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Notice whose name is not in the ad - Otis Powers - the man key in the silencing of Cata and Luci

CORRECTION:  MINERVA PENA DID IN FACT VOTE FOR CENSURE IN APRIL - the quote is in fact "Voting in favor were Escobedo and trustees José Hector Chirinos, Herman Otis Powers Jr. and Minerva Peña. Presas-Garcia and Trustee Luci Longoria voted against."

This correction is from an earlier post:  See below

The above was the first hint, along with a claim someone is making that Carl Montoya is in a free fall panic because he knows the deal has been cut.

Weeks ago, the BV reported Otis Powers was set to settle the Healthsmart lawsuit for chump change in October.  Let's see if he executes on this promise to Healthsmart.  A stronger majority would mean a lot more money.  But Otis seems to think Cata will have the majority after the November election, so he cut a deal

But now I have another official documents.

Before you post that this is all spin, try doing Otis a favor and explain why his name is not in the ad given the fact he did vote for censure of Cata.  Also explain why Joe Rodriguez got thrown under the bus as to his name on the ballot, and Shirley Bowman was given a pass.

The Ballot scandal.

Everyone knows that nothing gets done without Otis Power's consent.  There are two interesting things related to this ballot.  Carl Montoya refused to respond to Mary Rey's challenge to Joe Rodriguez's and Shirley Bowman's place on the ballot.  The intent was clear - if they never disagreed with her they could go to court and say her lawsuit was without merit since they never put anything in writing.  The goal was to delay until the ballots were printed.  If you think this was done without Otis Power's consent, you are very mistaken.


Otis Powers could have played his game of delay until the ballots were printed while authorizing Joe A. "Coach" Rodriguez, and Shirley "La" Bowman. He did not - Otis Powers threw Joe Rodriguez under the bus by taking "coach" off, while allowing for the impermissible "La." BISD verified through the employees at Cummings that Shirley Bowman never was known as "La" as she would have you believe.

Shirley Bowman clearly misrepresented her nickname and BISD - more importantly Otis Powers, Carl Montoya, Baltazar Salazar, and Lucio Mendoza - knew it.  Isn't it funny has Cata Presas-Garcia attacks these same people ad nauseam, but now remains silent now that the corruption worked to her favor.  What does this tell you?  Otis Powers' name is not in the ad, and Joe Rodriquez has "Coach" removed while Shirley Bowman keeps "La."

From the Texas Supreme Court:

"no additional time will be available for candidates who file at the last minute so that review cannot be completed before the filing deadline.

Click In Re Robert Francis

BISD had every right to strike Shirley Bowman from the ballot and did not.  Not only did Otis Powers not support the removal of Shirley Bowman from the ballot, he authorized removing "Coach" as Joe Rodriguez's nickname.

It will not be until after the election that Joe Rodriguez will realize Otis Powers played him and threw him under the bus.  Further, did BISD inform Joe of there decision.  If they did not they cannot change the ballot.  If they did then that is further evidence they intended to keep Mary Rey in the dark.

Will any lawyer come to Mary Rey's defense and file the law suit for her.  No - this town is devoid of any real Democrats or any lawyers who actually believe in the law.  The lawyers are so use to winging it, it would never occur to them that the law matters.


What did Enrique Escobedo do when he saw the writing on the wall as to the numbers changing as to a majority.  To remain Board President he dumped Cata and joined Otis.  It is not just this election.  With nearly the entire majority up for reelection in 2 years Otis Powers sees the change coming.  There is a real possibility that Cata will take a majority this election.

Luci, no matter what anyone says has the blind female voter in a field of several men.  Otis knows that Cesar Lopez has a real uphill battle.  While whispering in Cesar's ear to hold his ad against Luci pointing out her lies, he is working with Cata.  Cesar will get what he deserves - lose - and maybe about a year from now he will realize how Otis Powers played him.


The courts can remove Shirley Bowman from the ballot up to the day before early voting.  The above ballot has been printed for the overseas and military voters.  According to press reports in Kansas, by the law the military ballots had to be mailed by Sunday last.

The early voting ballots have not been printed.


Joe Rodriguez is a legend in his own mind.  This is a man has succumbed to his own propaganda.  I cannot find one person who will vote for Joe Rodriguez.  In fact when I mention his name it is all negatives people have to speak of.  His unethical gamble that he can win by spitting the blind female vote, is mistaken.  He really has no idea how much he is disliked in the community.

