Thursday, October 23, 2014


This is the third finding by the TEC against Alex Dominguez.  This time it cost him $200.  Think about it, in one election he illegally held himself out as being a commissioner when he was not, commenced his campaign illegally, and failed to file his campaign finance report.

The State Bar currently has my appeal under consideration as to whether or not he is violating the State Bar Rules of Ethics for failing to seek permission from the county to practice law in Cameron county, and failure to secure signed conflict of interests waivers from his clients.  DA Saenz can stop him in his tracks right now, but won't.

Click for the latest sanction from the Texas Ethics Commission

On May 1, 2014, the Texas Ethics  Commission found that Alex Dominquez raised and expended campaign money illegally.  Click for Findings  A second finding on the same date found Alex Dominguez held himself out as a county commissioner when he was not.  Click for Findings

If I were to go back to the practice of law this is what I would be up against.  Lawyers are above the law.  Several of these complaints involve evidence of criminal conduct.  DA Saenz will not prosecute.  The State Bar is a criminal enterprise protecting the criminal conduct of the lawyers while punishing the lawyers who speak out for reform.


When you read this article the hero is Jeff Robnett, lawyer.  His license was suspended for several months as punishment for wearing an FBI wire to trap Judge Gibson - if you think the money of NBA owner Mark Cuban did not influence the State Bar in its decision, you are delusional.  When you look to what Alex Dominguez is getting away with, and how the State Bar punished Jeff Robnett for wearing an FBI wire, how can any lawyer look their client in the face and say justice is an option?  They cannot.

My work gives me the free speech I would lose if I were to go back to the court room.  Justice is more important to me than what a bunch of drunks and punks have to say.  My record is solid and I will continue my community work exposing the Bar as a criminal enterprise aided by corrupt DA's, a corrupt State Bar, and corrupt judges.  And each of them will pay drunks to post distractions away from the truth.

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BobbyWC said...

When you post a distraction with a verifiable lie you only make matters worse - reader III 2. wherein he admits he did not timely file the campaign finance report - so how is my complaint false? It is not.

What I find amazing is the sanction specifically states he admitted to not timely filing the report via affidavit and you try to post a comment saying otherwise

Bobby WC