Sunday, November 30, 2014


Two sources within TSC have now confirmed Dr. Lilly Tecero is in open discussion with Texas A & M to offer courses at TSC.  This could mean another great loss for the U.T. Board of Regents. 

They lost the McAllen vote for a community hospital as part of the medical school.  They have angered UTRGV with the mascot name of Vaqueros.  Texas & M is moving into Weslaco with an engineering program.  And you may not believe me, but the UT Board of Regents will walk away from Lincoln Park.  We just need to be patient.  They are looking for a graceful way out.

My view is it is time to send the UT Board of Regents packing from the LRGV and welcome Texas A &  M.


For well over a month numerous people have been telling me that Commissioner Chavez has moved to Los Fresnos and will not be running for reelection.  The funny thing is everyone who tells me seems to think this is a secret.

But here is the deal - just because someone is selling their house does not mean they are moving to another town.

If you scroll down to 3256 you will see the home is clearly owned by Antonio and Estela Chavez-Vasquez

The listing is clearly on the Internet - click

A review of Cameron county land ownership shows that Estela and Antonio own property in Los Fresnos - but I can find no evidence they are building or have built a house in Los Fresnos.

I do have a friend who two months ago bought a list of new residential construction permits for Cameron county.  I will have him check to see if any of the addresses align with a lot owned by Estela in Los Fresnos.  It is possible his list only includes Brownsville.

I will follow up - but if you are interested in running this may be an open seat worth exploring.

I was going to write this piece after my last return from east Texas to see my brother.  The night before I left I was going through a lot of his papers to find documents I need to handle his estate.  In those documents I found a letter from his base commander and chief medical officer stating that his neurofibroma would not interfere with his duties as an E-8.  For you non-military people E-9 is the highest rank for an enlisted person.  My brother was logistics and supplies.
In the end he turned down the promotion to E-8 because it meant going back to Korea and leaving behind his new bride.  After 25 years he was done.  My brother because of a very raw deal, was raised by our joint step-mother.  He was part of the 5 from daddy's second wife.  Jimmy who raised my brother was his 3rd wife, who he divorced before moving to Nicaragua with Pan Am.
My brother dropped out of school in middle school.  He had a rough life.  He got his GED in the army and moved up the ranks.  He did two tours in Vietnam.  The first tour was the dangerous one.  I believe he was an E-4 when a truck part of a supply convoy he was on broke down.  He along with several others were tasked to spend the night in the jungle protecting the truck until help could arrive in the morning.  Well a lot of noise in the bush got the soldiers nervous and they opened fire.  The next morning they found a lot of dead water-buffalo just off the side of the road.  That was Vietnam.  His second tour was strictly on base on Saigon so it was not so bad.
We share the same father but different mothers.  I had the pleasure of meeting Alice - funny how daddy had children with an Alice and an Alicia.  Alice was a panic and incredibly creative.  I also met daddy's third wife Jimmy just before she died in the nursing home in east Texas.
Oh his first wife - Elizabeth was deported back to England.  They married while he was a merchant marine.  Because she was divorced from daddy at the time when she was arrested during prohibition for drinking she was deported.
Alice had neurofibroma which she passed to my brother.  He is now basically bed-ridden in a lot of pain.  I fired his doctor who refused to even visit him in the nursing home and brought in a new doctor.  He has him comfortable. 
Think about this - he went from selling newspapers as a kid - barefoot in Houston just to give the money to our step-mom to being offered his last promotion as an E-8 in the Army.  He never gave up.
He is in a lot of pain, although a lot less since I fired his doctor.
He travelled the world - his kids travelled all over Europe during several tours of Germany.  He lived.
But it is now time to pass. 
After I left him this last time I could not really say good-bye because I was too sick.  I stood at his door with a mask on.  On my way out of town I had to go to his bank to transfer quite a bit of money into a money market.  It was silly he was not earning interest on the money he had in the bank.
Before going into the bank I sat in the car and cried my eyes out because I could not really say good-bye, and he was in so much pain  - and then it hit me - I let him go.  He lived a very successful life. 
I think sometimes as family we are selfish when it comes to passing.  When I see him before Christmas we will talk.  I will tell him he needs to let go.  He did his part for country and family.  I think sometimes we encourage loved ones to hang on for our pain without regard for their pain.
I am good - it will hurt - but I am ready for the phone call.  To what end should I encourage him to fight?  He will not get better.  He is in pain.  My faith is strong enough to know - when he does pass - it will be to just another room wherein he will see the full joy and beauty of God's final home for his children.  How can that be bad?
My brother served country, family and humanity.  It is time he be allowed to rest in peace - and you know what - I am good with that - because I do not believe in death - I believe in passing - and he has earned his passing into God's sanctuary of peace.

Friday, November 28, 2014

Cristo Rey Jesuit College Preparatory School of Houston Founder and President Father T.J. Martinez

The Houston Chronicle is reporting this morning that Father Martinez passed from stomach cancer. I have stayed away from this story because I considered it personal to Father Martinez. Through his battle he focused on the mission of being a Jesuit priest.  He kept his faith while never faltering on the mission he believed God outlined for him

My long term readers know I have a special place in my heart for Jesuit priests.  The only reason I am not one is I could not believe in the doctrine of Catholicism.  But that does not mean I could not believe in the mission of the Jesuit priests.  I am certain it brought great joy to Father Martinez when Pope Francis, a Jesuit priest, was elevated to Pope.

You can read more in the Houston Chronicle.

His family will hopefully focus on the his wonderful life instead of the sorrow which comes with the passing of a loved one.  There is so much to celebrate about the life of Father T.J. Martinez.  So many, many children and their children and their grandchildren will continue to live the blessings T.J. Martinez brought to the poorest of the poor of Houston.


Father Martinez proved the poorest of the poor could be educated in a highly challenging curriculum.  Trust me the Jesuits do not dumb down anything.  When you finish graduating a Jesuit Preparatory school you are highly educated.  Father Martinez had faith and confidence in these poor children living in horrible conditions.  He proved they could be given a complex and highly challenging education.

