Monday, October 6, 2014

I would post it, but I cannot seem to copy and post from Word right now.  As soon as it pops up on the Herald online edition I will copy it from there.
The support was overwhelming.  I first learned of the letter being published from a phone call.  I had zero expectations of the letter being published because I spoke about how Tony Martinez engaged in criminal conduct when he failed to file his conflict of interest form in the Casa Del Nylon deal.
For those of you who have not seen the letter I spoke about all of the elected officials DA Luis Saenz is refusing to prosecute for criminal conduct.  I began with Oscar de la Fuente [I know he is not an elected official - but he is a strong and compelling example of Saenz running cover for his compadres.]
I then listed Tony Martinez, Luci Longoria [by the way under § 273.081, of the election code Saenz can get an injunction against Luci for using the word reelect - but he will not even do that], Mary Esther Garcia, Pete Avila, and Alex Dominguez.
I fully expect Saenz to have Melissa issue a press release with distractions while refusing to address the issue.  Saenz is too stupid to realize that at this point using distractions will only solidify how the people feel about him - the only way Saenz can win in two years is if Masso is his opponent.
I suspect Tony Martinez is smarter than Saenz and will just let the letter slide.

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