Monday, September 8, 2014


I am not conceding any truth to Montoya's story concerning the campaign signs, but if the story is accurate the big looser is Carlos Cascos, and the big winner is the people.

If I understand the story because of Cris Valadez, Assistant to Carlos Cascos, Cascos had to take down some illegal signs.  I guess in the world of delusions this is a win for Cascos.  Carlos Cascos is filth.  I suspect he will win, only because Joe Rivera is nothing but another inept plant by Gilbert Hinojosa.

If the story is true, my hats off to Cabler for enforcing the law.  Now if we can only get Carl Montoya to enforce the law - do not hold your breath.  The decision as to who will be on the ballot remains on hold, while Carl Montoya desperately searches for any plausible legal position to justify ignoring the law.

Word has it, Cata is telling people she is going to put an end to me once and for all - see next story, and that Joe Rod is just besides himself asking why?  Real simple Joe - now pay attention I know you are dense - its called the law - take lesson from Cabler.


Anonymous said...

Cascos had no illegal signs, he had two 4x8 signs next to each other. Joe gave this as a reason he could keep his. Cascos took his off so Joe could not use that as an excuse.

Anonymous said...

Joe Rivera keeps breaking the law ...regardless of how small or big..He does not and will not follow the rules ..He plays by the jgr..rules ..corruption. .

BobbyWC said...

And your proof - none - what bothers me about idiots like you is, you have no problem with Cascos through his trained monkey Cris Valadez, offers me hundreds of dollars to help get a county employee fired and that is AOK with you.

I wonder who Cascos intended to give the job too.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

I agree with your opinion Bobby, but Joe Rivera is just as bad...if not worse!