Wednesday, October 15, 2014


For the Kafka reference read "The Trial."  It is short.  It will teach you more about Due Process than you ever wanted to know.  It will teach you about all of the flaws in our justice system and why it is so easy to put the innocent in jail.

The Brownsville Housing Authority when coupled with federal, state, and Brownsville law seem to have as a purpose the making of homeless people.

If a poor person has a voucher for housing it does not mean they will be able to use it.  For reasons I do not understand, even though housing in the case I have been working on is paying 100% of the rent, no landlord will rent to this mother of 2 because she is a credit risk - Or so they assume. The only thing on her credit report is inquiries by landlords.  But here is the kicker - how can she be a credit risk if Housing is paying 100% of the rent?  She cannot

So in 2 weeks this woman and her two children will be homeless.  All the apartment complexes do is take her application fee and then deny her.  Where she currently lives is run by a slumlord.  I replaced her front door because it was a hollow wooden door.  She was loosing too much air conditioning.  She now has a door with a metal plate on each side.  The old door you could put your fist through with no effort, and then unlock the door.

She and her mother have had endless problems with appliances and the window air conditioners.  In fact Housing had to force the landlord to make certain repairs or else he would not be paid.

There is the problem - once Housing forces the issue, the landlord will refuse to renew the lease.  I did buy her several extra months because of the landlord's statement that the senior citizens wanted all families out because the children make too much noise.  He also told me he had eye witnesses that when she was pregnant with her second child she would leave her first child in the apartment alone at 2 in the morning to smoke pot on the stairs.  I said have those eye witnesses call the cops and that will end it.  He did not because it was one big lie to get her to move.  I also had her tested so we would have the evidence for the defamation per se lawsuit.

The slumlord being the type person to pay a lawyer to sue god for making him stupid did pay a lawyer.  The agreement says she just has to move out by November 1st.  The stupid lawyer failed to request that the mother not sue for defamation per se.  She is suing.

But because the government does not prohibit the landlords from denying housing based on a lack of a credit report, this mother along with so many others are being made homeless.  Their only other choice is to rent from slumlords who can toss you on the street if you complain.


How we treat the poor is a reflection of our values.

I do not want to here go get a job.  The mother can neither read nor write.  When she was in school the parents successfully got the TEA to issue findings against BISD, when Art Rendon was in charge.  The child was not provided the reading resource classes she needed or any of the classes she needed.  BISD just kept on moving her along.  BISD cannot deny a child an education and then society blame the child.

BISD is what it is because the trustees serve themselves and not the children.  The fact Luci Longoria not only voted to bring back Art Rendon, but to also pay him money which should be used for children like this soon to be homeless mother, speaks to just how little she really cares about the children and special needs.

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