Monday, October 27, 2014

To be fair I no more like this ad than I like Oscar X. Garcia's misleading ad over the $30,000 loan.  We know the court of appeals affirmed Limas' ruling in the real estate case based on a law over 400 years old - Oscar X. Garcia not having use for the law or facts simply chooses to mislead the voters - how honorable of him.
But what is really pathetic is when Juan Magallanes does the same thing to him he cries foul.  Based on Magallanes' ad I see no way I can go down to the court house to confirm anything he is saying.  Further, decisions are more complex than a signature on a ruling.  In sexual abuse cases it is not unusual judges are faced with agreeing with the wishes of the DA or face the DA dismissing the charges all together.  These stories are always more complex than a simple ruling.
Montoya would have you believe he called the Herald and they told him the ad did not pass muster and so it was rejected.  No one believes that.  What I am inclined to believe is inasmuch as the last time the Herald printed such an ad it was sued it chose to not go with the ad.  Or they were never asked to print the ad.  Where it did print was in Garcia's stronghold.
This story is really about Oscar X. Garcia starting a war of mud with lies and misleading ads, and then crying me a river when his opponent responds in kind.  Bottom line is, Garcia is a cry baby.
The funny thing about the ad is, it did run in the areas where Oscar X. Garcia has his strongest support.  It may not matter it did not run in Brownsville or Harlingen.


Anonymous said...

You are an intelligent man Mr. Editor. Why must you let hate drive your stories? Because Oscar Garcia did not do what you wanted on a veteran's issue, and Magallanes did, you are willing to turn the other way on the more than two hundred thousand dollars in loans secured by Magallanes for Able Limas. You put out garbage that Oscar is the corrupt one, even knowing that Magallanes seems to not think it is wrong what he did. You are not looking out for the good of this County, just your personal hate war.I hope you sleep well at night

BobbyWC said...

Long before the veteran issue came up I was questioning Oscar X. Garcia's motivation and conduct in this campaign.

But here is the proof - you say I am protecting Juan Magallanes - you know how my readers know you are full of shit and a liar - read the first sentence of this post.

Your bullshit cry me a river lies will not fly on the BV - my readers are smarter than that

In classic Emma trash journalism, why did she not mention the court of appeals upheld the ruling in the $30,000 case? Answer she is a too bit proud whore for trash journalism - objectivity has never been a trait of Emma - given this simple fact can you honestly say the report was fair and objective?

Who were the other parties on the big loan guarantee and what % belonged to Magallanes? The fact you do not care proves you are not interested in the truth. Any hones person would trash Emma for such a failure in reporting. But he whore journalism serves your agenda so you turn a blind eye.

No you can not. It took me no time to say I did not like Magallanes ad - but you sir cannot admit Oscar is a liar on the $30,000 loan when the evidence is right in front of you

And that is the difference between the two of us.

Further I have denounced the use of loans to judges, but also noted it is common practice in Texas - a practice I said should be stopped.

Is this Oscar because you seem pretty good at lies and deception.

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

I want to put into context this issue with Emma - with rare occasion she allow facts to drive her reporting - her bias is with pride.

Unfortunately some people still consider journalists to be credible - however the majority of the American people do not.

When you have a fake journalist like Emma writing her smut journalism it promotes the very corruption she wants you to believe she opposes.

She is for sale to the corrupt officials - she decides who she likes and that is the end of the story - facts and truth will not get into her story once she decides what she wants you to believe.

A competent honest reporter would have included the fact Oscar Garcia is playing games on the $30,000 loan - a competent honest reporter would have researched the issue of lawyers loaning money to judges and used this case as a way to educate the people as to the perception problem.

This story had a lot or potential for educating the people about the judiciary and lawyers - instead of using this story to educate Emma chose bias and trash.

She intentionally left out essential facts to sway the readers to believe what she wants them to believe.

Integrity and honesty is not something any honest or reputable journalist would associate with Emma.

With integrity she could have gotten the people to thinking about the problem - and that would have been a good thing for the people

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Thank you BV, for being an honest voice for this community!!!