Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Months ago I noted the Republicans should field a full ballot of candidates because the mood in Cameron county had become very anti-Democrat.  I can honestly say close to 80% of the people I know vote blindly having no knowledge of the candidates or issues.  They vote Democrat out of tradition.

I see no pathway for victory for Joe Rivera or Juan Magallanes.  Campaigns have become vulgar in Cameron county.  The fundamental problem with the Democratic Party in Cameron county is, there does not appear to be any true Democrats in the Party.  For those of us who generally vote Democrat we cannot in Cameron county because they do not exist.

I speak with a lot of people.  It has kind of become a big reason I go to Bingo - when people think of the Democratic Party of Cameron county they think of Villalobos, Limas and the harvesting of mail ballots.  They are not happy.  I do not know if they will vote Republican but they certainly have no desire to vote Democrat.

Joe Rivera, Juan Magallanes, and even Cesar Lopez [Cesar's case is not a Democrat issue] all fail to understand the roll of the narrative in an election.  You can tell all of the lies you want in your narrative and they will become truth over time in the eyes of the people.  This happens because candidates like Rivera, Magallanes and Lopez will not counter the lies and deception.  In the case of Rivera and Magallanes, as Democrats, people are willing to believe just about anything they hear.

Wendy Davis is a one trick pony.  She was a mistake as a candidate - but she does not help herself by allowing lies to be disseminated about her.  Her first abortion was an ectopic pregnancy.  This means the fetus attaches outside the uterus.  There was no chance of the fetus surviving.  There was a real chance Wendy Davis could have died.  Her second abortion was of a fetus with a brain abnormality.  This one is more difficult for me because she is short on information.  A lot of children are born and live with brain abnormalities.  But to be fair in both cases the American people seem to support a woman's means to an abortion.  But when you speak with people they seem to believe she was just some reckless woman getting abortions.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  But people believe the lies in the Abbott narrative, and Wendy Davis has chosen to not correct them.

This entire election is so up in the air nothing will surprise me.  I see nothing which indicates the Cameron county Democratic Party is organized and ready to rumble.  Why?  They are ignoring the elephant in the room.


Anonymous said...

"A lot of children are born and live with brain abnormalities."

The city commission and BISD Trustees proves your point Bobby.

BobbyWC said...

I understand your comment. I understand it in no way is to make light of people born with brain abnormalities, but I know some people will ignore the substantive meaning of your comment and raise a stink. Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Abortion is an abomination but taking away a woman's right to choose is a travesty. A vote for any Republican is a vote for archaic beliefs that benefit only the wealthy and will certainly infringe on the rights of the common man.