Wednesday, September 3, 2014


Through Mary Rey I was able to obtain the Application for A Place on the Ballot for Joe Rod and Shirley "la que" Bowman. This is the con Carl Montoya is playing under the agreement as reached by both sides, "BISD will not consider a complaint until it is in writing from a candidate, and by the way, we will not give you the application for a place on the ballot for 10 days so you can file the complaint."

If it were not for the Healthsmart issue I would be backing Cata's group because they will fire Carl Montoya, Baltazar Salazar, Miguel Salinas and CFO Mendoza.  To a person they are nothing but yes men for the corrupt machinations of Otis Powers and company.  Do not get me wrong, to a person Cata will replace them with her yes men.  But that may be what it takes for the TEA to take control.


Joe Rod more so than anyone else has the power to protect BISD and its claims concerning Healthsmart. All he has to do is tell Otis Powers to strike both his and Shirley Bowman's Applications and allow Mary Rey to be the default winner, and the Healhsmart settlement is guaranteed. This is money for the teachers, staff and students. But this reality does not matter to Joe Rod - to get raw meaningless power he will gamble on BISD losing potentially $14 million dollars.  For me, this is strong evidence of an egomaniacal personality.  The same goes for Shirley "La Que" Bowman.  They are both about raw power even it if it means BISD losing $14 million dollars.

Protecting the Healthsmart settlement is so easy - Joe Rod just has to tell Otis Powers to follow the law and strike both his and Shirley "La Que" Bowman's place on the ballot.  He will not.  Why?  He is about power and not the children.


The first thing I noticed when I saw this form was, once again the inept lawyers at the SOS do not even know what is on their own generated form.  If you remember yesterday I pointed out that after I proved to the lawyer at the SOS that there is no law which requires a nickname be in quotes, she simply said well that is the law anyway. 

Election fraud in this state is a major problem because our SOS are political appointees without any training to qualify them for the job.  The lawyers go to work and fumble around pretending they know the law, when in fact they do not.  This causes for major fraud in this state.

I defy anyone to tell me where on this form, as alleged by the lawyer Caroline at the office of the SOS, a line which provides for a nickname is located  Now the affidavit is incorporated into the form, but there is no line for a nickname.

Logically, the line for how you want your name on the ballot presumes you are including a nickname if it varies from your legal name. The problem is because there is no line which says nickname, then the oath is meaningless because you cannot be charged with felony perjury based on a logical assumption.

According to eye witnesses during the filing, when Shirley Bowman was challenged on this issue she told BISD officials her students gave her the nickname of "la Bowman."  That is fine, except that a nickname cannot be two words.  Second, her nickname cannot be "la" once she told BISD officials her students gave her the nickname "la Bowman"  If BISD follows the non-existent law as provided to them by the SOS, then they can remove any nickname for Shirley from the ballot.  Any argument she will sue is bogus.  She will not go to court in front of a judge and commit felony perjury by claiming her students gave her the nickname of "la"


The issue of whether or not Joe Rodriguez can use the nickname coach is not really an issue.  No one doubts that over the years people called him coach.  For the record no one is challenging that students called Shirley "la Bowman."  But no one believes they simply called her "LA"

But here is the law, you cannot put your nickname first.  That is real clear.  The SOS claims, albeit they can reference no law to support their position, that the nickname must be in quotes.

Joe Rod cannot dispute he asked that his name be placed on the ballot in an illegal format.  It is not disputed.

Now, when you speak with the quacks at the SOS office they will tell you that a person's application can only be refused based on eligibility.  When you  raise § 141.032 they simply stumble over their words.  "f' clearly says it does not apply to eligibility.


(a) On the filing of an application for a place on the
ballot, the authority with whom the application is filed shall
review the application to determine whether it complies with the
requirements as to form, content, and procedure that it must
satisfy for the candidate's name to be placed on the ballot.
(b)  Except as provided by Subsection (c), the review shall
be completed not later than the fifth day after the date the
application is received by the authority.
(c)  If an application is accompanied by a petition, the
petition is considered part of the application, and the review
shall be completed as soon as practicable after the date the
application is received by the authority.  However, the petition is
not considered part of the application for purposes of determining
compliance with the requirements applicable to each document, and a
deficiency in the requirements for one document may not be remedied
by the contents of the other document.
(d)  A determination under this section that an application
complies with the applicable requirements does not preclude a
subsequent determination that the application does not comply,
subject to Section 141.034.
(e)  If an application does not comply with the applicable
requirements, the authority shall reject the application and
immediately deliver to the candidate written notice of the reason
for the rejection.
(f)  This section does not apply to a determination of a
candidate's eligibility.

The command of the law is clear - both Shirley's and Joe Rod's applications must be rejected as not in compliance with the statute.  But Otis Powers and Cata Presas-Garcia have cut a deal, and Montoya, Salazar and Salinas will do as they are told.

(e)  If an application does not comply with the applicable
requirements, the authority shall reject the application and
immediately deliver to the candidate written notice of the reason for the rejection.

This is how you know Otis Powers and Joe Rod do not care about the children and only care about power.  They are willing to gamble $14 million needed by the students, teachers and staff for their own power.
If you think Cata cannot take control of this Board and dismiss the Healthsmart lawsuit you are dead wrong.  Cesar Lopez cannot win - he has as much personality as a stick.  Otis Powers and Cesar Lopez are in the dark as to what they are about to be hit with by Healthsmart and Ted Parker.
Mary Rey is going to be mad at me for disclosing this but people need to know.


Anonymous said...

Where's Luci's deposition, we need to hear both sides. Also, this deposit are are talking about is illegal.

BobbyWC said...

Nice pathetic attempt at misleading my readers. Luci never refused to charges - she never say to have her deposition taken to deny anyhinght.

What deposit are you talking about?

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

OMG!! I didn't know any of this....
My vote is for this gutsy woman MARY REY GBU!!!!

Anonymous said...

We need this woman Rey I n the Board NOW! !!

Anonymous said...

So Cata Presas-Garcia knew this Quintana guy too?? OMG!! Now ALL IS Clear.!!

Anonymous said...

Let's get all of these Rats off the Board!!