Tuesday, October 21, 2014

A legal description is what you find on a deed when you buy and sell land.  Get it - it is what tells the world what it is you are selling or buying.

I messed up and just should have asked for the deed which gives the city ownership of Lincoln Park, but instead I asked for its legal description.

Here is the response approved by Mark Sossi - Brownsville's esteemed city attorney.

"Bobby, we do not have a legal description for Lincoln Park."

You see, I have done the legal research and my next step is to review the deed.  Under the law I can find no case in Texas or at the federal level which under the language of the Texas statute allows for the outright sale of an entire park.

The key is the deed.  Deed restrictions are everything - so I need the deed - but without the legal description I cannot access the deed.

Someone - anyone - without a legal description how in hell does the city intend to convey Lincoln park to UT - how does UT know what they are buying?

This simple reality and game by Mark Sossi tells me there is something in the deed which does not bode well for Tony Martinez and his machinations - and that Mark Sossi is prepared to lie and cheat to insure this deal goes through.

Under the law there is no issue in my mind a judge would immediately enjoin the city as to any sale until such time as the city produces the legal description so the deed can be reviewed by the citizens of Brownsville.  The mere filing of such a lawsuit would immediately end UT's interest in the land.

This opinion could prove crucial in my research - Dorado - provided by a loyal and helpful reader


Anonymous said...

I think this may be it:


# Deed Date Type Description Grantor Grantee Volume Page Deed Number
1 4/19/2000 12:00:00 AM WD WARRANTY DEED

6246 3130

Anonymous said...

Correction to the previous post. HERE is Lincoln Park. You couldn't get an answer out of Sossi because the answer wasn't "It's legal!"

384258 01-5300-1370-0011-00 Real BROWNSVILLE - BANCO 122 LOZANO BANCO 137, 47.956 ACRES OUT OF 234.7000ACRES (LINCOLN PARK) CITY OF BROWNSVILLE

BobbyWC said...

I will check it tomorrow afternoon - my goal is to look for deed restrictions which might form a basis to stop the transfer.

Also why were you able to get it by the city which owns the property could not.

I think what we need is an Injunction lawsuit to stop everything until the citizens can properly review the deal

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

"Also why were you able to get it by the city which owns the property could not"

Because Mark Sossi is a piece of shit. And you and I are on the same side on this, but I'm a lost cause according you.

BobbyWC said...

What you do not get is, in this environment - and I mean the US - we are all lost causes - including myself

Bobby WC