Thursday, October 2, 2014


Oscar de la Fuente, under oath confessed to multiple criminal violations which corrupted the district attorney's office, and District Attorney Saenz sees no reason to prosecute after spending your tax dollars to secure the confession.

Mayor Tony Martinez failed to file a conflict of interest form with the city commission concerning the purchase of the Casa del Nylon building, while also failing to tell the city commission his law firm was representing the seller - a criminal act

Mary Esther Garcia, JP candidate, illegally held herself out as a judge during the campaign.  A criminal act DA Saenz refuses to prosecute

Luci Longoria after being informed by the TEC that using the term Reelect is a crime, she continues to do it. Why, because she knows District Attorney Luis Saenz will not prosecute

Alex Dominguez not only admitted to holding himself out as a county commissioner when he was not, but he continued to do it after he was notified of the violation of the criminal statute. This is yet another criminal act District Attorney Luis Saenz will not prosecute.

So where do we the people go to end the criminal conduct elected officials believe they are entitled to engage in? 
The DOJ is as guilty as Saenz in this matter.  They have more than enough to indict Luis Saenz for the bribe accusations related to the former drug dealer, and the actual verified case wherein Alex Begum donated $6,000, to Saenz, after Saenz effectively won the election, and notwithstanding the fact Begum has no criminal practice, to prosecute Josefina Canales for calling Yolanda Begum a fake.  We know the DOJ is actively investigating both claims.
But the DOJ will intentionally sit back and watch the criminal conduct continue until they have 5-7 confirmed charges against Saenz.  Until then the victims of Saenz will continue to pile up on the heap which is know as Cameron county justice.  the DOJ and FBI are a complete and total waste of taxpayer money and give new meaning to the term joke.
And you will not see Montoya demanding Saenz prosecute Joe Rivera if the evidence points to criminal conduct - why?  Because Saenz pays for silence

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Will will justice happen? This is nuts!