeks he pleaded with people to believe him he would not work with Cata and that he was sorry he ever said hello to her.  Robert Rodriguez failed in his campaign by failing to educate the population at large that Carlos was a Cata plant.  Had he done this he would have won.  The BV is the only blog with the integrity to say given the size of the city, the blog readership reaches only a small part of the city.  The majority of the voters had no idea about Carlos's alignment with Cata - had they known he would have lost.


I only mention him because it shows that with rare exception if you used Montoya to spew his bigotry, lies, defamation and deception you lost.

Lets see who the losers were - Oscar X. Garcia, Luci Longoria, Shirley la kkkkkkkkkk? Bowman, and Robert Lopez.

Cascos never allowed for a formal ad so people were not 100% sure of his ties to Montoya - on Carlos Elizondo had the people at large known he was with Cata he would have lost - Robert Rodriguez's campaign gets an "F" on this issue.

In two years, if Carlos aligns with Cata, she will need to win three races including her own to have a majority.  This she cannot do.  Hopefully Carlos will keep his promise and shun Cata as the vulgar trash she is.  This will mean an end to her reign of terror at BISD.  There is no vendor who will help her in 2 years.


I need someone to take the Cata video and edit it to just the part of her being animated and stomping her foot.  I then need a voice similar to hers added saying "I want my $2 million."  I need to play this narrative for 2 years to insure she cannot raise one penny for her reelection.   She can't win - I just want to make sure she cannot raise money.

email it to me and I will post it under my Youtube account


Healthsmart was given the opportunity to settle before the election.  They gambled and lost believing Cata would have a majority and agree to settle for less.  Healthsmart will now settle for more and Cata will get nothing from BISD.  If her husband would finally just end it Cata will find herself living in a slum lord apartment on Food Stamps - then we will have justice


Anonymous said...

You are pathetic blimp! Gerry McHale was right on, on his prediction....the ones you said were no way to judge. He actually talks to real people, not voices in his head. Keep posting your hatred blimp...who you going after now, the catholic church? Idiot!

BobbyWC said...

No he was not. And the only hatred is seen in your pathetic nonsense

Anonymous said...

"Robert Rodriguez failed in his campaign by failing to educate the population at large that Carlos was a Cata plant."

First, congratulations to Mr. Elinzondo for his victory. Both gentlemen ran a clean campaign. Mr. Rodriguez ran for the Board of Trustees based on his own merits and he never considered using such tactics to gain the vote of the community against Mr. Elizondo. Perhaps you are correct such tactics would have given him the victory. However, Robert Rodriguez's integrity did not allow him to do such a thing and that is important to him.

" Perhaps the surest test of an individual's integrity is his refusal to do or say anything that would damage his self-respect."

Thomas S. Monson

BobbyWC said...

Thanks for a great comment. I totally agree with you except one thing. Elizondo did pay Montoya for false claims against the Flores family. But to Elizondis credit he ordered it stopped. This is something people like Sarkis who will pay montoya to trash their opponent might think about. Sarkis will have to explain that criminal charge limas dismissed for him

Anonymous said...

I wish you would refrain from calling people such horrific names. Please write as a gentleman should and let others write the vulgarities that suit them better.
Have a great day.

BobbyWC said...

You are correct. I should not allow her to get to me. Get me honest and feel free to challenge me on this issue. Again thanks. Bobby Wc

Anonymous said...

WOW! The Brady Bunch song is exactly how BISD feels right now! It's a sunny day!

I have to admit I feel sad for Luci Longoria. She could have been such a great board member if she would have stayed away from Cata Presas-Garcia. Luci Longoria should have listened to her gut feeling and cut Cata Presas-Garcia out of her life a long time ago.

Thank-You for your service Luci Longoria.

Anonymous said...

Luci be a good board member you must be kidding. She had no idea what it takes to run a district. Her experience as a secretary did not qualify her.

Anonymous said...

Lucy accomplished her goal as a board member. That goal was to take care of Hector and she did. To bad that she did not care about the children or the taxpayers.

BobbyWC said...

And that is why she aligned with Cata - it is not too late for this new Board to fire and sue Hector, Luci, Cata, Art Rendon, Frank Perez, Ben Neece, and Antonio Juarez to get all of the money back

Hopefully they will have the courage to do the right thing

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

I hope the new board does just that!

Juan O'Leery

Anonymous said...

Don't forget Pat Lehman, AND Juan Montoya

BobbyWC said...

Montoya's extortion scheme is being handled at the highest level and it will cost Saenz for running cover for him.

Using the internet for extortion is a federal crime

I am not letting it go.

I am working every source I have and when it happens Saenz will lose every bit of political capital he has rightfully gained on Lincoln park - that I will never take from him - Lincoln park was a risky move and he deserves the political capital he is getting from it

But Montoya will cost him to lose every bit of that political capital.

The good news is, sources have told me he is aware Zeke Silva is now the one posting all of the negatives against him - that marriage ended badly exactly as everyone predicted

Bobby WC