Wednesday, September 24, 2014


"“Essentially, there could be 51 out of 85,000 forms that were turned in by law that could be invalid. That’s the story,” Abrams said. “Our reaction has been fairly aggressive because to suggest as he did in that letter that we were engaged in something that was nefarious was not only wrong on its face, it had the very real effect of trying to stymie registration through our organization.”

If these numbers are correct, of the voter registration cards filed by this Democratic affiliated  organization only .0006 of them may be fraudulent.  Do you begin to see how the claim of voter fraud is now being used to keep the wrong people from voting?

"But on September 9, the group received a broad subpoena from the office of the Georgia secretary of state, Republican Brian Kemp, as part of an investigation into the group stemming from evidence of fraudulent registration applications. Kemp’s office also sent a letter to county election officials in Georgia’s 159 counties warning that a  “preliminary investigation has revealed significant illegal activities.”

What does Republican Kemp consider significant? 

"At the State Elections Board meeting, Kemp’s office stated that there were 25 forms that are not valid and another 26 that are suspect. Kemp’s chief investigator, Chris Harvey, acknowledged that the New Georgia Project has been helpful in identifying the problematic forms."

You got it? - so far only 25 out of 85,000 + have been determine to be not valid.  According to Republican Kemp that means significant.  I think he has had too much Republican math and vocabulary in school.  This would mean .0003 % of the registration cards are bad.  I call that damn good work at an integrity level.  But according to Republican Kemp it is "significant illegal activity."


Georgia law requires that they turn in what they know to be fraudulent registration cards.  Do you get the impression Georgia Republicans wrote this law this way to insure they could later claim fraud?

"Abrams is quick to point out, however, that her group is required by law to turn in every application they collect, even if it contains errors. “If the form says Mickey Mouse registered in Anaheim, California, we have to turn that form in,” Abrams said in an interview with Newsweek last week.
That’s why she’s calling the investigation a witch hunt. ”There was no way to win. And that’s what this really resembles,” Abrams said. “We were being told if you follow the law, you were wrong. And if you didn’t follow the law, you’re wrong.”  
Voter fraud is important.  But what we now have is, the voter fraud is in the Republicans and other self anointed saints using intimidation tactics, like this and or saying people they think are mentally ill by appearance should not be allowed to vote [right Mary Helen Flores].
It is not about respecting the vote, it is about respecting the voter.  I have spent nearly 20 years fighting these bogus claims by Mary Helen Flores that she and her organization get to decide if someone should be allowed to vote, or whether or not they are competent to make their own decisions.  I have worked voter registration education projects to get people to register and vote.
I worked with the legislature for stiffer penalties against ballot harvesting.
At the end of the day, a few fraudulent votes is better than denying 85,000 people their right to vote.
The idea of voter fraud has reached the point of being misguided and in fact a means to deny people their right to vote without endless harassment.

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Anonymous said...

It seems that from what Abrams says, if Republicans were to have filled out any number of bogus forms, they would have created all the reason necessary to be able to deny thousands the right to vote.

That same Republican Party was able to shut down the recount of presidential votes in 2000 in order to deny possible Democratic votes for Gore. Doesn't mean Gore would have been a great president.

The gerrymandering of districts the last many years is another great piece of work of the right though Dems are not angels either.

Repubs have learned how to game the system so that if they cannot get enough people to vote for their party, then they will just not allow them to vote.

That's why they cannot allow more Hispanics into this country because they often tend to vote Democratic. That's why they falsely sound an alarm about voter fraud so many of those without their idea of proper ID, who just happen to most often be of a different race or ethnic background than the good ol' boys, have a harder time voting if they get to vote at all. It isn't the Repub voters who are hardest hit by the cutting of early voting days or hours or polling places, it's often the minority voters.

It almost seems that they have been launching pre-emptive strikes before the heavily Democratic voting minorities become the majority in the not too distant future and the right ends up out of luck and out of votes.