Monday, September 8, 2014


For the fourth month now I have caught Sams Club committing fraud on my Sams Club Card.   Before my last shopping visit I visited with customer service and they assured me all credit privileges had been long cancelled on my membership card.  I showed them the bills I have been paying, and they are like not possible.  I learned a long time ago that when someone can see the bone sticking out of our arm and then says it is not possible you have a broken arm, you are dealing with someone who is programed to ignore reality.

This last time I had a supervisor stand with me as I paid for my groceries.  I got his name.  I have the receipt. I am a master at frequent flyer points.  Most years because I know how to use the programs I amass a good 50,000 points, which is two free domestic roundtrip tickets, or an international flight with miles left over.  I never charge on a store card, unless it is an interest free program for 6 months or more.  I just did that with Amazon because it also got me a $40 discount on $200.

The supervisor saw me reject the option of putting it on the Sams Club.  BTW we then went back to customer service where he verified I was told that was not an option on my card because I had cancelled all credit privileges on the card.

The manager saw me swipe my MC.  Well I got the bill today and there is $143 on my Sams Membership card even though I have no credit privileges on it.  I checked my MC and no charge is on it.

Here is the con, the Sams Club interest is more than twice than what I pay on my MC.  I will pay off Sams this week, and file a complaint with the proper federal agency.  They are clearly rejecting my MC and then putting it on their card for the interest.  I am so done with Sams.

People see if this has been happening to you.

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