Let us honor Father Martinez by bringing his faith in children and education to BISD.

As you can see Bela was Elsa from Frozen for Halloween.  I have written many negative things about the quality of education at BISD.  But I write about the special needs children - not those not in need of extra attention.  It is true BISD does educate  a lot of our children - children who will eventually go to the university and succeed.  Bela will be one of them.

I bought this Crayola desk for Bela two Christmases ago and she still uses it.
The picture below is Bela opening her present.  I love this picture because Keaton is watching so patiently.  Bela use to take my cinnamon sticks and rub them on Keaton and then laugh that she smelled like cinnamon.
When Bela gets home from school, she first plays with her baby brother.  They are so, so funny together.  The other day she was at her desk practicing writing her name.  She wants to get better.  Remember she is in pre-k.  Her teacher has her writing "I like to eat ....."  Her mother's job is to work with her to learn how to write things she likes to eat so she can finish the sentence.  Bela is thriving at BISD in the pre-K program.
But here is the key - Bela does not need extra help.  She just needs familial support.  Just after she turned one I bought her the wood blocks with letters and animals.  In the beginning she piled them up.  In time her mother and grandmother began to teach her the letters.  She still uses them as a learning tool.  Her brother will start using them soon - he is a boy so he will probably start with throwing.
The same year I bought her the desk her grandfather bought her the Crayola easel.  She can write on it with markers which can be cleaned with water.  She can place the magnet letters on the easel and spell words. She uses it.  Her mother uses it to help teach Bela. 
Because of a team effort by family and a good BISD teacher Bela is thriving in pre-K - she loves it.  Tomorrow we are working on her first school project.  She is so excited.
So yes, on special needs children BISD has a long way to go.  But as to students who do not need any extra help other than support at home promoting the process of education, children like Bela will thrive.  I say thank-you to the teachers making Bela so happy to be in school.
But guys we have to rethink how we approach special needs children. 
When I did 6 weeks of teaching World Geography at the Point Isabel high school, I proved many of the special needs children could actually learn at a more advanced level then being used.  I wrote my own lectures - no handouts - my lectures aligned with the smartboard.  My fill in the blank and crisscross questions aligned with my lectures.  My study guide aligned with my lectures.  The map reading questions proved to these special needs children they could read maps.
We must align the instruction to the learning styles of the students while making sure we are confident they are learning on a daily basis.  Waiting 6 weeks to give them a test is reckless. 
We can do this - we just have to stop believing in dumbing down the process and running to more and more computer generated education.  A computer cannot measure a student's daily comprehension - only a compassionate teacher can do that.

God I love Nuvigil

The cases of the 8-Liners and Politiqueras

One reason lawyers come to me for consultation is I am an expert on the Kings Bench and common law. I have read most of the writings of Lord Coke, William Blackstone, and hundreds of years of Kings Bench decisions through about 1800.

One reason I know Associate Justice Antonin Scalia makes a mockery of the doctrine of original intent is I actually read the pleadings in high profile cases before the Supreme Court.  You will notice in Associate Justice Scalia's opinions a complete dismissal for the law as it existed at the time of the writing of the Constitution.  One party will detail the law as summarized by Lord Coke or William Blackstone as it existed at the time of the penning of the Constitution and Associate Justice Scalia will not even acknowledge the argument in his opinion.  He will simply pretend it was never made and then issue an opinion which ignores the law as it existed at the time of the penning of the Constitution.  But so long as he claims to believe in original intent, the ignorant will praise him.

I am compelled to reprint this excerpt from a letter written in 1939 by the President designate of U.T. Austin.

This quote so applies to Associate Justice Antonin Scalia and all the lemmings who believe he believes in Original Intent.

[SIDE NOTE:  Based on what I am learning from students at TSC and UTB, it may be time to eliminate American Government as a mandated course.  They are learning nothing.  The Pearson E-College program is a joke.  The students do not like it.  Some instructors are using the online tests because they are too lazy to write their own quizzes and tests.  Students are complaining the tests are flawed with incorrect answers.  I previously documented one quiz which marked me wrong for saying the U.S. is a democracy.  According to Pearson E-College the correct answer is Saudi Arabia. 

We are not educating our students at BISD, TSC or UTB in government.  It is a joke.  Key to any high quality instruction is the instructor writing their own lectures with the intent that the lecture will align with essay and short answer tests which force the student to demonstrate a substantive understanding of the material.  This is not happening.  Multiple choice tests should be banned at TSC and UTB.  Every classroom should have a smartboard .  If the instructor is not willing to write their own lectures which interact with the smartboard, and align with their written essay tests, they should be fired.  All essay tests should have as their purpose the students demonstrating a substantive understanding of the material.

It is time we start to give our students meaningful instruction in government or simply abandon it as a mandatory course.  Right now government instruction is nothing more than a way for TSC and UTB to raise money in the form of tuition, while returning nothing to the students.  They are completing the course with zero substantive understanding of government.  This is criminal.  This is why we cannot move our society forward and so many Americans are so easily taken in by the demigods.  It is time we end the lie that we are educating our students in the substantive mechanics of government.]


While not directly applicable here the concept is the same - when you go to court you must have clean hands.


You can  click above to more fully understand the doctrine.  In simple form it means if you have a law on the books which you do not enforce, at some point it becomes void for lack of enforcement.  The doctrine is found in equity.  Reviving old laws not previously enforced to prosecute people, raises questions of equity.

Now before I hear it, what is and is not inherently immoral, with rare exception, is subjective .


In my view it is in the best interests of justice for DA Saenz to offer all operators of 8 Liners, pretrial diversion or deferred adjudication, depending on what the law will permit based on the alleged offenders previous history.  They cannot challenge the forfeiture of their machines.

