Saturday, November 8, 2014


I actually do not like the invention pictured here - it takes the fun out of eating pizza.

Here is an idea for an enterprising engineer who will make a fortune.  I surrender the idea to anyone who can make it happen.

Many people depend on medical devices of various sorts when they sleep.  I use a Bi-Pap - my new one which is part of a national study actually sends electronically data compiled during the night to my wifi which then sends it to the company which then sends me an email with the data.  For example I know I had the mask on for about 6 hours last night and stopped breathing 5 times.  Do not fret - my pressure is at 18, which is quite high and automatically gets me breathing again.

But here is the problem - when the electricity goes out I stop breathing and do not always wake up immediately. 


We need a plug in device which sounds an alarm when the electricity is cut off.  This will wake me up and allow me to plug the Bi-Pap into my car, or a back up battery.  So simple and I bet medical device stores will cell millions.

Some people will want it just to know they have lost electricity.

Now to that young enterprising engineer - go make a million on me.


Anonymous said...

Have you tried a battery power backup like I use for a computer. It will beep when the power goes out they make different sizes and power levels, not sure how much your machine needs but maybe it will work.

BobbyWC said...

There are two issues - one to let me know I have lost electricity, and two to keep the machine running.

I did find a device which claims to let out a loud sound when the electricity goes off.

The company which makes my BiPap sells a back up battery for $300 - I am considering the purchase

Bobby WC