Sunday, September 28, 2014



Good luck finding a competent attorney in this town - not going to happen. This is what happens when the practice of law is reduced to idiots winging it because they know the judges will just do what they want to do anyway.

Refresher:  Tad Hasse sued Frank Morris to force his removal as the chair of the Republican Party of Cameron County.  Hasse flying blind went into court without any knowledge of the law and then yelled foul against Judge Murray for not following his non-existent knowledge of the law.

Hasse then hired a lawyer who thinks looking pretty and having a cute smile is all it takes to win with Judge Murray.  His lawyer having zero knowledge of how things work repeatedly told Hasse he did not know why Judge Murray was not signing the Order denying his Temporary Injunction.  Hasse's lawyer was unaware of the oldest trick in the book.  The winning lawyer rarely submits an order Denying the other side's motion if that order means an appeal.  So Hasse's lawyer sat in his office smiling in bewilderment as to what to do.

So he decides to file a Motion for Rehearing.  He tells the court there is a statute which governs the meaning of signed in terms of electronic signatures and that therefor the court should sign an order removing Frank Hasse from office because he in fact resigned.

Only one problem - Hasse's lawyer in effect told Judge Murray the statute was Top Secret and he could not tell Judge Murray which statute he was referring to.  Also because the statute is Top Secret, Hasse's lawyer chose not to tell Judge Murray how under the facts this Top Secret statute applies.

Given this reality is it any wonder Judge Murray on Friday signed an order with the following notation.

09/26/2014  Journal Entry
Order emailed to parties w Judge Murray's email re Pltf's Req for Rehearing (denied). M MURRAY/krb
And there you have it, the blind leading the blind.

Tad Hasse's lesson of course is, dumbass, you cannot just wing life and hope for the best.  Republican Tad Hasse hopefully [not really] has learned knowledge actually matters and the Republican mantra of "if you have knowledge you are a homosexual communist" finally caught up with his backwater ignorant ideas.  It is time you convert Hasse my man, or remain hopelessly ignorant.

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