For more than a decade law enforcement turned a blind eye to the business of 8 Liners.  The lack of law enforcement lead to confusion as to the law.  I realize those who prefer ignorance over knowledge claim DA Saenz initiated the prosecution of 8 Liner owners.  False - for 18 months before Saenz took office the DEA was actively working Operation Bishop.  Saenz had nothing to do with the creation of Operation Bishop.  It was handed to him by the DEA and he was told to execute on their investigations.  Whether you want to believe it or not, the DEA had legitimate concerns that the 8 Liner business involved some laundering of cartel money.  Why else would the DEA get involved in petty gambling?

If DA Saenz and the DEA can be sure the owner who is being prosecuted had no ties or interests with the cartels the spirit of desuetude should be applied to their cases.  But DA Saenz should make clear this is a one time semi-amnesty so to speak.  After his decision to apply quasi-desuetude to the cases, he should make clear all future cases will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. 

Further the state legislature needs to end this nonsense of criminalizing gambling.  I do not gamble other than driving in Brownsville [lol], or Bingo, or the Texas lottery.  I do not understand putting money in a machine on the hope I will walk away wealthier.  The casinos are operating to make money which means they intend for you to lose. 

But Texas is losing too much money as our citizens take bus tours to Shreveport and any number of Indigenous Reservations to gamble anyway.  Why not let the people of Brownsville gamble on river boats on the Rio Grande - that will bring in tourist dollars.  If the legislature will not just be done with criminalizing gambling, they then must enhance the punishment to be applied to those who engage in illegal gambling establishments.


The Honorable Hilda Tagle in the case of Sonia Solis had it right - why was the DOJ prosecuting the worker and not the organizers?  This is why Judge Tagle refused to impose a stronger sentence. 

The harvesting of mail ballots was a disease which impacted nearly every election for decades.  After I sent the trial transcript in the Pena/Hernandez case to the Texas AG for prosecution of Margarita Ozuna, and her prosecution became known there has been no evidence of ballot harvesting in Brownsville or in Cameron county wide elections.

The qualifier - because I know someone will try and correct me and be wrong.  Yes, it is true after the Pena/Hernandez trial several politiqueras did in fact, according to criminal Informations filed by the AG's office, illegally harvested mail ballots.  But that was before they knew Margarita Ozuna was to be prosecuted.  But since the AG filed the criminal Information on Margarita Ozuna there has been no evidence of mail ballot harvesting in either Brownsville or Cameron county wide elections.  Now before you post a comment which makes you look stupid consider what the highlighted part means in terms of your comment.

For decades nearly every elected official in Brownsville and Cameron county used politiqueras to work the mail ballots.  The nonsense of blaming the Hernandez family for the acts of every politician is found simply in their refusal to pay extortion money to keep certain people from writing about them.

There is no excuse for what happened for decades.  I first learned of the practice in Dallas where not only did I win the election contest, but also the criminal case against the alleged politiquera.  I was repulsed - but I was also educated as to why it was happening.  In south Dallas it was a way of elections and nearly everyone was doing it - including the losing candidate who sued my client.

I do not live in a world of perfection  - mistakes are an important tool in learning.  The harvesting of mail-ballots was an unfortunate abuse of the process as a necessary evil to political survival.  It is now behind us - and that is good.  And I am proud of the fact I sent that transcript to the AG which brought an end to the problem.  I was not paid by Alex Begum to feign interest in the issue, and then claim to be the hero in the war against politiqueras.  In fact Montoya vilified me for helping Ruben Pena in his case against Ernie Hernandez - but then Begum wrote a bigger check and Montoya found god.  I hate Johnny-come-latelies, who join the battle after the war is won so that they can create a bogus organization to raise money.

DA Luis Saenz needs to go the AG's office which is prosecuting the current politiquera cases and recommend pretrial diversion to the extent allowed by law or deferred adjudication.  But the AG should then make a clear statement that all future cases will be prosecuted with the intend of jail time.

But it should not end there - the legislature needs to make the harvesting of mail-ballots a State Jail Felony.  They need to make it a second degree felony for the organizers.

But there is no justice in prosecuting poor women who for decades practiced the harvesting of mail ballots while no one enforced the law.  What they did is wrong - but the state does not enter the process with clean hands.  They spent decades ignoring the law and allowing for the practice.  The AG and all previous DA's do not have clean hands on this issue, and equity demands clean hands before you go to court and ask for justice.

Cannot the good Christian Greg Abbott show some mercy and equity by ending the current prosecutions with pretrial diversion or deferred adjudication?


The legal concept of desuetude is found in equity.  This needs to be a one time deal.

I am not asking desuetude or any quasi-desuetude be applied to the organizers behind mail-ballot harvesting.  If  DA Saenz or the DOJ can prove a case on direct evidence - he said she said will not fly - by the organizers then I say hang them.  But the idea we are letting the organizers walk while seeking to punish women who for decades were lead to believe what that they were doing was legal because nearly every candidate was hiring them is just wrong.

Thursday, November 27, 2014


I am beyond blessed.  My life has been the most extraordinary adventure - high roads and low roads - you need both to keep it exciting.
How lucky am I - I was taught to use my hands - yesterday I rebuilt the piping system under a friend's kitchen sink - last week I refloated my kitchen ceiling, sanded, and then refloated it again.  It is waiting a second sanding before the hopper and then painting.  I prepared the wood for a shelf for my cable box and DVD  player.  When I got home from east Texas my ex had already made it - I was going to make it with a sliding bottom - but this is nice.

I watched my mother struggle at Hofstra university with 7 kids at home.  She was studying to be a social worker.  She taught me there were no limits to what I can do - a widow with 7 kids and English as her second language at age 44 entering the university.  It did not matter they could not teach me to read - I taught myself.  For the record I have learned through testing - I can read right to left twice as fast left to right.  My brain does not have time to wonder from the slow reading - so my comprehension improves dramatically.

God blessed me with the humility to know learning how to use your hands is as important as using your brain. 

God blessed me with the neurological problems which impacted my writing and depth of my critical thinking to remind me of the importance of humility.  I am reminded and beyond grateful that this new medicine Nuvigil will help restore my writing skills.  My critical thinking skills are enhanced within an hour of taking the pill.  I am still on more samples - but am hopeful the VA will approve it now that three specialists are saying I needed it and cannot take the cheaper modafinil.

