Friday, October 17, 2014

Our inept mayor and his cronies cannot mess up the naturally occurring process.  The issue of a plant to liquefy natural gas for export involves complex foreign policy.  In terms of Europe reigning in Russia's expansionist policy, its hands are tied because of its dependence on Russian natural gas.  Europe wants our  natural gas.  At the end of the day economic freedom is key to real control over our lives.  The potential expansion of the liquefication of natural gas at the port means good paying jobs for our residents.  The next step is for TSC to identify the workforce needs of these type plants, and start the job training now.  If they wait for workers to be recruited from outside the region, then TSC will have failed our community.
When it comes to runway expansion I am jaded.  As the BV has documented Larry Brown has been telling us since 2003, a new longer runway is around the corner.  Hey Larry, Houston is not around the corner.
If the promises concerning Space X pan out, then the runway just really may be around the corner.  This will be a game changer for Brownsville.  A 10,000 foot runway means the largest cargo planes currently in service will be able to land in Brownsville.
Tony Garza is a homegrown expert on import export to the Americas.  The BV is the one and only blog which promotes Brownsville with its logo, Gateway to Latin America.  If this runway is real, the city is behind the curve in creating a city owned corporation to promote import export at our airport.   If they won't then private citizens need to do it.
It is well worth the fee to pay Tony Garza to help negotiate the importation of perishables from South America.  Texas is big.  Brownsville as a port of entry could handle the distribution of all imports from South America for Texas.
The ball in in the hands of the city commission. 
Juliet Garcia wasted millions ignoring the needs of the community.  Tony Martinez not to be outdone by Juliet Garcia joined the party to insure millions more were wasted to meet Juliet Garcia's needs.
As already reported a company is setting up shop to market parts locally to Space X.  They already manufacture parts for Space X.  The problem we face is the same old problem - no money in the budget to train workers in robotics manufacturing.  I have been a strong defender of TSC, but on this one the Trustees get an "F". 
Their policy of robotics manufacturing is simple - no money to call the fire department today, so we will lose our home.  It will be an indictment on the TSC Trustees when these new companies are forced to hire workers trained outside Brownsville.  I do not care there is not money in the budget - take it from another area.  It is time to devote all necessary resources to make TSC a center for training in robotics manufacturing.
Several sources are telling me Healthsmart is poised to settle for a nice chunk of change.  We could see the vote to settle in a matter of weeks.  The lawyers for Healthsmart and their insurance company finally seem to accept the manipulation of our elections is not how you make valid cases go away.  So here is the deal.  BISD needs to commit the Healthsmart money to developing a high school program to certify our students in robotics manufacturing.  I have a grandnephew in NY who will graduate highschool certified in robotics manufacturing.  If TSC cannot do what is needed then BISD must step up to the plate.
These three new areas of employment will be lost if our city and school leaders fail to act now.  We cannot wait for the employers to recruit from outside the area and then run to find someone to blame.  The need is around the corner - we need to act yesterday.  We must stop the argument we cannot move forward because their is no money.  There are millions being wasted on personal agendas - find the money
The three above generators of new jobs are game changers for Brownsville - the question is - can they all move forward in spite of our inept leadership.
The city of Brownsville investing our limited resources in a UT campus is reckless.  Those are few jobs for an elite group.
Port, trade, and manufacturing jobs will go to the people and not university types.  Even a simpleton like Tony Martinez can understand investing in TSC and Brownsville will get us a better return on our investment than giving away our limited resources to the University of Texas System.


Anonymous said...

Here is news on LP Gas project to increase business at the port, the PORT OF CORPUS CHRISTI and Laredo! Same old story, Bypass Brownsville is the game. Why doesn't UT-RGV open a program in petroleum engineering, in McAllen.

Corpus Christi already has all the infrastructure and gas pipeline. Forget about Brownsville. Why spend all that money for duplication? Because they are trying to raise other people's money.

Conforme a la carta de intención, bajo la asociación, ambas compañías financiarán la construcción de un ducto y tanques de almacenamiento. NuStar será el operador de esa infraestructura, mientras que el producto, el gas LP y los refinados de petróleo, serán suministrados desde Mont Belvieu y Corpus Christi, en Texas, hasta Nuevo Laredo y la zona Burgos-Reynosa en México. Además, la nueva infraestructura incluirá ductos actualmente existentes que son propiedad de NuStar.

BobbyWC said...

People should be jaded over all of these promises - which is why we must be vigilant in watching the money trail.

What I do like is, the Port set a deadline for them to act.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Now you are saying a "nice" chunk of change rather than settling for "chump" chage in exchange for a deal by Otis with Cata and Lucy. Which is it? Not everything is mired in conspiracy. You owe some people apologies.

BobbyWC said...

So my readers understand what you are saying as a coward because you will not put your name to your post is, everything at BISD is on the up and up.

