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How the most disreputable candidates win with deceptive information when dealing with an ill-informed electorate -

Rather than speak to a comment I am rejecting as a distraction and misleading as a comment, I will address it here.

This is what I said "I cannot speak to the accuracy of Cascos claims because I have not seen them." According to the comment I am rejecting these are the facts: "Now you are claiming you never saw the reports available on the county website and discounting the legitimacy of the complaint because you have it in for the guy filing it? Something doesn't add up.

The truth is the truth regardless of how you feel about the messenger"

Inasmuch as I am not challenging Cascos for filing the complaint, or saying the complaint is without merit, who exactly is having a problem with the truth.

The fact is I did investigate the general accusations, but based on the information provided on the blogs, I could not find the reports being referenced.  The online computer systems are designed to say no such report exists if you have one error in spelling or are missing part of the name of the PAC.  Further at the county level, you must search through endless reports because the system has no search function.


Can anyone explain to me how I am to assess the merit of a formal complaint I have not seen?  I have no way of knowing what was or was not alleged.  I know of the general problem - but I do not know which statutory violations were alleged and what documents were submitted to prove the allegations.  But while driving blindly I am suppose to assess the merits of the complaint.


It was simple and had nothing to do with the merits of Cascos complaint.  The Herald has no journalistic ethics.  My support for my claim - The investigation against Luci Longoria is active, and the documents on their face prove the allegation of criminal conduct by using the word Reelect.  This the Herald calls not newsworthy, while they take Luci Longoria's money in support of her continued criminal conduct.

Compare this to Cascos - we are only at the stage of an allegation with no open investigation - but this is newsworthy according to Emma Perez-TreviƱo.  And to boot, Emma fails to mention how Cascos is engaged himself in unethical conduct by going to the Herald and using the TEC as a weapon to win an election.  This is a clear ethical violation.

From the TEC

"The use of the statements “a sworn complaint has been filed against Candidate A” or “the Texas Ethics Commission is investigating a complaint against Candidate A” are improper attempts to mislead the public"

That was my post - not a word on the merits of the claim or a word saying Cascos should not have filed the complaint.

In fact, my standards do not change - if Cascos alleged a criminal violation in the same way I expect DA Saenz to go after Luci Longoria, I expect Saenz to go after Joe Rivera.  But I am not going to say someone has engaged in criminal conduct when I have not seen the documents.

Emma being Emma did not even find it necessary to clearly spell out the complaint.  For example - The election code provides ....... It is alleged Joe Rivera did abc ........ The documents submitted by Cascos in his complaint show abc ............

Now would the above not have been a better story as a way to inform the people as to the truth?  But Cris Valadez says no - it is better to just make general conclusory accusations with no specificity because they works better when trying to win an election.


The BV took the lead in saying given the Villalobos/Limas mess the Republicans would do well to run a full ballot of candidates.  I am the first to say that we would be better off if at least a 3rd of all elected officials were Independents.  My obligation as a voter is different than that of an elected official.  In Texas we do not register as to Party affiliation - I laugh when I read people posting to the Internet that in Texas they are a card carrying Democrat or Republican - no, they are not because no such card exists in Texas.

As a voter it is in the best interest of the community that I vote for the best candidate while ignoring Party labels.

But as an elected official once you sign a statement of loyalty to a political party for their permission to run under their Party affiliation, you breach a trust when you endorse someone from another Party.

David Garza, such as Yolanda Begum breached this trust by endorsing Republicans over Democrats.  Now it is their right - a right I will defend.  But it is my right to consider them not trustworthy when they do same.  We all know Amber Medina, as the Chair of the Cameron county Democratic Party will remain silent over David Garza's actions because money rules, not ethics.  The funny thing is David Garza is only helping Carlos Cascos to get rid of his boy toy David Garcia.  David Garza is so stupid that he believes it is still Ernie Hernandez feeding Montoya everything on David Garcia, while everyone else at the Dancy Building knows it has been Carlos Cascos all along though Cris Valadez.  When both David Garza and David Garcia are sent packing they will both be getting what they deserve.


Once a voter believes someone is unethical it will take a lot for them to vote for that candidate.  This is why Cata and Luci and now Oscar x. Garcia and Carlos Cascos are poisoning the well early on.  Once the voter's mindset sets in, it is nearly impossible for any amount of facts or reality to change that voter's mind.

There are exceptions.

Joe Rivera is not John Wood - Had John Wood had a Latino name he would have beat Carlos Cascos. 

The key to this election is, Amber Medina getting the precinct chairs to turn out the vote.  If Rivera and Magallanes lose then Amber Medina must resign.  This election is on her back - she either gets out the vote or resigns.  It will take a huge turnout of Democrats flying blind to all of the nonsense for Rivera and Magallanes to overcome the onslaught they are suffering by their opponents.


