Saturday, September 13, 2014

I am providing the link to the new TimeWarner TV Guide with all programming.  I am told it is now national.  So when you travel, if the hotel or your distant family have TimeWarner, the channels will be the same.
The Flintstones was actually a pretty advanced program in terms of social issues.  I need to find a channel still showing the Flintstones.
Maybe I will go as Fred for Halloween so Montoya will have something else to make fun off.  Maybe if he could learn the joy of Halloween and letting loose, he would not need to drink.  My ex is coming for a few weeks.  He will make me the costume.    I need a wig though.
Anyway, check out channels 1240 and 1241.  They are tied to channel 5.  If your TV is digital and you do not have a box, and you have set your TV to digital you will find them on 5.1 and 5.2.   A lot of oldies.
After this week I will do a review of CBS's  "Extant"  It is some of the best creative TV I have seen on network TV.  They still do not compete with Cable - but it is getting close.  You can see "Extant" on Amazon Prime.
Guys, "Walking Dead" is around the corner
I tried to order it from and they had no sizes on their customs.  I did an inquiry and they sent me a link with the size I wanted.  $40 - shipping and handling - wig, costume, and fake feet to go over my sneakers.  Cannot wait for Bingo night before Halloween - the ladies will love it.
And you know what, on Halloween night the kids will love it.  Bela will love it.  And no one will have to drink to have a good time.  I think that is Juanito's problem - he gets mad and mocks Halloween because we can have a good time without getting drunk.  How Sad
Elton John emailed me to remind my readers the Gay Mafia takes out hits on people who mock our high holiday of Halloween.

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