Monday, October 6, 2014


What is clear from this opinion is, Joe Rodriguez can sue to force BISD to reprint the ballots to include Coach Joe A. Rodriguez, while forcing BISD to remove Shirley Bowman from the ballot.  Mary Rey and Joe Rod need to immediately stop listening to Otis Powers and do it.  They have been told that if they sue BISD to enforce the law no one will vote for them.  It is certainly not hurting Luci Longoria.  The people will appreciate Joe Rod and Mary Rey exposing the fraud of Otis Powers and Carl Montoya.

It is inconceivable to me that Joe Rodriguez is so stupid he cannot see how Otis Powers and Carl Montoya violated his rights in favor of Shirley Bowman and threw him under the bus.

They have until the day before early voting for the court to order Shirley Bowman's name stricken, or if the ballots are already printed for the votes for her to not be counted.  But they must file now to avoid a claim of willful delay.  Right now they can put some of the blame on Carl Montoya for refusing to answer the challenges.

"Nevertheless, "[a]n application for a place on the ballot may not be challenged for compliance with the applicable requirements as to form, content, and procedure after the day before the beginning of early voting by personal appearance for the election for which the application is made." Id. § 141.034(a) (West 2010). "

Further, foregoing meaning the fraud by the Republican candidate -

"Based on the foregoing, we reverse the judgment of the trial court and render judgment granting Risner’s request for a permanent injunction and enjoining the Harris County Republican Party and its chairman, Paul Simpson, from certifying Leonila Salazar’s name for inclusion on the November 2014 general election ballot as the Republican nominee for the office of Harris County Justice of the Peace, Precinct 2, Place 2. "

Click for September 3, 2014, Opinion  The Texas Supreme Court refused to hear the case.  It is based on all of the simple plain law I have previously discussed.

In this case, such as Shirley Bowman's, it took an independent investigation to learn of the fraud.  In Shirley Bowman's case, until BISD checked with Cummings middle school, they did not have proof that Shirley Bowman committed perjury when she said her nickname is "la"  It is in fact "La Bowman." 

This case makes clear it is the fraud which is why the candidate was not allowed to amend her application after the deadline.  The court clearly cites In Re Robert Francis for my proposition.

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