Wednesday, October 15, 2014

If Cesar Lopez can sustain the mailer campaign he will win this election.  This is a game changer.  The mailer is 100% truthful.  Luci cannot defend against it, because there is no defense.
Cesar Lopez can spend 20 years on the Board and receive campaign donations or alleged kick-backs which will never remotely come close to what Luci is seeking from the taxpayers.
The Supreme Court has been clear - as a Trustee her votes are not her speech but the speech of the people and as such her right to free speech as a Trustee cannot be violated since she has none.
It is astonishing that with such clear precedent on the issue federal Judge Hanen refuses to dismiss her lawsuit.  His reprehensible actions are costing the children the services and supplies they need.  Federal Judge Hanen is not about the law, he is about his own political agenda.  He is the epitome of a judicial activist.
"But how can it be that restrictions upon legislators' voting are not restrictions upon legislators' protected speech? The answer is that a legislator's vote is the commitment of his apportioned share of the legislature's power to the passage or defeat of a particular proposal. The legislative power thus committed is not personal to the legislator but belongs to the people; the legislator has no personal right to it. As we said in Raines v. Byrd, 521 U. S. 811, 821 (1997), when denying Article III standing to legislators who claimed that their voting power had been diluted by a statute providing for a line-item veto, the legislator casts his vote "as trustee for his constituents, not as a prerogative of personal power." In this respect, voting by a legislator is different from voting by a citizen. While "a voter's franchise is a personal right," "[t]he procedures for voting in legislative assemblies ... pertain to legislators not as individuals but as political representatives executing the legislative process." Coleman v. Miller, 307 U. S. 433, 469-470 (1939) (opinion of Frankfurter, J.)."

See, Nevada Commission on Ethics v. Carrigan


Anonymous said...

Wishful thinking! You are just as corrupt as Cesar, Minerva Pena and Salazar.

Thought you were smarter than that, but you are stupider than stupid!

BobbyWC said...

Isn't it amazing how these posts never include Otis Powers. Minerva has zero power - but Cata has a wild hair up her butt for the rebuff.

I am the only blogger to call on the Board to immediate discharge Salazar - given this fact how am I one of his supporters.

Now try something intelligent and explain how the mailers will not impact the result if he can sustain the narrative

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Bobby, any word on Roland Guerra's or Juan Pacheco's campaign?

BobbyWC said...

Nope other than I saw a sign for Guerra.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Cata is a dumbass. She ran to channel 4 and talked to Ryan Wolfie, and the guy takes her story! Unbelievable! A much more important topic for Ryan Wolfie would have been to ask Cata la Rata why she is suing every tax payer in the school district at the tune of 2 million dollars! Why did you not tell him that Catita? You are pathetic mijita, and so is Ryan Wolfie for not doing his homework. He is to busy looking for hair on his plate and using his radar on speeding senior citizens.

BobbyWC said...

Ryan Wolf is as incompetent as they come. I send him the documentation that Cata's candidate Carlos Elizondo also took the money. Ryan says not newsworthy. I send the TEC ltr verifying the investigation against Luci and the TEC ruling which shows by using Re Elect she is engaged in criminal conduct - not newsworthy. These ladies must be doing something to keep him happy and quiet about the truth

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

What do you expect from Ryan Wolf, the guy is a joke. He does not care about the news, he is more interested in posting pictures of himself and his love Tatiana. She is going to leave you dude, trust me.

Anonymous said...

Why didn't Ryan Wolf ask Cata the real reason she's suing the dustric? The very same district that feeds her and her kids.

BobbyWC said...

Ryan Wolf brings nothing of journalism to the news - he is a one trick pony of "hey look a roach." He has no business doing anything which requires integrity or research

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...


Cesar Lopez has a Formal Education

Luci Longoria has NO EDUCATION only GED.


C=Committed to Students & Teachers

E=Educated & College Graduate

S=Simply Well-Mannered

A=All American Gentleman

R=Ready to take the Lead in BISD

Vote for Cesar!!!

Anonymous said...

Opossums Infiltrate Southmost

Come to think of it ...I witness the Opossum-Duo (Luci Liar & Cati the Carcass) visiting us in the Southmost street of La Posada. For a minute, I thought it was the early bird trick-o-treaters in my hood, but as they approached my door, I realized their masks were for real. Folks, Don't be fooled by these two court jesters, they only seek to syphon the life out of your tax payer money. Give them Garlic instead!!
Vote No---------More Luci Liar

Anonymous said...

My daughter in law's mom told these two ladies not to waste her time, and that they should be ashamed of themselves!
Go steal from someone else, not the children.
Our vote is for MARY REY.

Anonymous said...

Vote for Mary Rey!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

BISD School Board Candidate
Mid-Term Report Card

*A+ Superior *A- Excellent
*B+ Good
*B- Average
*C+ Fair
*C- Borderline
*D- Below Average
*F+ Fail
*F- Total Failure
Brownsville Independent School District School Board Candidates

-----Current Profiles---------

Cesar Lopez vs. Luci Longoria


Cesar Lopez-----A+ Univ. Graduate
Luci Longoria---D- HS Diploma

*Pending Litigation

Cesar Lopez-----A+ Clean Slate
Luci Longoria---F- Suing BISD

*Core Values

Cesar Lopez-----A+ Family Values
Luci Longoria---F- Cheated

*Shows Self-Control

Cesar Lopez-----A+ Consistently
Luci Longoria---D- Limited Range


Cesar Lopez----A+ Children 1st
Luci Longoria--F- Herself 1st


Cesar Lopez------A+ Open-Minded
Luci Longoria----F- One-way

*Active Employment

Cesar Lopez----A+ Professional Job
Luci Longoria--F- Not Working

*Future Endeavors

Cesar Lopez------A+ Help BISD
Luci Longoria----F- RAPE BISD

Note: I made a an actual Report Card, unfortunately, when I tried to cut and paste it, it transformed into a train wreck..hummmm
I trust you will find something creative to do with it. Of course, if you feel it may help our collective community campaign to get rid of these women once and for all. I do not want the female students of BISD to think these hollow-infested pieces of drift wood are nowhere near role models. Moreover, they remain a disgrace to the Education establishment.

BobbyWC said...

send me what you created to