Thursday, October 23, 2014

As I reported, I went to Carlos Cascos for help in organizing a workshop to register veterans, and in particular senior veterans on MyHealtheVet.  I have already done this for many veterans and their children.  It allows adult children to manage the healthcare of senior veterans online and communicate with the doctors.  Cascos dropped the ball and nothing came of the plan.
Hidalgo county leadership is moving forward on election day with a vote for a community hospital.  In Thursday's Herald Hidalgo county leaders explained their plan to use the new community hospital in conjunction with the medical school to expand veteran care.  This will lead to a VA hospital.
Now of course the entire plan will fall apart if the voters vote no on the community hospital.  But at least Hidalgo county leadership is working in unison to try and make for a better community.
Here in Cameron county we have a County judge using his trained monkey Cris Valadez to create strive and distractions as a way to avoid the fact Carlos Cascos has yet to show an ounce of leadership in terms of moving Cameron county forward.

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