Thursday, October 9, 2014


A side note first - this is a great example of how Montoya's opinion is bought and paid for.  When Masso was paying him, before Saenz outbid Masso, let's see what Montoya had to say about Saenz in the Velez case.

"AUSTIN – The American Civil Liberties Union today argued before the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals that a man should be given a new trial because serious misconduct by a special prosecutor (Luis Saenz) led to his capital conviction despite grave questions about his guilt."


""There is no sugar coating what occurred here,” the brief reads. “Both the defendant’s conviction and his sentence of death are derived from a pervasive course of misconduct on the part of the special prosecutor.”  The special prosecutor is Saenz.

In the same way Saenz's check got bigger than Masso's, Begum's got bigger than Ernie's, Montoya found god and started to sing another tune.


Months ago I consulted on a Dallas case.  After we secured two mistrials on sexual abuse of a minor, the DA offered a deal of injury to a child.  It meant no jail time, and the client not having to register as a sex offender.  He had already sold his retirement land to pay for the two mistrials.  He was broke.  A court appointed attorney would have lost the third trial. These cases are complex and you have to know every detail of the alleged victim.  You must have someone who has won a lot of these cases.

So the client with a lot of anger took our advice and plead guilty to injury to a child.  No competent attorney would have advised him otherwise.  Given the amount of time he was facing in jail along with having to register as a sex offender, a guilty plea of injury to a child was a good deal.

This is what innocent people do every day in our criminal "justice" system.

Given the findings of the Court of Criminal Appeals, Saenz had nowhere to go with a prosecution. 

Let me ask this, what does it say about Saenz that he went from claiming the evidence supported the death penalty to "hey let him walk on a significantly lessor charge."


This is not out of character for Saenz.  Everyone remembers the case Josefina Canales.  With $6,000 in donations from Alex Begum, Saenz pursued the prosecution of Josefina Canales - the charge - obscene language "to wit calling Yolanda Begum a fake."  This matter remains pending before the FBI for bribing a public official.  A visiting judge took 1 second to dismiss the charges for what they were - bizarre.  But the different attorneys she hired tried to get her to plea.  Why?  Because in other cases it would have garnered them favor with Saenz.

Saenz's conduct in the Velez case was not out of character for Saenz.


"Cameron County District Attorney Luis V. Saenz issued a statement Wednesday afternoon that maintained Velez’s guilt by saying: “At no point did any court, trial or appellate, or any jury make any finding that Mr. Velez was actually innocent of murdering Angel Moreno.”

A finding of innocence is not an option on a jury form.  So how can a jury find anyone innocent when it is not an option on the verdict form?  Saenz just lies. Courts do not find people innocent.  They find them not guilty.  They are not the same thing.  Not guilty means the state failed to prove the charges beyond a reasonable doubt.  This is why in civil trials the person can still be found liable, although a criminal jury found them not guilty.


Anonymous said...

Luis is much more corrupt than Abel Conrado, Jim, Lupe, Mando, etc.etc

Anonymous said...

I always thought he was not guilty.

Anonymous said...

let our Vote be our VOICE on Election day & get rid of all the corruption that is still Cameron County