Friday, October 24, 2014


Here is the problem, as a member of the Steering Committee Bruce Alexander contacted Presas-Garcia, a fellow member of the Steering Committee and said following:

What we now have are two members of the Steering Committee for CUBE communicating and with wilful intent to defame me on the Internet. [Bruce knew or should have known Cata would go public with his email - and what is sad is - he will do it again]  I know Bruce is of limited intellect because he asks "please forward their name" as to who put out the original email.  One problem with his question - in my email I included my name and phone number.  You see Bruce's command of the English language must be limited because when you tell him your name and phone number in English he cannot comprehend well enough to understand you are telling him who you are.  And Brucy it should read - since you have my name "please forward his name."  Too surreal - but then this is CUBE.

I would love nothing more than for his attorney to call me so that I can waive service on what ever lawsuit he seems to think he may have.  I would love nothing more than to drill him in a deposition about the many things Cata has told people about him.  Then I will file the motion to dismiss with sanctions.

You see, people like Bruce and Cata are the same - they are better than everyone else.  They are stupid - both missed the day in 5th grade when the simple principle of Free Speech was taught.  Both spit of every person who has ever died in service to this country by wanting to sue everyone and anyone who speaks the truth about them.  They seek to silence dissent and the truth. They then yell foul when people seek to hold them accountable.

Of course I have no way of knowing if anything Cata has said about this man is true.  There are just too many people saying the same thing.  And I know Cata - she will destroy CUBE and Bruce Alexander before she does the right thing- namely resign from CUBE.

It will be CUBE's lawyers who will be researching their liability for the joint actions of two of their Steering Committee Members - namely Bruce Alexander and Cata Presas-Garcia.

On what planet can an organization say it cares about civil rights when one of its members is capable of a homophobic tirade wherein they make their son a pawn for political gain?  The answer is CUBE - I have dealt with these type people before - they will defend Cata to the point of their own destruction.


What kind of a mother uses her son as a pawn in politics and a homophobic tirade?  Cata Presas-Garcia that's who

Be very careful what you say to minors. He has 2 uncles that are Federal Agents and are watching you. Including 1 that works for the IRS... Give it up Loosers!!

Note the time 7:22 - now look at the times from the young man texting Rick
+19564653404 (I ASSUME CATA’S SON) SENT – 2/23 @ 6:35 PM
Only fagets cry grow up and tke it like a man. What a way to show you cant take a loss like the real men. Stop crying thank god you and your fagget friend loss.
 RICK ZAYAS SENT – 2/23 @ 6:59 PM
I do not know who this is. But if your a man and have the balls to tell this to my face; i invite you to bring it on.
+19564653404 (I ASSUME CATA’S SON) SENT – 2/23 @ 7:07 PM
Haha becarefull who you invite
 +19564653404 (I ASSUME CATA’S SON) SENT – 2/23 @ 7:07 PM
I'm a young chavalon, and I aint got nothin to lose!
 RICK ZAYAS SENT – 2/23 @ 7:20 PM
Watch who you challenge. You have no idea who i am and what i know young Chavalon. But your right, I do have something to loose and by the way there is no honor in embarrassing a young Chavalon!
 +19564653404 (I ASSUME CATA’S SON) SENT – 2/23 @ 7:33 PM
Haha daum dude straight up your funny, i've seen you in person and my little brother thats in elementary looks like that he can kick your ass. But look, you
 +19564653404 (I ASSUME CATA’S SON) SENT – 2/23 @ 7:33 PM
Your an adult and you know im young but you still decide to text me back, " you aint mature bro ". But look ima be the bigger n more mature man and just
 +19564653404 (I ASSUME CATA’S SON) SENT – 2/23 @ 7:33 PM
Just stop it right here, and pluss this whole thing about texting back and forth is for little kids so that another reason why ima stop. But dont worry when
 +19564653404 (I ASSUME CATA’S SON) SENT – 2/23 @ 7:33 PM
Worry when you see me you'll know who it is that was texting you.
 +19564653404 (I ASSUME CATA’S SON) SENT – 2/23 @ 7:33 PM
N dont take anything i said as a threat. Im just telling you like it is bro


Anonymous said...

Bobby, the same vile contempt you feel for Cata is the same vile contempt the entire district and community has for her and Luci. It goes without saying that every time she shoots her uneducated mouth off, the evidence is clear, she is a self-serving Witch with only herself and Luci in mind.

Visualize the Witch from the Wizard of Oz and her melt-down, that's Cata & Luci still with no power, no money, no education, and no sign of ever collecting $2 Million dollars from the BISD bank. The only majority they have control over, is their Broomsticks.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the above post. Cata and Lucy are the most ineffective members of the board. Both are immature brats who cannot face and accept the consequences of their actions. This is a behavior that started when they were elected and continues today. They accuse all others of heinous actions and filed a lawsuit against the very people they are supposed to work with. They both criticize others and portray themselves as victims. Sad. Voters have an opportunity to remove Lucy as a step to correcting the ill created by these two. I urge all voters to reelctd Mr. Lopez. Cata will continue chasing windmills but as one, will slowly fade away.