Friday, October 24, 2014


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I surrender on this video. I will say this, the city was so concerned over Cata's complaints over the release of the video they gave me a second for free about 1:30 p.m. today. Cata is a liar plain and simple.

It took over 45 minutes to upload this 12 minute video.  The city is working on trying to find out why my computer says it is corrupt.  I cannot edit it.  What I can say is - go to minute 4:25 on youtube clock and you will see where she begins to get animated.  I cannot control the lack of sound.  At 5:36 you will see her stomping like a horse.  On this I am sure Montoya will say if I were to provide the audio it would show she is just stomping on rats running around the airport.  But in Cata's case wouldn't that be parricide?

Watch it from 4:20.  There is no doubt she is agitated. You can consider all of Montoya's claims about no audio - I cannot control that - but just look at the video - she is clearly very animated and mad.  She has admitted she as upset over the baggage fee.  Are her actions and movement consistent with someone just noting quietly and in a professional manner Southwest does not charge such a fee?

Is this how we expect school board trustees to act in front of our children?  According to CUBE, yes.

Send me popcorn so we can enjoy this together.


Anonymous said...

Shameful, Shameful, Shameful.
There are no other words to describe such a behavior from a public officials. No wonder the board of trustees sanctioned her for her behavior at their meetings.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't matter to what level she thinks she has risen. Trash is trash.

Anonymous said...

And…the public knows how she is , yet they continue to elect her! Wake up Brownsville, Texas. Is this the perception we want outsiders - potential companies and businesses to see. As our community sits on the cusp of one of the largest economic booms in years, it is time to take a stand. Get out and vote…elect public officials who will serve the citizens and students of Brownsville.

Anonymous said...

Better that you couldn't edit it. If you had, she and her minion would cry foul. They already are..

Juan O'Leery

Anonymous said...

What a spoiled little brat,
I want what I what when I want it!
She is lucky she did not get tossed in jail.