Thursday, October 30, 2014

UPDATE:  Word from a prospective plaintiff associated with the Little League is, Rick Longoria promised the Little League everything under the sun to get them to back the sale of Lincoln Park.  This is the problem - these so called leaders will sell the children out to a smelly park for chump change.  Rick Longoria is worse than Tony Martinez because at least Tony does not claim to be someone else than he really is.  Rick Longoria has to be added to the recall list.
Recall is our line in the sand.  Will those who oppose the sale of Lincoln Park be willing to draw that line?  My money is on no - one by one Rick, Tony, and John will buy silence with promises which cannot be kept.
I am very encouraged that Valley Interfaith is standing with the community on this one.  There are two lines of defense: One the protests - this could end it.  But we have to do more than attending a meeting.  I am trying to cancel my engagement - we can do Boo at the Zoo tomorrow. 
It is not for me to tell the constituency of John Villarreal or Debbie Portillo what to do.  But I will follow their lead.  People in their districts, regardless of what happens with Lincoln park need to be willing to start a recall petition.  Whether the signatures can be collected is meaningless - it is the message of an organized recall which matters.  If people in their district are willing to organize such an effort I will be there to block walk for the signatures.
It does not end their.  Debbie Portillo and John Villarreal are willing to turn a blind eye to the criminal conduct of Tony Martinez.  Fine.  I have made a decision to call for a boycott of both of their businesses.  When they begin to feel their profits drop, they will learn.  Villarreal sells his product to local stores.  We must identify each and every customer of Villarreal and make it clear to them - do business with John Villarreal and we will not do business with you.
Every major car dealership in Brownsville funded Tony Martinez.  We need to let them know we will no longer buy cars in Brownsville until they distance themselves from Tony Martinez.  I myself expect to buy my new truck in Harlingen.  I was going to buy an Encore at Luke Fruia but have decided against doing business with anyone who supports Tony Martinez.
It is a stronger and better message to Austin if we win this with the first line of defense - namely protest.
But myself and others will continue to research the documents needed for the second line of defense - meaning court.  Right now I am waiting on copies of the federal grants used to build Lincoln Park to see if there is anything in the terms of the grants to stop the sale of Lincoln Park.  If there is, it could possibly give us jurisdiction in federal court.

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