Let me explain knowledge to you - you need it to understand reality.

I have reviewed all of the pleadings. Based on that I was able to learn a lot about what is happening. They guided me to the right people for information.

They were in a very long executive session at the last meeting because a majority would not go along with Otis - apparently it was decided on some form of mediation before settlement. We are waiting on that. It was not Luci and Cata who held up the settlement. Had Otis had his voted it would have settled. This is a logical conclusion which follows from the known facts.

Sources within BISD have told me a majority of the Board wanted a settlement before the November meeting. Onc source told me their lawyers were authorized a high low mediation. This means going in the parties agree that a settlement will be no lower than X and no higher than Y.

Of course sources could be wrong.

But the reality is, the Board balked at settlement in October because the number being proposed was way too low.

Once the BV broke the story there was no way they could settle for chump change. Cesar clearly understood that.

All you do is prove to my readers is, Otis is desperate. As readers have noticed he is not attacked by Montoya - why? he is not part of Cata's alliance. Montoya harping on Minerva is just stupid- she controls nothing - it is Otis who controls what happens on the Board.

Not that logic is your forte, but if the Board rejected the chump change settlement in October, it follows logically that they are asking for more

You did not help yourself Otty

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

I agree with this article. The VALLEY needs to act. Expand the airport(s). Fix education. Expand Higher Education. Come on readers of this blog; make some noise. All of us would benefit!

Anonymous said...

NuStar, the company running the show in Corpus Christi, is a 5 billion dollar company. How much capital do the companies have that are working with lease "options" have?

And, who is going to pay for the pipeline, which has to be done first? How much do you think it costs to build 127 miles of gas pipeline? The pipeline would easily cost more than a billion dollars. Show me the money....

BobbyWC said...

I can only hope that all of the people who consistently say know will be ignored by the powers that be.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

I am not saying NO or know. I only ask that people be realistic and analytical in their proposals. Brownsville has a long, glorious history of failed projects. It does not need land tied up at port by entities that do not have the resources to carry through a project. Again, show me the money. Show me the financing committed to building the pipeline. If this project were to start today, it would still take over five years or more to complete.

There are massive LP projects all over the world and an abundance of natural gas in Iran and Qatar that have yet to be touched. The "War" in Afghanistan is all about keeping the Iranians from building a pipeline to China. Educate yourself.

BobbyWC said...

So what you are saying is Europe wants to go from Russian natural gas to Iranian natural gas - wow - just wow - the market for the US is Europe and China - our port is for Europe - everything takes time - to say it takes time is a reason to say no is just absurd

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Because I do not choose to identify myself I am a coward. But you have thanked me in the past for adding to the discussion and I signed as anonymous. Is it that whenever one disagrees with you that you resort to name calling. I believe I have the freedom to not identify as 95% of responders. The BV has a lot of good information, but as you say, no prisoners and as such no prisoners should apply to anyone who chooses to write in to the blog. In your answer you spoke to logic and based on the information you have your assumptions are logical albeit dead wrong on a settlement being discussed. Regardless all will be revealed in good time and you will realize that several things in your article are way off base. Whether you choose to make an apology to those you accuse of certain actions is your choice. Regardless I will continue to read and enjoy the BV and contribute and identify myself or not, as it is my constitution right. Signed anonymous!

BobbyWC said...

First as I have repeatedly explained you have no rights constitutional or otherwise at the BV. You post as an anony because I authorize the program to allow for anony posts.

I have no problem with anony posts - what I have a problem with is people posting as anony while trying to convince my readers they are in the know.

How are my readers to know what you are saying is trustworthy if they do not know who you are. What is dislike is the idea that you seem to thinks my readers should just trust that when someone claims to have inside knowledge they should just trust them.

I do not want my readers trusting such statements. How do they know you are not lying.

My source was spot on that the October meeting as going to include Healthsmart. Based on that I should be able to trust my source.

I reviewed the pleadings to get a sense as to what is happening and then went from there.

My readers know my name - my history - they can measure my words against my history.

How do they measure your words as an anony.

I will not allow my readers to be mislead by con artists - it is possible you are an insider with actual information and that information could be more accurate than mine - but my readers have no way of knowing because you post as an anony -

Since you are after accurate information I would hope you could understand my concerns about my readers being mislead

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Ok, I understand and can appreciate can concerns. I can also see how information anyone receives is tainted. Sort of like playing that game where you whisper something in one's ear, they in turn do the same and after several rounds the original statement is deviates from the original. Wish I was free to elaborate on your article as much of it is spot on.

Anonymous said...

I do not know "signed anonymous" (2:58) but I do respect the opinion contributed by him (her) or others to the BV. As a reader I know that a blog can be a social media that provides knowledge and truthful information to the community or it can be a source of gossip with the purpose of misleading people in believing outright lies. Constitutional rights belong to everyone; however, you can dictate your authority over those that contribute to the BV only because you publish the blog. It does not necessarily mean that the opinion of others is right or wrong. Furthermore, the use of name calling is simply outright disrespectful and brings you down to the level of those that you highly criticize for such actions. C/S

Anonymous said...

