Wednesday, October 22, 2014


I am working on uploading the entire video with sound.  As an anony on another blog stated Cata is all crazy over having to pay the same baggage fee as everyone else - well unless you have good credit and can get a United card - I never pay a baggage fee - hell I never pay for any of my international flights and rarely pay for my US flights - its called having good credit and knowing how to build points.  Further because I travel alone I will always take the free ticket and take a later flight - so I end up with the original flight being free and then getting a free ticket.

Cata was on her way to a bogus CUBE meeting which serves no benefit to BISD except draining limited funds from the district which should be going to the children.

There are about 13,000 school districts in the US  Only 100 school districts belong to CUBE.  It as bad as United Brownsville, and the All American City Civil League.  It was created to allow school board members to go on free vacations at the expense of the taxpayers.  Everything you learn at a CUBE meeting is readily available otherwise to the Trustees.

For those of you who saw her performance at the last school board meeting, tears and all, she will tell you she needed to go to the CUBE meeting to learn about high school girls getting pregnant.  Maybe if she would stop traveling on the taxpayers nickel and stayed home she might learn something from the hundreds of girls who get pregnant at BISD.  Ah, but that would not be fun.


This man from the Akron, Ohio school district, Bruce Alexander, pushed for Cata to fill an opening on an interim basis.  Under the standards to even be able to get your name on the ballot for a formal election,  Cata would not qualify.  To understand how easy it is to be elected to the CUBE Steering Committee Mr. Alexander won his election in Akron with a mere 18.6% of the vote.  With just under 19% of the people voting for you, how can you claim to speak for the people?  His own dismal numbers could explain why he thinks Cata is what CUBE needs.  CUBE like so many organizations exist to boost the egos of the Board Members or City Commissioners - worthless awards which serve one purpose - to mislead the people as to the truth.  But then when you are paying for the award through dues, it's easy to win.
The BISD Board needs to stop all funding for any more trips to this con artist organization.  Think about it, Cata and Luci are suing BISD for $2 million because they cannot get their way with the votes, and CUBE finds her to be the type person they want on their Steering Committee.  Think about that!!!.
The video and this post are going to the entire Steering Committee and all of the school board presidents for the 100 member school districts.
What they will see and hear is Cata having a melt down, which is very unprofessional, while checking in on her United Flight for the CUBE conference.  They will see how Commissioner Tetreau's children watch as this low life poorly educated person has a temper tantrum.  My recommendation is BISD create a video of how professionals should not act in public and them play this video.
This should make an interesting commercial in 2 years.


Anonymous said...

The BISD Board of Trustees wholeheartedly endorse Cata's appointment. Additionally they encourage her attendance on all out of town trips. The more, and the longer the better!

Anonymous said...

Send the video to it Ryan Wolf/aka Roach Finder and YOU TUBE.
This is certainly is more newsworthy than the last episode of Roach-Busters.

BobbyWC said...

I am having problems with Youtube - as soon as the problem can be fixed I will put it up

BObby WC

Anonymous said...

It seems more like they would continue to encourage her whore-heartily to get heck out of the sight of the community's television screen.
If they could, they would gladly pay Cata a one-way ticket & baggage she carries to Mars or Barnum & Baily's Circus to fold wardrobe or feed the elephants and take her loyal retainer (Luci) with her too.

Anonymous said...


Bobby, I hope you are able to keep this BISD BOARD MEMBER'S
CAT-FIGHT VIDEO at the top of your blog as this trailer appears it may very well surpass all past, present, & future counts on your blog as THE MOST VIEWED ever recorded. This is what the Nielson ratings foam up about.

Like I said before, along with the everyone's cup of coffee is a taste of the freshest & finest Brew of the Brownsville Voice.

Anonymous said...

Is this showing considered "THE FIRST PREMIER" to Caty Presas-Garcia's debut to reveal her true colors on candid camera or open-mike night?


BobbyWC said...

I am working on the upload but cannot fix the problem. The best part is Commissioner Tetreau turning her back on Cata because she is embarassed