Thursday, September 4, 2014


On Tuesday a Cameron county district court judge dismissed a jury before the trial commenced after he learned the jury had become tainted.  The facts I am getting is a juror told the bailiff that someone had discussed the facts of the case with him when he entered the bathroom. 

The judge did the right thing.  Once a jury has been tainted, justice is not an option.

This is why I think Villalobos has a very strong chance of having his case reversed.  There is no issue that the jury was tainted when a juror, Raul Villarreal, went on line and posted to Emma Perez-Trevino's posts related to the trial.

But Judge Hanen is about anything but justice.  The case law as to sealing information related to a jury or juror is pretty clear. Once the case is complete the judge basically has not basis in law or fact to continue to keep the names of the jurors confidential.

Judge Hanen in black and white violation of Villalobos constitutional rights had an essential part of his criminal trial sealed and kept from the public.  Judge Hanen seems to think he is in China where he can seal essential parts of a criminal trial.  No Judge Hanen, criminal trials in the US are public

This is just one of many irregularities in the Villalobos trial.  The DOJ lied and said the federal prison system was ready to receive Villalobos, when the evidence shows it was not.  They also claimed they feared Villalobos using the FBI 302 Interviews for retaliation if he was allowed to remain free while a spot opened up.  But yet they do not seem bothered by the fact that Villalobos gave Cris Valadez, assistant to county Judge Carlos Cascos the interviews who then gave them to Montoya who has used them in ways Villalobos never intended. 

They do not care if Villalobos speaks about the 302's.  Judge Hanen turned a blind eye on both of these fraud on the court.  Any judge with integrity would have taken action against the DOJ.

I will bet the farm if a Republican wins the White House, Judge Hanen will be nominated for the court of appeals.  He did good - he played the part as written by Republican US Attorney Robert Pitman, now nominee for a life time federal judgeship.

Republican US Attorney Robert Pitman authorized the fraud on the court for one reason and one reason only - to insure Villalobos did not speak about James Dannenbaum - a prominent Republican operative in Texas tied to every high profile elected Republican in the state.

If you forgot, James Dannenbaum stole $21.4 million dollars from the poorest people in Texas and got away with it in exchange for a bogus forfeiture fee paid to Villalobos. 

Yes, my dear friends all of Judge Hanen's corruption had one purpose - to protect James Dannebaum at Robert Pitman's request.  And you watch - the same way Pitman was rewarded with a life time federal judgeship - Hanen will be nominated for the court of appeals if a Republican wins the White House.

What a difference the law makes when the criminal defendant is a no body and following the law will not hurt top Republicans in the state - yep the law is simple - a tainted jury means you dismiss the jury and start the case again, well unless it could mean taking down top Republicans being protected by Republican US Attorney Robert Pitman and Republican federal judge Andrew Hanen.


BobbyWC said...

Courthouse watching post.

Whenever someone from our courthouse looks at the BV is shows coming out of their main computer center out of Richardson - of course I have no way of knowing who exactly is looking at the post, but this shows up every time I post on Judge Hanen

123Location:Richardson, Texas, United StatesIP Address:Us Courts ( [Label IP Address]Referring URL: SearchEntry Page: Page:

Anonymous said...

I think that the Fed's have several lines connected that flags the sole mention of any federal judge.