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It appears that the COB's defense for not calling for an election on the issue of Lincoln Park is that it is not a sale.  This is not how the law works.  I am 100% confident now that if an attorney seeks a TRO on Monday [correction - I was politely corrected it must wait until Wednesday after the City Commission acts, but before UT votes]  in a lawsuit against the COB and the UT Board of Regents, the TRO will issue.  In fact later next week the UT Board of Regents will take no action on the matter when they meet, once they are sued.


The UT Board of Regents will cut and run the second the lawsuit is filed.  They cannot afford the PR nightmare they will face in Austin when the Austin press covers the story.

YOU WATCH  - the second a UT official has to testify about the substantive intent of the deal, UT will announce they are no longer interested in the land and walk away thereby ending the need for litigation.  Tony Martinez and Mark Sossi would have no problem misleading the court with lies, but UT will never allow their personnel to be party to such deception under oath in a court proceeding.  This ends with the TRO

Look people, we need attorneys - I know of two who want to help but have time constraints.  Email me your willingness to help with permission to forward your name to the attorneys who have expressed an interest to help.  We can get this filed by Monday and the case will be won.  It stops the UT Board of Regents and Tony Martinez in their tracks.

There is a second issue.  The 30 statutory notice did not meet the requirements of the statute.  The following was clearly not outlined in the notice and in effect no meeting has been held to meet this requirement.

"5) a public hearing on the proposed conveyance is held by the governing body of the home-rule municipality and that body finds that the property is no longer usable and functional as a park;"

Finally below Michael Cowen outlined any number of legal reasons for a TRO.  To the lawyes, he should not have to do this on his own.  Support staff is needed if UT fights back.  Money for a bond will be needed.  Getting behind Michael Cowen or any other lawyer willing to seek the TRO is essential.

We must have the TRO by Monday if we are to stop the UT Board of Regents from voting on the matter later in the week.

Lawyers love to run for office saying they care about Brownsville - well guys - here is your chance to care.

This video is courtesy of Jim and Nena Barton.  The community owes them a thanks for recording this event.


We won the Fly Frontera mess after Rick Longoria and Pat Ahumada sought to give millions to a convicted felon who as it turned out did not even have the right permits to fly international flights.

If we win this, we also will have won a bigger and more important battle - politicians will now know that when normally diverse groups get together we control them the politicians and not the other way around.  This could change how politics is done in Brownsville.

The prevailing lawyers in my opinion will have earned the right to hold any public office they want - including the replacement for Tony Martinez.  But I want to be clear - no one is doing it for this reason - my point is simply they will have proven themselves by actions and not merely words.  The reality is, action people seem to know they can do more as private citizens than as elected officials.


The community owes thanks to Michael Cowen for creating this page.  He has been very helpful in locating important documents.

Please click on the page and hit like - it is important we get the numbers up.

I want to be clear my views are mine - a project like this is going to have many views - we should focus on the end goal - saving Lincoln Park.


It seems the city is worried about a TRO over their game playing in terms of releasing information.  They are now responding with great speed.  The bad news is I have now reviewed one deed and it appears to have been a straight up and down deal with no covenants as to how the land should be used.  I am hoping something with the original federal grants will give us a place to argue in court against the deal.

Our final line of defense may be the PR battle - we must humiliate UT for its association with Tony Martinez.

We must send a strong message to John Villarreal, Rick Longoria and Debbie Portillo that there will be consequences if they vote with Tony Martinez. 

I will walk all three districts if recalls are organized.  I hate boycotts - but I think we must call for a boycott of not only John Villarreal's business but also of the businesses of everyone he does business with.  We must also do the same with Debbie Portillo. 

We have to get on TV in Austin to put pressure on UT - that is the key.  UT does not want the PR nightmare which will come from a fight with some of the poorest people in the U.S.  I hate to say it, that unless I find something in the federal grants, a lawsuit is not looking very promising unless Tony Martinez makes a mistake in how he proceeds on the deal.

Again, I want to be clear - the idea of boycott and recall is mine, although I know a lot of the community shares my view.  I just do not want anyone thinking I speak for anyone but myself.

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