Wednesday, November 26, 2014


We can hope that commissioner's court uses this time to appoint a County Judge who has studied how to turn a county into a metroplex, while putting personalities aside.  A successful County Judge translates into good political capital for the commissioners.

Part of moving Cameron county forward will require a Brownsville mayor on the same page as the County Judge. 

Right now I do not see how Tony Martinez does not win reelection.  His ego is such he will not think twice about putting $100k of his own money into his campaign.


Organized protests outside the homes and restaurants of his fundraisers, will chill the events.  It will make people think twice about donating money.

A call for a boycott of any car dealership which gives him money.  In the last election nearly all of the big dealers gave Tony big money for his campaign.

In January we must start block walking with anti-Tony Martinez flyers.  I will block walk with any group which organizes such an event.  I would submit we need a blog with real information on Tony Martinez, Rose Gowen and U.T's abuse of the Brownsville taxpayers.  No drama - just facts. We will need a real editor.  I'm willing to help - but I will not lead.

There are more options - but you get the idea.

You cannot fight this from home typing insulting comments for publication on a blog.  I will join any group which organizes a boycott, well actually I am buying my new truck in Harlingen at the Toyota dealership - I will not buy Brownsville.  I will also join any protests outside any fundraiser which any group organizes.


We need a successful businessman or woman, who can fund part of the campaign with their own money if need be, who understands you build Brownsville based on its natural resources and the immediate and long term needs of the community.

We may not all agree on what Brownsville needs - which is fine - that is why discussion and debate is important. Feel free to post in a professional manner anything you think Brownsville needs.

I remain a strong advocate of the weir dam.  It solves our water problems.  Believe it or not a solid water policy is something businesses look to before relocating to a new community.  We are going to need a lot of water for Space X.  The weir dam is the logical choice.  I have no problem with Brownsville hiring Tony Garza to help negotiate the deal with Mexico, Washington and Austin.  We now have the Spaxe X demand for water as a tool to push for the weir dam.

The weir dam will also mean development of downtown.  UT RGV will do nothing for revitalizing downtown.  The war in Mexico will not last forever.  Today Columbia has a thriving tourist industry.  Where just a few years ago, I remember a company offering my brother combat pay to go to Bogotá to service one of their medical devices.  I am done being afraid.  I am going to start shopping Matamoros again.  I am learning the buses which I believe are safer than driving across.

We need a Manufacturing Technology Center.  Our mayor and TSC need to be able to work together to bring in the federal and state funding to create a world class Manufacturing Technology Center.  We need an internationally known well trained work force.  This is lost on Tony Martinez - the national drop out rate at the university is so high, with the cost of today's tuition a university education is a one way ticket to living at home until you are 30, while paying off your students loans, with no guarantee you will ever find a job.  Business major graduates are begging for jobs at Office Depot.  In east Texas where I like to eat barbecue the cashier has been looking for work for 3 years.  She has her masters in accounting.  She works for minimal wage as a cashier.

If we want to keep our youth here he need to create a world renown Manufacturing Technology Center where the best workers in the U.S. get job training.  This will bring in manufacturing jobs which pay good.

It will not be until 2017, but all looks for a go that our port will be deepened.  It should be voted on in 2016, and hopefully be done by 2017.  We need to begin planning now.  It looks like we are going to be shipping natural gas from Brownsville to Europe - we need trained workers now - not later.

I say Lily Tecero needs to get the TSC Board's permission to ask Texas A & M if they would want to help with the creation of a world class Manufacturing Technology Center for job training.  It could be a model duplicated by the rest of the country.

Finally, the City of Brownsville needs to incorporate a world trade business.  Again if need be we need to hire Tony Garza to go to south American and convince their trade offices into pressuring the cargo lines to bring part of the south American perishables to Brownsville.  In days we can have everything in distribution centers in Houston and San Antonio.  Texas has about 26.5 million people.  The cargo coming into Brownsville alone would handle the Texas market.  We have barge, rail and trucking.

It's vision my friends - we need to start to believe in Brownsville and demand our leaders also believe in Brownsville.

We can do this - but we must begin the fight now in hopes a highly qualified candidate will come  forward to challenge Tony Martinez because they know we the people are already in the streets demanding meaningful change.

What we do not need in this campaign is anyone but Tony Martinez - that is how we ended up with Tony Martinez - we need to hit the streets now to send a message to any highly qualified candidate that the people are ready to get behind them and they can and will win.

These are just my ideas - ad to the discussion - I am certain great ideas abound.  They just need to be heard.


Anonymous said...

Damn dude, you should run for mayor.

BobbyWC said...

No, Tony would win with 90% with a campaign of distractions since he has no ideas.

I am still waiting on his water policy - I complained about this last time around. Before the election I started to blog he had no ideas and we needed to question this - but there was no one else on the ballot worth voting for.

I remember he finally said his water policy would be conservation - I have yet to hear him promote conservation of water as a water policy

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

"I have no problem with Brownsville hiring Tony Garza to help negotiate the deal with Mexico, Washington and Austin."

Tony Garza was opposed to the weir. Look it up.

BobbyWC said...

I am very aware. But there is a difference between being a couny and a. Pad

Anonymous said...

Port of Brownsville distribution center for Texas? Have you looked at a map? Over 95% of the population lives north of the Nueces River, which is where the Port of Corpus Christi is. Why would you unload cargo 160 South of the Nueces River when you can unload it there and in Houston? Our port is only useful for Monterrey and a small local market.

BobbyWC said...

You did not read the post because your intent was to go negative. The entire argument is base on Brownsville getting the south american air cargo. Governor Perry has already agreed to help from the state. Peru ha filed formal protests over the lack of enough ports of entry. This can be done with leadership. Houston is not an option for the air cargo. They cannot turn it fast enough to prevent aging.

Anonymous said...

Bobby, no one would bet against you if you ran for mayor. Please think about it for our community.

Anonymous said...

who did you have in mind as a good candidate?

BobbyWC said...

No one. Maybe a group of like minded people can meet and brainstorm

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I'm in

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't hesitate to vote for you