Anonymous said...

You need better sources, if you can't get information that a third grader can access.

BobbyWC said...

And mindless insults - the last stand of he who has nothing

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Nice to see you are still protecting criminal wrong doing. Rivera's allegations are far worse than Lucy Longoria's, yet you dismiss them as "garbage".

BobbyWC said...

Wow, Carlito must be rolled up in the corner crying his eyes out. Where did I dismiss them as garbage - I was very clear - if they are valid I expect DA Saenz to prosecute.

What you have done is just prove for my readers that Carlito is beside himself with grief now that I showed he violated the rules of ethics by using the TEC as a campaign weapon - I agree if the claims are valid Rivera should be prosecute - you will not even acknowledge that what Cascos did by running to the Herald is unethical

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

so information that is passed on to you for your stories, are unethical? Nice to know you keep great company.

BobbyWC said...

Which story would that be? Ah, you do not know- you really have a low opinion of my readers.

Every ethics complaint I have filed I investigated and discovered on my own - except the one on Alex Dominguez wherein Chris Davis had the information forwarded on to me.

Further the rule I reference applies to the candidates not me.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

A big thank you, to BV, for keeping Brownsville well informed!!!

Anonymous said...

What is the significance of not following election codes by candidates? It seems to not be a big deal, and does it reflect THIER leadership styles once elected?

BobbyWC said...

For me it comes down to their willingness to follow rules - it is really that simple. If they cannot follow the rules which govern the election why should we believe they will follow the rules governing their office.

Wouldn't you want to know if Cascos PDFed and emailed that package to Emma from his office as county Judge. If he did that is a crime

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

anyone that has Cris Valadez in a Staff IS A Crime...

Anonymous said...

Your own public info request proves the PAC was not filed as alleged. Playing dumb in this matter ain't working.

Anonymous said...

at the democratic meeting at Adolio's where the democratic candidates drew for position on the primary ballot, Amber Medina and the Cameron County Democratic insisted and made well known that each candidate had to sign a document that no matter/however the outcome of the primary, that each candidate would support ONLY their primary opponent or fellow Democratic candidate NO MATTER WHAT! No endorsing ANY REPUBLICAN. Guess who isn't sticking to their word, yet asking for their support in their bid to replace Hon. Rolando Olvera?

BobbyWC said...

I know of no such public information request. You simply lie

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Read your own stuff, Bobby. Your comments and statements.

BobbyWC said...

The only person playing dumb is you with your selective reading skills.

I clarified in very clear terms which you choose to ignore because it does not promote your con job, that I could not find anything and that the problem appears to have been that I did not have the correct spelling or name of the pac and that I was not going to do Cascos job for him.

I am not going to go on an endless fishing trip for anyone one - it is really that simple.

Just because something does not exist as I requested it does not mean it does not exist which is why in my current post I went out of my way to clarify the issue.


BobbyWC said...

To restate this my open records did not prove no records were filed. It proved no record was filed as I requested it. They are not the same. Without a verified name of the PAC, I could not claim they did not file proper comments - which is why I made the clarification.

It is funny how you people cannot keep your stories straight - one poster says they were clearly public record for me to see and you say I verified they did not exist

Please tell me readers which lie they should believe

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

Carlito must be crying big time that I pointed out running to the Herald was unethical

The difference between me and you - I agree Saenz should prosecute Rivera if he violated the law - for me it is an easy question

But you refuse to even acknowledge Cascos engaged in unethical conduct by running to the Herald.

You can spin my words all you want Cris, but the bottom line is I have no duty to spend endless hours searching through campaign finance reports in hopes of finding what Cascos wants me to report on. I do not work for Cascos.

But my position has not changed - prosecute Rivera if he violated the law.

Somehow you seem to think this means I an running cover for Rivera. Only in your's and Carlitos delusional world.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Uh the way: the Herald has a link to the complaint you claim you have no way of reading, as well as the finance reports.

BobbyWC said...

You really think I am going to review 20 violations and form an opinion - you are wrong - especially since I am not challenging the complaint - you can keep on pretending I am challenging the complaint but no one is buying. All my readers can see I am calling on Saenz to take action.

My opinion according to you means nothing. Saenz certainly will not consider it.

The reality Cris is, you want it because you know Montoya's opinion is worthless.

When I report on my own complaints I report the complaint and the fact an investigation has been opened.

Why should I set a different standard for Cascos which is higher than I set for my own complaints.

The bottom line is Cris, you want me to declare an opinion so people will vote for Cascos.

Even in Villalobos' trial I held until after a verdict. and now we will wait on Saenz to indict which he should if there is a criminal violation, or the TEC to rule

Try this, pay Montoya to pay Luis Sorola for a legal opinion he can publish.

Ouch that hurt my side I laughed so hard

Bobby WC

Bobby WC