God blessed me to know I must get all of my grammar books out and study hard.  God blessed me to know I probably need to go back to UTB and take several semesters of grammar to restore my skills.

God blessed me to not be discouraged by drunks, punks, and manic depressives because he saw fit to put me through this challenge to make me a better person.

God blessed me to know he would never challenge me with more than I can handle, and in knowing  he knows everything I need before I even know I need it. 

God blessed me to know I need not pray for anything except to keep my faith - for God knows what I need and to ask God for anything in my mind means I have lost faith in his love and omniscience.

God blessed me with two parents who lived life according to their moral compass instead of a contrived life created by miserable people who obsess with controlling how we should live our lives.  They taught me the value of being myself.  Both were born with silver spoons in their mouths and both chose paths of living outside the privileged classes. 
Daddy was rough on my older brothers - but they learned to use their hands and can do just about anything.  He spent endless nights in jail as a union organizer under FDR [not a fan btw]  He lost his job with Pan Am during the cleansing of commies because earlier in his life he was a member of the Little Kremlin.  Most Americans left the Little Kremlin once the truth about Stalin came out. 
I am proud of the fact my mother died in the very hospital which vilified her for forcing them to put signs in Spanish and English.  She died in a hospital she made a better place, and every doctor treating her knew who she was. She was working for the federal government at the time as a social worker and federal court translator and put the full force of her office behind making Nassau county medical center put the signs in Spanish and English.
Neither gave a rats ass what the drunks, punks, and manic depressives had to say - they followed the path they believed God placed them on.  They both were Christian Scientists.  Their life was anything but contrived - it was meaningful - filled with mistakes, wonders, and accomplishments.
Could I have been any more blessed?  Mistakes are good - they help us learn
And finally, God blessed humanity with the love of dogs - my girls - Keaton and Buster.
Oh btw that little wood box in the right hand corner in the TV picture is Keaton.

Life is wonderful - enjoy the day - but I will not share my pies - they are for gifts to families in need of good pies.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and be grateful - just look and you will find something which makes you feel grateful.

Oh, thanks for allowing me to share my faith and memories.  What a wonderful day.  I guess I must also say [lol] I am blessed with so many faithful readers.  Trust me I know I am not perfect - how boring would that be? - I have made mistakes in some of my postings - but I have never lied or taken a penny for my work. -  So join me in not being perfect - life is more interesting that way.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

For the record, on this Thanksgiving day, I am grateful for our newly united community
This would get me downtown - a nice meal - a cocktail before the movie in a bar lounge in the theater and then maybe a piano bar with a cocktail or two more. This is what will get me downtown - not UT RGV

The new Ford Dealers in town
The 1936 organization of the Pipkin-Manske Motors to handle the sales of the Ford cars in Brownsville and surrounding area brought together three men who had years of experience in business.
John Pipkin, Otto Manske and Maurice Tipton, had a long history of being in business in the Valley and/or in Brownsville, either in the auto business or in kindred lines.
Pipkin and Manske were operators of a service station which was then located at the corner of Levee and Ninth Streets, while Tipton, who came here form Mission, had been peddling fords since the early 1920s.
In announcing the new dealership the Ford Motor Company called attention to the high business standing of the members of the new firm and expressed confidence that the new firm would have a bright future in Brownsville.
And you know the rest of the story!

Below are the owners mentioned in the article


I have brother who buys the kits to make the old cars.  He uses fuel efficient engines.  He drives them for a while and then sells them.


We can hope that commissioner's court uses this time to appoint a County Judge who has studied how to turn a county into a metroplex, while putting personalities aside.  A successful County Judge translates into good political capital for the commissioners.

Part of moving Cameron county forward will require a Brownsville mayor on the same page as the County Judge. 

Right now I do not see how Tony Martinez does not win reelection.  His ego is such he will not think twice about putting $100k of his own money into his campaign.


Organized protests outside the homes and restaurants of his fundraisers, will chill the events.  It will make people think twice about donating money.

A call for a boycott of any car dealership which gives him money.  In the last election nearly all of the big dealers gave Tony big money for his campaign.

In January we must start block walking with anti-Tony Martinez flyers.  I will block walk with any group which organizes such an event.  I would submit we need a blog with real information on Tony Martinez, Rose Gowen and U.T's abuse of the Brownsville taxpayers.  No drama - just facts. We will need a real editor.  I'm willing to help - but I will not lead.

There are more options - but you get the idea.

You cannot fight this from home typing insulting comments for publication on a blog.  I will join any group which organizes a boycott, well actually I am buying my new truck in Harlingen at the Toyota dealership - I will not buy Brownsville.  I will also join any protests outside any fundraiser which any group organizes.


We need a successful businessman or woman, who can fund part of the campaign with their own money if need be, who understands you build Brownsville based on its natural resources and the immediate and long term needs of the community.

We may not all agree on what Brownsville needs - which is fine - that is why discussion and debate is important. Feel free to post in a professional manner anything you think Brownsville needs.

I remain a strong advocate of the weir dam.  It solves our water problems.  Believe it or not a solid water policy is something businesses look to before relocating to a new community.  We are going to need a lot of water for Space X.  The weir dam is the logical choice.  I have no problem with Brownsville hiring Tony Garza to help negotiate the deal with Mexico, Washington and Austin.  We now have the Spaxe X demand for water as a tool to push for the weir dam.

The weir dam will also mean development of downtown.  UT RGV will do nothing for revitalizing downtown.  The war in Mexico will not last forever.  Today Columbia has a thriving tourist industry.  Where just a few years ago, I remember a company offering my brother combat pay to go to Bogotá to service one of their medical devices.  I am done being afraid.  I am going to start shopping Matamoros again.  I am learning the buses which I believe are safer than driving across.

