Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Here is the letter which sent Montoya over the edge accusing me of running cover for criminals, while he defended Oscar de la Fuente and Tony Martinez.

I will say this - it is clear to me the exhaustion is causing me to miss a lot of the grammatical mistakes.  I will not change them here from the original.  I want you to see the letter exactly as it appeared in the Herald.

"Institutional corruption remains a problem in Cameron County.

I sat through the entire Armando Villalobos trial. Lawyer Oscar de la Fuente was provided immunity for his testimony. He testified over and over again to criminal conduct.

District Attorney Luis Saenz used our tax dollars to buy the trial transcript. Although the record is clear the immunity did not apply to prosecution in state court. With a full confession in his hands, Saenz has failed to bring criminal charges against de la Fuente. Why?

Brownsville Mayor Tony Martinez failed to file a conflict-of-interest statement concerning the purchase of the Casa de Nylon building while his law firm was representing the seller. The building now sits empty after $2.3 million of your tax dollars were used to purchase it. No criminal charges were filed by Saenz against Martinez for his failure to file the form or for even notifying the city commissioners that his law firm represented the seller. Why?

Violation of the election code is a staple of our candidates. Chris Davis, Cameron County elections administrator, failed to report broken seals on numerous ballot bags during the count on primary night. It took the threat of a lawsuit from the Texas attorney general pursuant to an open records request before Davis would release the signed statements verifying them. Saenz has filed no charges. Why?

Justice of the peace-elect Mary Esther Garcia, Pete Avila and County Commissioner Alex Dominguez, according to the Texas Ethics Commission, all violated Texas Election Code 255.006 by holding themselves out as elected officials when they were not, as a way to win the election. This is a class A misdemeanor. Why has Saenz not brought criminal charges?

BISD trustee Luci Longoria continues to violate the code after she was informed of the same by the Texas Ethics Commission. Inasmuch as she is not seeking the position she currently holds it is a class A misdemeanor for her to use the word “re-elect” on her campaign material. Why has Saenz not brought criminal charges?

An investigator under Saenz had speeding charges dismissed against the wishes of a state trooper. Why?

Changing district attorneys will never change anything in Cameron County. The county needs a permanent federal task force to bring indictments immediately as needed. The current Department of Justice policy of wanting more than five criminal charges before they will bring charges against elected officials is a failed policy. In fact it promotes the criminal conduct the department claims it seeks to stop.

For years Armando Villalobos continued with his criminal conduct with the full knowledge and consent of the DOJ. Why? Rather than bring seven different charges over time, which would have been worse over time

in terms of multiple convictions, they sat and waited for Villalobos to commit more crimes against the people.

The DOJ through its policies knowingly created more victims. "

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