Thursday, October 2, 2014


If you go to Montoya's blog, you can type in Benavides in the top left hand corner and see how Montoya vilified her on a regular basis until the checks started to clear.  In fact you type my name with hers, you will see how he attacked me for successfully getting the TEC to sanction Sofie $800.00 for failure to disclose financial information related to campaign.  According to Montoya I was wrong for that, but Cascos is justified for doing the same thing to Joe Rivera - ah the magic of a cleared check not reported on a campaign finance report.

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Let's not forget Montoya attacked me under payment by Cata Presas-Garcia for successfully get the TEC to make findings against her for incomplete financial disclosures

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But now Cascos writes Montoya a check to attack Joe Rivera for the same violations Montoya previously claimed to be meaningless - well when made against people paying him for silence.

For me the question is, what does it say about the candidates and elected officials who pay Montoya for silence or to trash their opponents?

I have no problem with DA Saenz bringing immediate criminal charges against Joe Rivera if he in fact violated any criminal provisions within the Texas Election Code.  You will never hear Montoya say that because he is under contract to Saenz to say nothing which may embarrass Saenz - like his use of selective prosecution to not prosecute those who are part of his political orgy.

Montoya attacked me for going after Former District Attorney Armando Villalobos.  In fact he loves to quote the federal judge who stated that my claims against Villalobos and Limas were without merit.  Who else but the BV has brought federal lawsuits to bring an end to the corruption?  No one - it is really that simple. 

Montoya finally has a paid client asking him to publish claims related to violation of the Texas Election Code and now all of a sudden filing such claims are valid - well hold it - no I am mistaken because he goes out of his way to say mine are not valid even though the TEC has found each and everyone of them to be valid.  But then he claims, as a paranoid con artist must, that it is really a conspiracy against him and not the candidates who pay him for silence.

Montoya was unrelenting in his attacks against myself and Ruben Peña for exposing the use the politiqueras to harvest mail ballots.  In fact based on my complaint to the AG, Margarita Ozuna was prosecuted.  Montoya being Montoya attacked me stating I was from Dallas and just did not understand how elections are done in Cameron County.  The fact I had worked on an identical case in Dallas meant nothing.

After I successfully had the late Enrique Escobedo sanctioned for misappropriation of campaign funds from his BISD account for use in his county commissioner race, Montoya attacked me.  But then Cata and Luci wrote him checks to attack the late Enrique Escobedo as a criminal and his story changed.


What does it say about the candidates who pay him to trash their opponents, or for silence when they know everything he writes is based on a check?  It says they are not ethical.  But many of you will keep on  voting for them and then bitch the next morning for having voted for a corrupt person - while claiming ignorance to their unethical conduct.


Anonymous said...

You never gave it a good try to look for the Joe Rivera documents because you want Cascos to lose, so what does that say about you Bobby? That you are a hypocrite, plain and simple. You go after Sophie Benavides, you go after Enrique Escobedo, Lucy Longoria, and Cata Presas, but You give Joe Rivera a pass, because you hate Cascos and Valdez, admit it. You are ready at a drop of a hat to ignore the far more serious allegations on the part of Joe Rivera than all the other complaints you filed, and to say that you misspelled the pac's name....come on Bobbo....tell us another story, cause we are not buying this one. You claim to want what is good for the community, but you would rather have Joe Rivera win because of your hatred of the incumbent. Wow.

BobbyWC said...

You know Cris you have reached the point of delusional thinking.

Explain to my readers how the following statement by me is running cover for Joe Rivera

"I have no problem with DA Saenz bringing immediate criminal charges against Joe Rivera if he in fact violated any criminal provisions within the Texas Election Code."

You are either a liar in your post, or know the accusations against Joe are false thereby making it impossible for Saenz to bring criminal charges.

Do tell my readers how Saenz bringing immediate criminal charges against Joe Rivera will help him get elected and cost Cascos the election.

Not even your partner in crime will call on Saenz to immediately prosecute Rivera - why - because Saenz's check trumps yours

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

I think Oscar using Montoya for smearing is sleazy! I'm a Republican and I'm voting for Magallanes. I thought Oscar had more class.