We need a Manufacturing Technology Center.  Our mayor and TSC need to be able to work together to bring in the federal and state funding to create a world class Manufacturing Technology Center.  We need an internationally known well trained work force.  This is lost on Tony Martinez - the national drop out rate at the university is so high, with the cost of today's tuition a university education is a one way ticket to living at home until you are 30, while paying off your students loans, with no guarantee you will ever find a job.  Business major graduates are begging for jobs at Office Depot.  In east Texas where I like to eat barbecue the cashier has been looking for work for 3 years.  She has her masters in accounting.  She works for minimal wage as a cashier.

If we want to keep our youth here he need to create a world renown Manufacturing Technology Center where the best workers in the U.S. get job training.  This will bring in manufacturing jobs which pay good.

It will not be until 2017, but all looks for a go that our port will be deepened.  It should be voted on in 2016, and hopefully be done by 2017.  We need to begin planning now.  It looks like we are going to be shipping natural gas from Brownsville to Europe - we need trained workers now - not later.

I say Lily Tecero needs to get the TSC Board's permission to ask Texas A & M if they would want to help with the creation of a world class Manufacturing Technology Center for job training.  It could be a model duplicated by the rest of the country.

Finally, the City of Brownsville needs to incorporate a world trade business.  Again if need be we need to hire Tony Garza to go to south American and convince their trade offices into pressuring the cargo lines to bring part of the south American perishables to Brownsville.  In days we can have everything in distribution centers in Houston and San Antonio.  Texas has about 26.5 million people.  The cargo coming into Brownsville alone would handle the Texas market.  We have barge, rail and trucking.

It's vision my friends - we need to start to believe in Brownsville and demand our leaders also believe in Brownsville.

We can do this - but we must begin the fight now in hopes a highly qualified candidate will come  forward to challenge Tony Martinez because they know we the people are already in the streets demanding meaningful change.

What we do not need in this campaign is anyone but Tony Martinez - that is how we ended up with Tony Martinez - we need to hit the streets now to send a message to any highly qualified candidate that the people are ready to get behind them and they can and will win.

These are just my ideas - ad to the discussion - I am certain great ideas abound.  They just need to be heard.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

In 1976, 6 courses at UTEP with student fees was $210 - books were under $100, and room and board was $600 a semester.
Think this morning all of the nonsense being published by idiots about the unrest in Ferguson Mo.  If you believe the radical black community all Anglos support the killing of black youth - if you believe people like Ann Coulter - the queen white supremacist all blacks support the unrest.  Both sides are promoting demagoguery to those who are too poorly educated to know better.  Just because a small subset of blacks support the unrest and a small subset of Anglos support racism does not mean you can attributed these beliefs to an entire group.
Has humanity or marriage ended as we know it because of some 9 years now of legalized gay marriage in parts of the U.S.?  Nope - The demigods lied and they knew they were lying about how marriage equality would destroy marriage.
God save our youth who are attending real universities - they are integrated - they know nothing of sexual orientation.  Sexual experimentation on big campuses is normal - it means nothing except young adults exploring sexuality and sex, which I believe will make their marriages stronger because they will know who they are and what they like.
The next stage in marriage equality will be the end of state intervention in marriage period - except in child support and property division - and for the so called Originalist - that is how it started - the courts through opinions not legislative action decided marriage - even common law marriage was a contract - which it is with a history of at least 4,000.  So the courts reasoned that the breach of the contract gave them jurisdiction to divide property and order child support.  At the time there was no such thing as a marriage license as a requirement for marriage although in some states they existed as an option - hence the common law marriage - no license.
The next battle is to compel the government to recognized private marriage contracts for purposes of federal and state benefits.
Years ago I attended a wonderful Jewish wedding in NJ.  The Rabbi did the service in Hebrew, English and Spanish [the Spanish was for my tia Anglelita.)  It was something to watch all 4 grandmothers walk down the isle - Angelita with her son in law's mother Tilly [parents fled Russia to avoid the Pogroms]
The Rabbi spoke of the 4,000 year old tradition of marriage contracts and the process of filing them with the local government.  In time I hope we return to how it is still down among many of the Jewish faithful.  They get the marriage license to please the government - but per their faith the couple sign a contract between themselves and god and file it in city hall.  In the eyes of God this is when they are married and not when the city issues the marriage license.
But the point is - think about this man's words - by denying our youth a real education we are empowering the demigods to trick them into their world of hate and ignorance.  It is time to end 20 years of Republican control of the UT Board of Regents.


CHOLESTEROL                 157          NORMAL 0-200
CHOLESTERAL HDL          38.6       NORMAL 35-100
CHOLESTERAL LDL           92.2       NORMAL LESS THAN 100
GLUCOSE                               96          NORMAL 75-110
TRIGLYCERIDES                131          NORMAL 0-200

Any doctor will tell you these are amazing numbers. Because of my travelling and being sick for 2 weeks before this testing I had not taken my fish oil or Zetia. My triglycerides have not been this low in 20 years. I could not be happier.


I am 80 pounds over weight. We have now proven it has nothing to do with diet or exercise because I gained all of the weight while on a very healthy diet and doing a ton of exercise. Just 6 years ago I bench pressed 315 pounds.

We now know based on MRI and a lot of blood work I have MOSH = male obesity associated secondary hypogonadism -   It is caused by years of nearly zero testosterone.  I will put my diet and exercise regiment up against the quack Rose Gowen any day.  I am sure she would drop within 10 minutes of my work out.  She knows nothing about diet, weight gain or diabetes.  She operates in a world of extreme ignorance of science and medicine - which is why her foul mouth sees fit to refer to people as fat slops.  If the medical board were capable of doing its job her medical license would be pulled.  Because of quacks like Rose Gowen good people commit suicide every day while struggling with their weight.

What Rose Gowen never learned in medical school is it is not the outward appearance which matters, but the inward appearance - my heart is solid and my key medical blood work shows I am doing everything right.

I eat healthy and exercise.  I have not given up because quacks like Rose Gowen live in a world of complete ignorance.  Good people who try real hard give up because of quacks like Rose Gowen.  She cannot conceive that heavy people who are eating healthy and exercising can actually be healthier than skinny people.  She judges books by their cover instead of their content.  She practices medicine because UT celebrates ignorance and quackery.