If Joe and Mary were to file suit together neither can accuse the other of costing BISD money to defend the lawsuit.  Further they will win on the issue of removal of Shirley Bowman.  They will be the voices who defended the rights of the people.  This would elevate Joe Rodriguez's name in the community.

Unfortunately Otis Powers directly or indirectly got into Mary Rey's and Joe Rodriguez's ears and convinced them that if they sued the people would retaliate and vote against them.  But if Shirley Bowman were removed from the ballot, who would the people be able to vote for other than Joe or Mary?


Luci Longoria only received 9,062 votes and not 20,000.  The best spin she can put on her lie is she added up her's and Cata's votes.  The problem with that is, her ad implies 20,000 voters were being ignored.  The idea that the voters who voted for Luci are different from those who voted for Cata is just absurd. 

You will note based on the graphic that Cata received 12.584 votes which was less than losers Arg Miller at 13,404 votes, and Linda Gill Martinez at 14,718 votes.  Cata should have run Linda again instead of Shirley. who received only 9,234 votes.


Anonymous said...

Otis is a whore!! He goes and sits where he's told.

Anonymous said...

Why is the FB I not doing anything????

BobbyWC said...

If it tskes the FBI three years to indict a prison guard rapist - you need to give this 5-6 years.

About a year ago I was told that they were waiting on the Healthsmart mess to see if Luci and Cata got a new majority in November and then voted to dismiss it. That would have been the final piece of evidence. Before they could argue that it was costing BISD to pursue to lawsuit - now they cannot argue that

But they are watching. I am certain they are intercepting phone calls and text messages

Bobby W C

Anonymous said...

You ain't got shit, stop it already.

BobbyWC said...

So you have not even seen the story and you are prepared to declare the documents meaningless. Do you think by you moronic comment you helped Otty?

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Otty is a fed informant.

BobbyWC said...

While he denies it he was in the case of Escobedo.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

And Otis had the audacity to speak at his funeral, when he was working to put him in jail...disgusting human being.

Anonymous said...

BISD purge the at large seats!

Anonymous said...

You always make something remarkable out of something very menial. I will explain using you're own favorite word, the word you have used to describe Luci countless times, Otis was left out of the ad because Luci is STUPID!

Anonymous said...

How a person's name appears on a ballot is only questioned by legal research geeks. Now, while La and Coach are legal or not, I do not believe that such would have any impact on voters and change the outcome of the election nor the spirit of the law; to get people to vote. Belaboring the issue is nothing more than a distraction.

BobbyWC said...

And throwing Joe Rod under the bus while protecting Shirley. And Carl Montoya's panic.

BObby WC

Anonymous said...

to 11:48 - Conjecture! You see alterior motives to make a story. You have no verifiable proof.

Anonymous said...

The Ad that Luci put in paper is filled with lies. Why? Because Cesar Lopez was not a board member in July 2013 he became a board member in August 2013. Minerva Pena and Christina Saavedra were absent during the July 2013 meeting when the censoring was being addressed.

This can be confirm with the Brownsville Herald Article on July 24, 2013.

Anonymous said...

If this whole mess is true and the data you posted seems real and if the people of BISD do not vote logically then I feel sorry for the kids. It will be them that get hurt.

Anonymous said...

Why would Carl Montoya panic. Don't you know that BISD with its warring board is a godsend to a superintendent. Worst case scenario is he gets bought off. Better case scenario is he is fired and sues for big bucks and wins. Best cas scenario is he gets fired, sues for big bucks, wins and also gets a job as a consultant with the district and is able to keep tbe board pissed off for the next superintendent.
In a perfect BISD the last scenario with the deposed and rich superintendent being elected to the school board would be a fitting end to education as we have learned to expect in Brownsville!

Anonymous said...

Horrible, horrible, horrible! !
This is the worse state our beloved school district has ever been in. And these two females who are now suing, and the current board presidentify are pathetic.

Anonymous said...

You must be young the district has been in much worse shape. This is just another chapter in As the World Turns.

Anonymous said...

I cannot image what will happen if "Lucy Goosey" , "La", and pelon (forgot his name) win the election. They will all vote with Cata to settle on the lawsuit brought by Cata and Lucy against the board and the rest of the school district. Why in the world are we paying taxes for? For the education of the children or for those who desire for the education of the children to suffer for lack of funds? That's not right.

BobbyWC said...

Sorry for the late approval of so many posts. They must have come through as spam so I deleted them. In the morning I check the google system for awaiting approval and they were there.

Bobby WC