Tuesday, October 7, 2014


Because the VA could not properly handle vouchers for outside care, they contracted with former VA employees who created TriWest to do what the employees could not do when they were working for the VA.

My doctor calls me to find out why I have not seen the neurologist because she needs the test results.  I cannot see the neurologist because according to TriWest they have no one in their network in the LRGV who can see veterans under the timetables set out by the VA.  That's it, my doctor's request for me to see a neurologist is then dropped.

Under the old system I would get a written voucher and choose any neurologist who is willing to accept Medicare rates.  The VA wants me to regularly follow-up with endocrinologist Dr. Teo Ong.  He is a great and highly qualifies doctor.  The VA issued the voucher, but TriWest contacted Dr. Teo Ong's office and told them they would not be paid because TriWest did not approve it.  Tomorrow I will pay the $130 for the appointment rather than miss it over the VA's nonsense.  UPDATE - THE VA TOOK TRIWEST TO TASK AND INFORMED DR. TEO ONG TRIWEST WAS WITHOUT LEGAL AUTHORITY TO ACT AS THEY DID


Numerous doctors at the VA and outside the VA have now told me they want nothing to do with TriWest.  The VA doctors are hearing from veterans that no appointments are being made by TriWest.  The private doctors are telling me that such as veterans they cannot communicate with TriWest either. 

After leaving multiple messages on the voice mail for the agent assigned to me with no return phone call I used their complaint form, which you must mail by the way.  In the complaint box for every letter you type the print gets smaller.  The intent is to keep you from spelling out your complaint.  I had 3 sentences and needed the magnifying glass to read it after I printed it.

They then have 7 days to respond.  That dead line has long passed, with no phone call or response. 

Good luck calling the VA in Harlingen - you are put on indefinite hold - I am now at 45 minutes.

So tomorrow I will pay $130 cash to see Dr. Teo Ong, for no better reason than the VA in the course of trying to fix the problems with vouchers has actually gone from bad to a complete shut down of outside care for veterans.

Oh, and by the way - I have a stack of letters addressed to veterans from the VA stating they will not pay the doctors for the outside appointments.  It does not matter that I have a copy of the voucher authorizing the visit.   The veteran will lose the appeal.  The problem deals with a coding problem, I am sure.  The VA will neither tell the veteran nor the provider the coding problem.  The VA tells the veteran to tell the provider that they are not to call the veteran because by law they agreed to only deal with the VA.  The end result is more doctors are refusing the vouchers.

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