Monday, November 24, 2014

The restaurant is located in part of Fiesta Graphics which was converted for the restaurant.  I went last week.  I can eat barbecue all of the time.  I have eaten barbecue all over the state.  What I have learned is it is done different ways in different places.  There is a chain in SA I do not like because they are very vinegar based.  Some people like that - I do not.
I got the brisket plate with two sides and a soda.  I do not remember how much I paid but it was a lot less than what I pay in east Texas.  The brisket was very juicy and tender.  The portion is very, very generous,  I could not finish my sides because I was full on the brisket.  The brisket is smoked with mesquite wood.

I hate people who review restaurants, movies or books solely on their tastes.  We all have different tastes.  For me if the brisket is not juicy and tender you have lost me.  Cooks use different woods.  I know someone who uses a lot of pecan wood - yea  I will not eat it.  I prefer the flavor of mesquite.  Some people use a blend of mesquite and oak.  This all comes down to taste.

But the bottom line is the meat is tender and juice.  You can clearly see the smoke ring from the mesquite.  The sides are good.  But again every one has different tastes.  The place in SA makes a mash potato, potato salad with vinegar added - it is real bad - but people like it - not me

Here you will get a basic potato salad.  Some people like their coleslaw moist  others dry.  Theirs is a  wet coleslaw.  I just love coleslaw so I do not care.

For the portions and price you cannot go wrong - give it a try.

My long time readers know I prefer to promote locally owned restaurants over chains.  I eat at the Oyster Bar, Captain Bob's and Big Daddys.  All of them are good and locally owned.  I will now be also eating at Big E's Smokehouse.

Support our community and eat locally own.
Click to Enlarge 
Some things never change
Where is UT-Brownsville’s share?
UT-Permian Basin approves new 10-year facility master plan
Along with renaming the campus in Midland the University of Texas Permian Basin-Midland (UTPB-Midland), regents of The University of Texas System recently approved a 10-year facility master plan that calls for building new facilities for the Midland campus and the UTPB campus in Odessa.
The new facilities plan calls for about $264 million in capital improvements at both the Midland and Odessa campuses, with $88 million allotted for new housing units, $73 million for academic and engineering facilities, and $60 million for infrastructure and $43 million for an events center.
The new 10-year plan calls for building three large academic buildings, an athletic building and residential housing units at the UTPB-Odessa campus, said David Watts, UTPB president. The plan also calls for a 6,000-seat events center to host community and sporting events for the Odessa campus. The new facilities plan for the UTPB-Midland campus includes a 95,000-square-foot engineering building, on-campus housing and additions to existing buildings at that campus, Watts said. Regents must approve any plans to build new facilities before construction can begin at either campus, he added.
Information taken for the Texas Government Insider, Volume 10, issue34, Friday August 31, 2012

Sunday, November 23, 2014


"This is a rather remarkable historical photograph of the Steamboat Bessie on the Rio Grande River as it is supplying Fort Ringgold in Rio Grande City. It is undated but it is very old. The Steamboat Bessie regularly supplied Fort Ringgold, in Rio Grande City. It also travelled 12 miles up stream from Rio Grande City to Roma as well."


Sometimes, looking backwards will inform us of our future.  For a history of steamboats on the Rio Grande - click  Brownsville Steamboats

One of the things Pat Ahumada had correct was the weir dam.  It solved our water problems.  It guaranteed development of downtown.  But Pat Ahumada never understood and still does not understand the social process of politics.  There is no doubt he is entitled to a lot of political capital for his help on Lincoln Park - but the bottom line is he still does not get politics involves finesse - a finesse he does not have - so in effect the political capital he has gained on Lincoln Park is zeroed out with his reputation of his way or the highway.

The boom to tourism and downtown with steamboats at this point would be immeasurable.  Expansion of UTRGV near downtown does nothing for downtown.  Students are not going to eat in high priced restaurants or use any downtown services.  They are mall shoppers.  But tourism brings hotels, restaurants, and shops.

Could you imagine taking a steamboat up river to Progresso - now that would be fun.  I would do it all of the time.  We got to think in the context of our natural resources.  Investing in UTRGV does nothing for economic development in Brownsville.  The jobs are few and will do nothing for downtown.  UTRGV is going nowhere - they know if they leave Texas A & M will move in.

The weir dam needs to be an issue in the May elections.  We cannot abandon downtown.  If we want to beat Tony Martinez on downtown development we must be willing to present a viable alternative to expansion of UTRGV.

We must also support candidates who can get along - no matter what Pat Ahumada says he cannot win because he is still Pat.  And I do not mean his problems with the check or Fly Frontera - I mean his personality.  We cannot afford another round of city commissioners opposing anything he favors because Ahumada has a knack for alienating everyone - even when he is right.

These are four of my sisters who lived on Waco road when daddy worked for Pan Am.  Left to right  Betty, Caroline, Shirley and Dorothy.  Carolina eventually married in Brownsville and stayed until she died on January 2, 2012.  Shirley died some 20 plus years ago.  Betty and Dorothy are in their early 80's and living out their lives in nursing homes.

This morning's Herald story on Lincoln Park is informative at several levels.  One it tells us the Herald sees money in terms of sales in keeping the story alive.

The story also informs us that Rick Longoria was moved in his vote by the outcry at the park meeting.

Finally, the story tells us that if we the people stay engaged the Herald may be willing to give us a voice.

I think in the long run we will win this.

My view is - and many disagree with me - but it is time for a recall of Debbie Portillo.  Some see it as a waste of time.  It is not.  Public outcry moved Rick Longoria.  The city is now on record with the court that no deal has been cut on the sale of Lincoln Park - this is all the more reason to start a recall on Debbie Portillo.  Before that vote comes a real effort at a recall could change her vote.  It will also keep the story in the news.

Here is the daily data I was talking about.  You can see I did a lot better with my breathing.  The score is only .4 times per hour. 