WoW!! Great articles. Hopefully these articles will make everyone concerned, of what is going on in Brownsville. I believe what happens in Brownsville will have an impact on the rest of the Valley.

BobbyWC said...

I am having to post your comment because on my phone I accidently hit delete.

But I must ask do you pride yourself in accuracy - you do realize I can go to the agenda item and prove your wrong.

"B72. Recommend approval regarding pending or threatened litigation matters: “status of
a. Discussion, consideration and possible action regarding BISD vs. Healthsmart."

Note the language "and possible action."

Why do you think Executive Session took so long?

Your comment

I too agree with anonymous that you had some wrong information. There was never a settlement offer on the table regarding Healthsmart and your comment that Otis did not have the votes and the settlement offer was low is pure conjecture on either your or your source's part. If a settlement offer would have been made the agenda item would have included "and possible action" or "possible settlement" It only spoke to discussion and consideration. This was not an oversight as the exact agenda item for October's meeting also appears in April and May. Now I will agree that your source was correct in saying that Healthsmart was on the October agenda. Did the settlement issue come from you or your source? BV always prides itself on accuracy so if it is the latter you need to question your source, Greeks bearing gifts. I also have heard that the board majority would like the settle Healthsmart before the election as they would also like the Cata and Lucy lawsuit to be dismissed. But, no one person is going to dictate that decision or settle for chump change. "

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Go to BISD website October 7 Agenda.

In closes session

Item B72 a.Discussion and consideration regarding BISD vs. Healthsmart

In open session

Item B72 a. Discussion and consideration and possible action regarding BISD vs. Healthsmart

There was no action because there was no offer of settlement to act on. Healthsmart requests mediation and BISD accepts.

BobbyWC said...

You can spin it anyway you want, but it still said possible action - it does not have to say settlement.

further, there was nothing on the agenda about mediation. So either you learned through a breach of executive session, or a top administrator told you such as me. But unless you are breaching executive session, your source is no better than mine.\

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

"My readers know my name - my history - they can measure my words against my history."

You are absolutely right. Your readers cannot measure anonymous words because they do not know his or her history or the credibility of his sources. But on the other hand, a man's history can prove his credibility to the readers. Remember: "Saenz will be indicted within six months." Credibility!!!!!!!!!!!!! Be careful with the name calling.

BobbyWC said...

When you leave out the full statement and context and qualifier you my dear friend have no credibility. But I can assure you that indictment is coming a lot sooner than later.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

". . . my dear friend . . ."

That is nice. It gives more credibility to your opinion and you will earn the respect of those that often contribute to your blog without the fear of being embarrassed by your follow-up full of name calling. I am sure that anonymous(2:58) will agree and appreciate it.

BobbyWC said...

It's funny I do this post trying to educate my readers where things may be going right for Brownsville and where job development is possible, and the voices for the corrupt politicians in Brownsville have to chime in to make it negative.

On BISD, I proved where the poster tried to mislead my readers as to what was on the agenda - but never no mind.

This is their position in a nutshell - they can come here and demand I apologize with no proof I am wrong- as an anony I am not going to take their opinion or claims seriously especially when they conflict with my sources - and they demand I apologize to the corrupt politicians they support.

You know what I like about Otty the most - he is too stupid to believe or see he has lost nearly all support at BISD . While his demise at BISD should not be seen as a blindside, because it is common knowledge among the administrators - to Otty it will be a complete blindside.

Politics is like Survivor - when you get cocky you are voted off.

It's funny - they attack and demand I apologize with no proof what they are saying is correct - and that is not seen as a negative - but I point out in creative language how they are conning my readers and I have no credibility.

No matter the words - a negative is a negative

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Most people that read the blogs in this town, agree that BV has the most credibility.

BobbyWC said...

The BV is pretty well documented for taking challenges to the stories. The issue is the approach - if you are going to come in with an attack you are going nowhere with me.

People post reasoned challenges and in every case I thank them for adding to the discussion.

What these people want is to be able to post their distractions without any challenge

No one can be right all of the time - but I strive to get the facts right and do not pretend I do not understand a man's frustration and spin his words to mean something he never said.

Barton's piece on Commissioner Longoria is pure BS - But that is the way Barton swings - if you do not cow-tow to his demands he spins words and information to make you look bad - Barton is always low on facts and substance.

Jimbo - you want a story - find out who has the contract on the remodeling of Stillman House - there is a story there.

Find out who is doing the masonry work.

People think I just have it in for Luci and Cata - every day I reject vulgarities against both women - I reject bogus charges and claims. With so much out there against these women why would I need to promote vulgarities and disinformation?

Bobby WC