Thursday, September 4, 2014


The entire thing is almost too surreal to believe, but then given the fact neither of these turkeys consider honor or integrity important why would they be able to see how obvious their game playing is to the community?

The campaign strategy is deception and lies at every turn.  Luci is telling people that she is having problems with Montoya and that he is not trustworthy or competent enough to get her stories out correctly.  Montoya is telling people that Lucino Rosenbaum called him and told him based on familial ties the Rosenbaum family would be backing Cesar Lopez and so to should Montoya, and that he Montoya agreed to back Cesar Lopez against Luci Longoria.  They both know this person will bring this information to me in hopes I will fall for the deception and print it - idiots both of them.

Compounding all of this Baltazar Salazar is claiming he donated $2,500 to Carlos Elizondo's campaign.  Even if it is true, I doubt it would show up on the campaign finance reports - so we have no way of knowing what is and is not true.

Luci wants to meet with me to tell her side of the story related to BISD, Healsthsmart, and Mary Rey - Mary Rey is subject to perjury for her deposition.  Luci thinks I am going to just ignore all of the documentation and Quintanilla's own deposition testimony about her being on his team just because she says it is not true.  She is really that stupid.

This week started out with Montoya trashing Cesar Lopez over the hiring of Baltazar Salazar.  I have never defended Baltazar Salazar and have agreed he was a political hire.  I am in fact on record  supporting his discharge.

But here is the deal, the claim by Montoya and Luci  Longoria that Thompson Horton billed less than Salazar is 100% bogus.  He tells you the billing for Thompson Horton is for three years.  LIE

It covers three fiscal years, but in year one Thompson Horton was hired well into the fiscal year, and in year three they were let go months before the fiscal year was completed.

This means the numbers for Thompson Horton are not for three years - so he is misleading the people.

I think Luci is lying when she tries to convince people Montoya is not doing his job.  He certainly did a good job lying about the time frame Thompson Horton billed BISD so as to make Baltazar Salazar look bad.

No one is buying into the lies and deception - and Luci you might want to ask Carlos if he took the $2,500 from Baltazar Salazar - playing both sides is anything but honorable.


I refused to have breakfast with her - she must really think the world is filled with idiots.


Luci has Montoya post the projected attorneys years for this fiscal year so that the idiots can complain about open work orders.

This has been explained to the hopelessly dense Luci Longoria over and over and over again, but her pea size brain cannot understand it.

BISD has a legal duty to set a budget.  It is not  done by randomly picking numbers out of the air.  Luci and Cata are suing BISD.  There is no insurance coverage as I understand it so the taxpayers on the hook for the attorneys fees.

NOW I WILL GO SLOW FOR YOU LUCI - BISD Administration has a legal duty to estimate next years legal fees needed to defend against yours and Cata's lawsuit.  It is called setting a budget - you hopelessly dense twit.  Just because something has been set does not mean it is written in stone or it will actually be paid out.  In fact if you and Cata would drop your lawsuit, BISD would save about $400,000 in attorneys fees this fiscal year - estimated - get it Luci - estimated - because that is how you set budgets - budgets which you must set based on law.


On what plant do people consider the opinion, concerning a half billion dollar budget, of someone who has filed for personal bankruptcy?

Given the fact Luci has proven she does even understand how budgets are prepared or executed, why would any body but the most ignorant consider anything she says when it comes to budgets?


Anonymous said...

Incredible! !
And she wants to be re-elected?

Anonymous said...

Let's vote for Mary Rey!!

Anonymous said...

Estupidez al máximo!!

Anonymous said...

Montoya does not know what family love is, poor thing!! He never had one....pobrecito!

Anonymous said...

Balthazar already made $300+ in a year and 4 months for attending one meeting a month. He is getting paid $20,000+ . How do you do you like that? Thanks to Minerva, Otis, Chirinos and Cesar Lopez. Not to add his criminal background, so who are the corrupt ones Bobby. Don't be so stupid!

BobbyWC said...

If you think you are going to post your distractions here you are wrong - but I will say this since you have no use for reality or facts and only distraction - will tell my readers you will always back the corrupt person

Luci filed bankruptcy and her credits were not paid.

I filed bankruptcy to stop a bogus creditor - shortly after I filed the creditor backed down, and I ON MY OWN MOTION dismissed the bankruptcy and all of my creditors were paid 100% of what was owed.

Yes, Donald Trump just put a lot of people out on the street this year after closing his casino -

Donald Trumps is a con artist - he uses other people's money to make money and when it does not work they lose and he is not touched because his business was incorporated.

This is the example you want to make to prove Luci is competent at budgets?

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

You people are simply too stupid to understand every time you post a distraction instead of addressing my claim all you are doing is proving you have something to hide.

Montoya intentionally mislead his readers as to the numbers, and the taxpayers paid for the data as requested by Cata so that a for profit blog could have immediate access to the data.

You cannot refute any of this so you go with a complaint he is getting paid too much.

From day one I said he was a political hire to do Otis Powers dirty work - same for Miguel Salinas.

I demanded the board put on the agenda his discharge when the truth came out about him lying about his criminal history and his attempt to commit fraud on the court.

But you live in a world of delusion - you support lies so long as they fit your delusions.

I have never defended Baltazar Salazar as counsel or his wages.

All I did was point out was that Montoya manipulated the numbers and dates to make things appear in a way which they were not true,

Why do you have a problem with that?

The truth does not serve your agenda of lies

Bobby WC