Note:  Usage hours are not sleep hours.  I woke up after about 5:30 a.m. and then fell asleep and woke up a few more times without taking off the mask.  Usage hours is how long you have the mask on.

Click here to buy product. You should really clear this with your sleep apnea doctor before buying any product to treat your sleep apnea.  Also do not assume you have sleep apnea before buying a machine.  You may have other problems which you will be ignoring by assuming you have sleep apnea.  Mine has been verified 3x's through sleep tests.

Once you have the machine this is where you go to register for the daily information

You have to have a wireless system for everything to work.

This is from Harvard medical school.  This is standard in the practice of sleep apnea - this is how I know I am not in trouble with the number of times I stop breathing on any given night.  Remember this is with the machine constantly forcing air into my respiratory system.  Without the constant forced air I would stop breathing a lot more.

Apnea Hypopnea Index (AHI)

The AHI is the number of apneas or hypopneas recorded during the study per hour of sleep. It is generally expressed as the number of events per hour. Based on the AHI, the severity of OSA is classified as follows:
  • None/Minimal: AHI < 5 per hour
  • Mild: AHI ≥ 5, but < 15 per hour
  • Moderate: AHI ≥ 15, but < 30 per hour
  • Severe: AHI ≥ 30 per hour



Brownsville's school built 1890

I am working on replacing the pictures - they were too blurry
A wonderful day for fishing

Saturday, November 22, 2014

For about three years now I have taken care of my own sleep apnea treatment.  I upgraded to a Resmed CPAP/BIPAP.  Maybe 6 months or so ago they asked for my current sleep study and then asked if for a fee I would test a new product.  The machine was free, so why not?

First and foremost the machine does its job.  What I did not know until after the test period was done was that the company had built in a wireless system to the machine to communicate with my wireless system to upload the nightly data to their corporate system.  Based on the serial number on the machine I then log in every morning about an hour after I take off the mask, and there is a summary for me to use with my doctor if need be.

For example I stopped breathing on average once an hour last night.  Do not fret - that is the purpose of the machine - at a roaming pressure of 16-18, there is a lot of forced air going into me to get me breathing again.

The daily information also tells me if I had a pressure leak and if so how to adjust the mask to prevent the pressure leak. 

The information also tells my doctor how many hours I wore the mask during the night.  This is important for the issue of compliance.  If you are not using the machine every night you will not get the benefit and your doctor needs to know your fatigue may be caused by your non-compliance. 

After the study they asked if I would help with the web page.  My part was simply to explain if I understood the information on each page.  As a user they wanted to know if the page was user friendly.  This is when I  found out about the wireless part.  At that point the hour on the phone answering questions was worth it. 

I will be a lifetime client of RESMED. 

If the data ever shows I stop breathing too many times in one night, I can pdf the information and send it to my VA doctor through a VA system known as secure messaging.  She can then use that data to order a new sleep study or to just have me increase the pressure to see if that solves the problem.

Medical technology gets better every day.


I travel a lot.  A medical device does not count as a carry on - that is good.  But security does require you take the machine, hose and mask out of the carry on.  I have had several of these CPAP's.  The carrying case is so user friendly and so easy to use at the airport for security.  This is just an extra bonus of this product.  The product used by the VA has a horrible carrying case.


A friend asked if I might go later in the day.  He says he knows the bus to Soriana's near the big bus station. 

I will be very disappointed if he changes his mind.

Everyone - think of this song and enjoy the day.  Just consider walking across to Garcia's - They have a lot of nice Christmas decorations.  Then sit back in the bar and relax or eat lunch or dinner.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Today I took my nephew over to see the dentist.  Before sitting down and relaxing at the bar in Garcia's I bought the buffet runner seen here.  I did not intend on buying anything, but I thought it fits the holiday season.  The pottery is three years old - from Progreso.  I should have taken down that picture.  My ex put it up when I was in east Texas.  I am to frame it and then center it.  It will then look good.
Below is a priest I bought in Progreso in June.  When people come through my front door they love it in my entry way.  He is in a nook behind an antique love seat.
People do not be afraid of Mexico.  I go during the day and practice safety.  I loved the hour we sat in Garcia's drinking Mexican cokes and eating nachos.  It was relaxing.  I am trying to learn the buses, but would prefer someone be with me.  I think traveling in pairs is safer.  But at least go to Garcia's for an afternoon meal, some music and maybe a few knickknacks.
No one in this town has done more to correct the abuses of the judiciary than I have, and I have been vilified for it.  My work against the judiciary is known statewide.  In the case of Lincoln Park I can find no irregularity in Judge Nelson's ruling.  I think he is wrong - but that does not mean he was not studious.  On a regular basis the U.S. Supreme Court issues 5/4 rulings.  Should the 4 be removed from the Supreme Court because in the eyes of the 5 they are wrong about the law?  It is naïve for the people attacking Judge Nelson to think the law is so simple.

Part of the problem is by law he did not have to write out his reasoning.  You can blame George W. Bush for that.  The Texas Legislature did pass a law which would have required Judge Nelson write an opinion justifying his decision, but then Governor Bush vetoed the law.


Lawyers who write a lot of briefs know this - when you think it out only in your head your analysis is incomplete.  The second you begin to put your analysis down to paper it begins to change.  You see flaws in your original analysis and then correct them.  This is why the interim appeal is essential to winning this battle

This will be lost on Sossi, but not the AG's office.  The court of appeals and Texas Supreme Court in this case will expect the UT Board of Regents to slow down the process while the interim appeal proceeds.  If afforded a chance by Michael Cowen to just slow the process while the appeal proceeds and the UT Board of Regents refuses, then the court of appeals or Texas Supreme Court would be justified issuing a stay [effectively a TRO] pending the appeal.  Again, what the appellate courts expect of the defendants is understood by the AG's office, but I am certain it is lost on Sossi.

In my view, an interim appeal is a guaranteed win.  The court of appeals once they have to defend in writing why "any other entity defined by Texas law" does not include the entity of the UT Board of Regents, they will follow the proper rules of statutory construction and stop everything by voiding Rose Gowen's vote.  Her vote appears to have been to allow for discussions with UT on the issue - fine - if her vote is voided so too are all discussion with UT on the issue.


