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A friend asked that I point out three things.  Over four years including the cost of the new office, the taxpayers are looking at near $800,000 to fund the welfare queen Mary Esther Garcia.

Two, given there was no possibility that Carlos Cascos would do the right thing and stop this misappropriation of nearly $800,000 over 4 years, to what end did Sofie Benavides and Mary Esther Garcia pay Montoya for the attack?  Answer - raw psychotic anger - or maybe it was Louis Sorola defending his welfare queen.

Third, given the fact Montoya does nothing more the repeat the same distractions and lies he has posted over and over again, which have accomplished him nothing, why do it again.  In effect he is admitting his nonsense has had no effect, so he is going for a fourth strike having failed to learn the lesson of the third strike.


Mary Esther Garcia's mommy dearest Sofie Benavides does not get it, I am not an elected official.  You basically have to have syphilis on the brain to attack a disabled vet to justify your daughter living off of the public tit.  I do live in mommy dearest's precinct.  The next year and a half before the primaries should be interesting.

In a billion years I never would have guessed an elected official would pay a drunk to call a disabled vet a welfare queen.  The set up was too easy.  You see on Sunday I was told Montoya was told to lay off or else he would lose current ads.  Where would be the fun in that?  The readers want his nonsense and lies which turns the voters away from the people who advertise with him. I pushed as hard as I could - with facts by the way and not lies - and got the response I expected from an unsupervisable drunk..

I will say on everything important to me, including Bela, Montoya simply lies when he says I have a 100% rating with the VA.  It is simply a lie.  What is bizarre is, he says he was not able to learn the information, but knows anyway.

Montoya's problem is he goes to losers like Louis Sorola, Alex Dominguez, Alex Begum and Luis Saenz for the law which is why he is always wrong.

The below graphic shows how much of your money is going to fund Mary Esther Garcia's welfare off the public tit for a job which is not needed.  Only in Cameron county could the number of cases to be heard by the courts go down and a county commissioners daughter gets a job as a new judge.  We deserve what we get.  Carlos Cascos being the fake fiscal conservative goes along so he can get the votes he wants on other issues.

These numbers do not include the cost of her new office

Oscar X. Garcia paid Montoya to attack me and defend his decision to not defend veterans against Montoya's attempt to invade the right of privacy of veterans. 
Juan Magallanes when told about the problem ran to defend veterans - he did not have to think twice.  Not Oscar X. Garcia he ran to Montoya to insure a full-fledged attack on me and all disabled veterans.
The ruling Montoya sought from the AG had no impact on me - he still went with a bunch of lies and attacks anyway.
Oscar X. Garcia is so devoid of honor he did not care if his actions in funding Montoya did injury to every veteran in the State of Texas.  We can expect the pig to cut another check for another attack.  Even the indicted Rick Perry should hang his head in shame for appointing this pig to the bench.
Through actions as voters you must look at the candidates.  What does Oscar X. "the Pig" Garcia tell you about himself when he is willing to go to such extremes?  There are no limits to how far he will go for power.  Is this who you believe is your best choice for judge?  If it is, you deserve to be conned.  And shame on every Republican who votes for him.  Not a one of you deserve the respect of veterans.
Now that we are done with the single worse season of "Big Brother" and "Survivor" Nicaragua has started, better weather is ahead.
I will be at the VA most of the day in cardiology and being fitted for a harness.  I will meet with some veterans to guide them in the process.  Oscar X. Garcia and Carlos Cascos will be a big topic.
The VA has an online system known as MyhealtheVet.  It allows veterans to manage their healthcare online to include prescriptions, electronic appointments with their doctor, and access to their medical records to name a few things.  For example my doctor and I online without a formal appointment just handled my needs based on the last endo work-up.
I have set up several WWII and Korean War veterans and their children with the system.  The children are grateful.  They now manage their parents healthcare on line.  For example if a problem develops they send a secure message to their parent's doctor and it can then be taken care of without a formal appointment.  They renew medications.  They download medical records.  For the children this is important.  It gives them a sense of control over their parent's medical care.
I went to Carlos Cascos and asked if the county would help organize a workshop for the older veterans and their children so that we could now on a large basis do what I have done for about 20 or so families.  After he said sure, I never heard from him again.
Your support for veterans is not in your words but your actions.  Carlos Cascos pays a drunk to trash disabled veterans - his words have been heard.
I know several Vietnam veterans who have a drinking problem who are on 100% VA disability.  So why does Montoya not use the VA for teeth, counselling for alcoholism, and healthcare?  Why is he not on a 100% disability like his fellow Vietnam veterans with drinking problems.  It is time we find out.  For the record, I have helped Vietnam veterans convert less than honorable discharges to honorable so they can get help for their drinking problem.  It is unacceptable what Vietnam did to so many veterans only to have the military pour salt on to those injuries.  I have stood with each and everyone of these veterans who have come to me for help.
Okay laps and then "Perry Mason"


