Saturday, September 13, 2014


Will Republicans Carlos Cascos and Oscar X. Garcia denounce the actions of the Texas Rupublican Party which seek to deny your children a real education.

From the Washington Post concerning findings related to inaccuracy in Texas textbooks as promoted by Texas Republicans.

The findings:
  • A number of government and world history textbooks exaggerate Judeo-Christian influence on the nation’s founding and Western political tradition.
  • Two government textbooks include misleading information that undermines the Constitutional concept of the separation of church and state.
  • Several world history and world geography textbooks include biased statements that inappropriately portray Islam and Muslims negatively.
  • All of the world geography textbooks inaccurately downplay the role that conquest played in the spread of Christianity.
  • Several world geography and history textbooks suffer from an incomplete – and often inaccurate – account of religions other than Christianity.
  • Coverage of key Christian concepts and historical events are lacking in a few textbooks, often due to the assumption that all students are Christians and already familiar with Christian events and doctrine.
  • A few government and U.S. history textbooks suffer from an uncritical celebration of the free enterprise system, both by ignoring legitimate problems that exist in capitalism and failing to include coverage of government’s role in the U.S. economic system.
  • One government textbook flirts with contemporary Tea Party ideology, particularly regarding the inclusion of anti-taxation and anti-regulation arguments.
  • One world history textbook includes outdated – and possibly offensive – anthropological categories and racial terminology in describing African civilization.
  • A number of U.S. history textbooks evidence a general lack of attention to Native American peoples and culture and occasionally include biased or misleading information.
                   One government textbook … includes a biased
                   – verging on offensive – treatment of  affirmative action.

  • Most U.S. history textbooks do a poor job of covering the history of LGBT citizens in discussions of efforts to achieve civil rights in this country.
  • Elements of the Texas curriculum standards give undue legitimacy to neo-Confederate arguments about “states’ rights” and the legacy of slavery in the South. While most publishers avoid problems with these issues, passages in a few
                    U.S. history and government textbooks give a nod
                    to these misleading arguments.

If this is what you want for your children, keep on voting Republican.  Send the Republicans a message - not welcome in Cameron county.


Anonymous said...

The Republicans will never again enter the White House. They only control the House because of ridiculous gerrymandering that will not last. In ten years there will be no Republican Party. Demographics and illegal immigration are killing them.

Anonymous said...

As long as there are stupid voters, stupid politicians will continue to be elected, and that goes for both parties.

BobbyWC said...

I agree - true Democrats in Cameron county are very, very few

The con artists run on the label because they have no honor

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

You never stop reminding people of your idiocies Bobby. What in living hell do the County Judge and District judge have to do with books moron? Denounce this denounce are TRULEY moronic!

BobbyWC said...

They are Republicans - they choose to be Republicans - if they do not believe in the Republican Agenda then why do they run as Republicans?

Are you saying they are running from the idiots in the Republican Party?

Will you be my Wilma?

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

It is true that some of the objections to the textbooks a very valid and a good reason to fear attempts to break down the wall between church and state. However, the "scholars" who wrote the critique go overboard in a couple of cases and it damages their credibility.

“The spread of international terrorism is an outgrowth of Islamic fundamentalism which opposes Western political and cultural influences and Western ideology.”

I’m not sure what is inaccurate about that statement, that is what some Islamic terrorist groups say, Boko Haram is a prime example. The rebuttal is also off base.

“Not all international terrorism is an outgrowth of Islamic fundamentalism; for example, ETA in Spain and the Irish Republican Army are unrelated to Islamic fundamentalism.”

ETA and the IRA didn’t conduct terrorist acts outside of the Spain and the UK, so they aren’t “international” by definition. Such a poor rebuttal actually bolsters the textbook’s statement.

“One government textbook … includes a biased – verging on offensive – treatment of affirmative action.”

However, when we get down to the description of text covering affirmative action, it appears the transgression is a perhaps premature prediction of affirmative action’s demise. States are, in fact, rolling it back via referendum, so the assertion isn't totally unfounded. In any case, it isn’t clear what is “offensive” about the statement. Rather the characterization seems to suggest that, on this topic at least, the real bias is with the reviewers.

BobbyWC said...

The funny thing about Republican propaganda is, you can debunk it with a simple google search, or having lived it.

Long before anything related to Islam in terms of terrorism arrived on the International scene the Puerto Rica Liberation Army was routinely bombing NYC. La Guardia Airport was hit hard which resulted in an end of the lockers at the airport.

The IRA since its inception had Catholic Irish US Citizens funding it. Until this day fund raising in NYC is quiet large.

"In the early days of the Troubles the IRA was very poorly armed, mainly with old World War II weaponry such as M1 Garands and Thompson submachine guns, but starting in the early 1970s it procured large amounts of modern weaponry from such sources as supporters in the United States, Libyan leader Colonel Muammar Gaddafi,[20] and arms dealers in Europe, America, the Middle East and elsewhere. The Libyans supplied the IRA with the RPG-7."

If you believe International terrorism has its origins in Islam or the middle east you are delusional.

Further, it seems to be your belief an occupied people have no right to fight back against their oppressors. Remember the Middle East is a group of made up countries by their former European oppressors. Tribal and religious differences were ignored when this countries were created.

The US bombs Japan with a nuke and it is called war. Someone who practices Islam sets off a bomb and it is called terrorism.

Ignorance has its way I guess

International Terrorism has been around since recorded history - long since Mohammad walked the earth.

But then reality does not fit the racist mentality of the Christian Talaban trying to destroy the US by enslaving us to their Sharia Law - which is you know history is based on God's law handing down to Moses and others.

So if you want to denounce Sharia law you better be prepared to denounce Moses for bringing it to his people.

Bobby WC

I remember walking down the stair on 34th street into Penn Station and seeing people all of a sudden running up the stairs yelling bomb.