For now they have the win.  They do not want the court of appeals to have to rule on whether they are an entity for conflict of interest purposes.  Such a ruling goes well beyond Brownsville.  The key to this is the interim appeal on that issue.  If Rose Gowen's vote is void then Brownsville officials have no authority to negotiate with the UT Board of Regents.  It is that simple.  But the impact of the ruling will be state wide for the UT system.


The UT Board of Regents can walk away from this now simply saying they were mislead about the people's support for the conveyance of Lincoln Park - hell I will be even more generous - they can say they were unaware of the people's opposition.  Officially they have the win from Judge Nelson, while looking like the good guy by stopping their interest in Lincoln Park. 

With an interim appeal knowing a ruling could issue finding universities to be entities for conflict of interests purposes, the UT Board of Regents will walk away from Lincoln Park.


From the Herald:

"Saenz said. “At that vote, we hope only those who are qualified to vote — who have no conflicts — will vote.”

Be careful my dear Rosie - all Luis Saenz has to do is inform the court he is conflicted out and that the court needs to appoint a prosecutor to go after you for voting, and your career as a doctor, city commissioner, and at UT is over.

I want to be clear - I do not speak for Saenz and cannot say for sure what he meant by the statement - but a rational person would take it as a warning.


I was in East Texas when I read Montoya stated that because I interviewed Dan Sanchez and reported what he told me no one would ever vote for him because I am toxic for anyone I speak positively for.  Yes, Montoya knows about toxic - Oscar Garcia, Shirley Bowen, Luci Longoria, and some Lopez guy all lost on election night.  All of them paid Montoya to defame their opponents and lost.  Elizondo only won because in the end he got on his knees begging people to forgive him for speaking with Cata and promising to have knowing to do with her. 

Unlike Montoya I do not think Sofia Benavides and Alex Dominguez are so vindictive and destructive of their political ambitions to vote against Dan Sanchez merely because Dan gave me an interview and I posted it with a clear statement this is who we need in a county judge.

The decision should be based on what is best for the county.  I absolutely oppose Joe Rivera - the people rejected him and the voice of the people should be respected.

Yes it is true, I do have a pending matter against both Dan Sanchez and Alex Dominguez concerning the violation of State Bar rule.  There is no rule which says as lawyers and commissioners they cannot practice law in Cameron county.  What the rule says is they must secure waivers of conflicts of interest from their clients and the get written permission from the county to practice in Cameron county courts.  My goal is to force them to comply with the rule - a rule I am certain our county attorneys never told them about. 

If we wait for the perfect Mr. Clean as an elected official, we will never stop waiting.  Living your life as vindictive and being unable to move forward makes your life a waste. 

Sofia Benavides I am certain is as happy as can be to be rid of Carlos Cascos.  They have never been friends.  Cascos would call me on a regular basis to find out the status of my ethics complaint against Sofia - he really does not like her.  Alex Dominguez if he plays his cards wisely has a long political career ahead of him.  I do not believe he is as vindictive and self destructive as Montoya claims he is.

Cameron county needs a leader who can explain to all of its mayors why we must work together as a team to make Cameron county into a metroplex. 

Dan Sanchez took the initiative to study the San Antonio/Bexar county model.  He knows how to bring our transportation links, rail, trucking, and port together to attract manufacturing.  He understands such as Mayor Castro said many times, we must invest in ourselves if we are to move forward. This is one reason I am so opposed to all of this money going to UT - it needs to be used to develop Brownsville and Cameron county, and not a university for one of the wealthiest university systems in the world.

Now if someone can name anyone else who has taken the time to go outside the county and meet with the leaders of successful counties to learn how they did it, let me know and I will interview them.

Alex Dominguez knows that if he gets behind a successful new county judge it will insure his reelection and his further aspirations for higher office.  Politics is a social game.  Those who live to settle scores never move forward. 

My focus is, who is best equipped to move the county forward?  I do not have time to worry about personalities or anyone's past - this is an important decision and it needs to be made in the best interest of the county.

Politics being politics I am certain all of the commissioners are asking Dan if he will get behind certain projects for their districts.  This is the nature of the beast.  I am certain each commissioner will make sure the new county judge will work for the best interest of the county and their individual districts.  Not everyone will be happy - but everyone is never happy.


Because of the holdover rule, Dan Sanchez would have to resign and Carlos Cascos would have to appoint his replacement.  Dan Sanchez cannot simply resign - his replacement must be in place before Commissioners Court can appoint a new county judge.  This would be a gamble for Dan Sanchez.

Click see page 8 - This summary of the rules from says that if there is no county judge the commissioners court can appoint the new county commissioner, but they reference no law providing for same.  earlier that make clear under Sec. 87.042.  COUNTY COMMISSIONER VACANCY.  If a vacancy occurs in the office of county commissioner, the county judge shall appoint a suitable resident of the precinct in which the vacancy exists to fill the vacancy until the next general election.

In the process of the gamble to avoid the hold over rule and deny Cascos any vote they would have to wait for him to be sworn in as Secretary of State.

I do not believe if a majority of the sitting commissioners committed to Dan Sanchez they would vote for him would change their mind.  They know there will repercussions.  Alex Dominguez if he plays his cards correctly could replace Eddie Lucio III when and if he runs for his father's Senate seat.  But then Jonathan Gracia is also looking to run.  Both are prepared to move into either Oliviera's or Lucios district to make the run possible.


If we cannot put personalities and vendettas aside to do what is best for the county, then we will lose and continue to have bad government.

I am confident Benavides and Dominguez are not  vindictive little children such as Montoya claims.  They are going to think this out in a way which is best for their district and their careers - all personalities aside.

We need a leader who has studied county government and how to turn the county into a metroplex.  We need someone who can bring the different cities together for the better of the county.  It is really that simple.  Personalities and conflicts need to be left at the door when the vote is made.