Monday, October 27, 2014


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UPDATE:  I am reposting this because readership drops off Friday afternoon and the entire weekend.  Apparently people like to read the BV at work - shame on you - LOL

I have several theories on why people read the post but do not click on the video - it is about the same with documents.  On average with documents less than 10% of the unique viewers [this means does not include second view for the day] actually click on documents or videos.  I appreciate the trust, but this is an interesting video which needs to be emailed around.  It once and for all defines Cata Presas-Garcia.  But then like one person told me - the video is old news in terms of showing who she is.

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I surrender on this video. I will say this, the city was so concerned over Cata's complaints over the release of the video they gave me a second for free about 1:30 p.m. today. Cata is a liar plain and simple.

It took over 45 minutes to upload this 12 minute video.  The city is working on trying to find out why my computer says it is corrupt.  I cannot edit it.  What I can say is - go to minute 4:25 on youtube clock and you will see where she begins to get animated.  I cannot control the lack of sound.  At 5:36 you will see her stomping like a horse.  On this I am sure Montoya will say if I were to provide the audio it would show she is just stomping on rats running around the airport.  But in Cata's case wouldn't that be parricide?

Watch it from 4:20.  There is no doubt she is agitated. You can consider all of Montoya's claims about no audio - I cannot control that - but just look at the video - she is clearly very animated and mad.  She has admitted she as upset over the baggage fee.  Are her actions and movement consistent with someone just noting quietly and in a professional manner Southwest does not charge such a fee?

Is this how we expect school board trustees to act in front of our children?  According to CUBE, yes.


Anonymous said...

Cata está loca de a madre!!

Anonymous said...

This "woman" (I'm still not convinced she a female) doesn't make enough money pocketing home buyer's money, working at the Mercedes Outlets, file frivolous law suits (ie Strawberry Square and now BISD) and making back door deals as a board member, so give her a break.... By the way what is the moralistic Juan Montoya gonna say now? Juan the only citizen of Brownsville concerned about BISD kids and parents?.... I can't help but wonder how can Montoya be so concerned about Brownsville when himself endangers countless families when he decides to drive drunk, and no I'm not make g false accusations, he has a pretty proven track record of DUI's......