Sunday, September 14, 2014


Hey Oscar if you want to play "Mr. Clean" it is time you shave your head.

Oscar X. Garcia was appointed by a now indicted governor.  What has he said about this FACT - nothing.  Magallanes was cleared by the feds.  What does Oscar have to say about this FACT.  Guilty by association, implication and inference.

Oscar X. Garcia has hired a convicted drunk who has been accused by sworn  testimony of laundering campaign money and taking out false ads to conceal the campaign money being donated to candidates, and to this Oscar X. Garcia says - "Tea Baggers are too stupid to see the hypocrisy." 

Oscar X. Garcia pays a known drunk for deceptions and lies against Magallanes without any regard for the fact his money is contributing to this person's drinking problems - will he care if a drunk kills someone he loves?  I doubt it - Oscar loves power at any price - including the murder by vehicle of innocent people.

Oscar X. Garcia pays to bully because he has nothing to stand on.  He is so desperate he paid a convicted drunk to trash the Court of Appeals while claiming ignorance of one of the most basic concepts in law "the Statute of Frauds."

There is a reason Oscar X. Garcia does not shave his head - he knows he is many things - but Mr. Clean is not one of them.

From today's Herald

Editors Note:  Because I know the people who can never respond on the merits will raise this issue I will address it first.  Yes, I bought the Herald this morning.  My roommate needs a new lawnmower for his side business.  We bought it for the ads.

I will note though as I went out the Herald delivery was happening on my block - just one house - how sad


Anonymous said...

You are an idiot. You, by defending Magallanes are guilty by association of his dealings with Abel Limas, Moron! The same Limas That was the cause of Marchan and his daughter to commit suicide. The same Limas that had his court for sale to the highest bidder. Think about that the next time you say guilty by association.

BobbyWC said...

You completely missed the point of the post - so who is the moron - now try reading it again -

I am mocking Garcia for his use of guilty by association - get it - because it is an absurd standard.

And not that reality matters - I have prove the court of appeals found nothing wrong with Limas' ruling because it was based on a long held principle of "Statute of Frauds." I have also made clear that lawyers do business with judges everyone in the state - Democrats and Republicans alike.

It is wrong and a law should prohibit it - but it does not - hence why the feds cleared Magallanes - Limas followed the law and doing business with a judge is legal.

So where is the corruption?

Yep - you want to argue guilty by association - so lets play and list the names of every lawyer who gave Limas money.

Montoya trashes me for pointing out in total Begum gave Saenz $6,000 after the election was effectively won. HE has no criminal practice - then Saenz claims it is a crime to call some one fake - at Begums request.

Now that is a lot more than guilty by association because in that case the judge dismissed the criminal charges for what they were - bought and paid for.

Bobby WC