Sunday, November 2, 2014

Carlos Cascos having to admit Cris Valadez has cost him the vote of overweight people through his constant mocking of them and by extension insensitivity to diabetes, is now asking the voters of Cameron county to vote for Joe G. Rivera.

When asked about his own diabetes Cascos is alleged to have said Valadez has become a major embarrassment to him and his family.  He went on to say that his decision to endorse Rivera is his way of making amends for Valadez being so insensitive to this major health crisis in Cameron county.

Cascos is asking people to get educated on the issue and to stop promoting the type ignorance and bigotry promoted by Valadez and his drunk punk friend Montoya.  He gave an example of MOSH as one area of scientific evidence weight gain is not always about a lack of exercise and diet.

Carlos Cascos and his trained monkey Cris Valadez have played this election as dirty as you can get.  Cascos cannot point to one big move in his 8 years in office - leadership is not a word you can associate with 8 years of nothing.

But what really irritates me is they initiated a dirty campaign to run cover for Cascos' 8 years of doing nothing and then cried like babies when Joe Rivera countered.  Cris Valadez had his buddy in crime post a pornographic picture - genitalia and all of Cris having his way with another male blogger, and then Cris goes crying to the county lawyers when I do a picture of him as Wilma Flintstone - do we trust the county budget to two big crybabies?  I say no.

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