Anonymous said...

The JP 2-3 is completely unnecessary. Not only is it going to cost the taxpayers money on the wasted salaries. They are having to uproot the existing JP offices and relocate them in order to accommodate Queen Mary Ester. The plan is to relocate them to the elections office which is going to involve extensive remodeling. Another taxpayer expense. The original intent of the office was to be at the bridge or at the jail. If that idea fell through, or they can't accommodate, then do away with the position it is not needed. Won't happen...Sofia Benavides is the biggest crook on and con on the county commission and has the support of Arnold Flores and David Garcia. They will do whatever they have to do to run cover for Sofia and Mary Ester.

Anonymous said...

Did we ever find out if the State is Going to Indict Erin Hernandez on the ILLEGAL 72 hour Waivers?? I was wondering. I haven't heard Judge Salazar doing that? Hopefully Jonathan Gracia & Mary Esther Garcia will not so something that dumb.

BobbyWC said...

You seem to know about as much law as Saenz - meaning none - because you are driven by your ignorance.

Even the AG agreed he was speculating as to what a court might do if present with the question.

This ended the inquiry because under In Re Barr the Texas Court found that a judge must be willful in signing orders concerning matters over which they do not have jurisdiction.

Given the fact county clerk records show that Judge Garcia's predecessor JP Torres is the one who created the order and was issuing the orders and all she was doing was following what other JPS were doing and Torres did, you will never get to willful under In Re Barr.

This is separate from the fact a survey throughout the state shows that it is happening throughout the state.

Saenz failing to understand that state has no law as to what a judge can or cannot judge, any finding a judge willfully violated a non-existed rule will be reversed.

Further a survey which the SA Express confirmed of Bexar, Travis, Harris, Lubbock, Tarrant and Dallas counties shows it is illegal for Cameron county to charge a waiver fee. In each of these counties the judges charge an extra fee for an expedited waiver. This is why AG Abbott avoided the fee issue.

Given the fact JP's all over the state charge extra for an expedited wedding because there is no rule governing fees, it cannot be a crime.

No court will ever agree it is a crime for a judge to sign void order.

At this point - even Saenz has to understand this. But if her were to pursue it I am 100% confident in a pretrial Habeas the court would dismiss it, because they know the opinion which will come from the Court of Criminal Appeals will be an opinion of the court accusing the trial court of proceeding in a case wherein they have no jurisdiction, thereby making any order signed by them other than a Habeas Writ void.

Even the judges of limited intellect in Cameron county will understand this.

The question is will Saenz?

Bobby WC


Anonymous said...

Thanks for Elaborating... So, Erin Garcia did Not Commit a Crime?

Anonymous said...

It Doesn't Matter.... I voted for Begum. We will see how Jonathan Gracia runs his court.... January is right around the Corner.

BobbyWC said...

Based on the waiver issue there was no crime - but that will not stop Saenz. But when the pretrial Habeas issues he will see an end to his career.

The county could also see itself being hit with a major lawsuit. Saenz will also see his stunt being added to the many things the FBI is already investigating him on.

Bobby WC