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I will begin with the TEC has formally opened an investigation into Luci Longoria's violation of Texas Election Code 255.006, which is a Class A Misdemeanor.  Using Luci Longoria's and Montoya's moronic standard of review Luci's mother should never be allowed to hold public office because she raised a criminal.  No Luci you are what you are because you are a bad person by your choice.  Your ex husband accused you in court pleadings of sleeping around because you are a bad person.  You lost custody of your son because you are a bad person.  You associated with a convicted felon because you are a bad person.  You hire a drunk promote you because you are a bad person.  You filed bankruptcy and cheated your creditors, such as you cheated on your family because you are a bad person.


Luci does not fear being charged with criminal conduct because she knows DA Luis Saenz would rather see BISD collapse under the corruption than actually do his job and prosecute Luci Longoria - well unless someone were to donate $6,000 to his campaign and then he would prosecute Luci Longoria for something as stupid as calling someone a fake - we do remember that is how Josefina Canales was prosecuted for calling Yolanda Begum a fake - and we all know the $6,000 her son Alex Begum gave to Luis Saenz did not influence Luis Saenz's decision to prosecute Josefina Canales for the obscene word "fake."  The fake is Luis Saenz.

Remember Luci Longoria was informed of the first complaint last Friday.  She was informed of the TEC opinion which is on point as to her criminal conduct.  She responded by paying a drunk to attack me.  Why?  Who is playing the bully now?  She continues to use the word "reelect" which she knows is a crime.  She took out the Tuesday ad knowing it was a crime. 



(a) A person commits an offense if, with intent to injure a candidate or influence the result of an election, the person misrepresents the person's identity or, if acting or purporting to act as an agent,
misrepresents the identity of the agent's principal, in political advertising or a campaign communication.

 (b)  An offense under this section is a Class A misdemeanor.   

Luci's claim concerning her opponent Cesar Lopez is false.  The Herald once again has proven it will print false and defaming statements in political ads.  The Herald seems driven to file yet another bankruptcy.  People, the Herald will not stop with its part to destroy BISD.  Cesar Lopez would have no problem seeking an immediate TRO against the Herald and Luci concerning the false claims.  The Herald has no First Amendment right to print false and defaming ads.  But they will because Cesar Lopez will not sue.  This is a simple lawsuit which any judge would rightfully sign off on a TRO the day it is filed.  The lawsuit would not be for damages, but for declaratory relief only.  Luci will be shut down in every news media from taking out ads. But Cesar will not do it.  Every news station would cover it and Luci's political career would come to an unceremonious end.

Luci says that Cesar Lopez tried to silence her in July 2013.  Only one problem with her claim against her opponent,  Cesar Lopez was not even on the BISD Board at the time.

Cesar Lopez replaced Cristina Saavedra on August 6, 2013.  See Herald "After the resignation acceptance vote, board President Enrique Escobedo Jr. segued immediately into a motion to appoint Cesar Lopez to the vacant seat."

The second lie is that Minerva Peña was part of the July vote.  She was not even at the meeting.  The Third in April Minerva voted against censure as to Cata Presas-Garcia.

From the Herald "Longoria and Presas-Garcia voted against. Board members Minerva Peña and Christina Saavedra were absent."

From the Herald "Herman Otis Powers Jr. and Minerva Peña. Presas-Garcia and Trustee Luci Longoria voted against."  CORRECTION:  MINERVA PENA DID IN FACT VOTE FOR CENSURE IN APRIL - the quote is in fact "Voting in favor were Escobedo and trustees José Hector Chirinos, Herman Otis Powers Jr. and Minerva Peña. Presas-Garcia and Trustee Luci Longoria voted against."
Given the above reality, the fact no lawyer at Bracewell & Giuliani LLP of Houston, or Colvin, Chaney, Saenz & Rodriguez LLP, have filed a motion to have Minerva Peña or Cesar Lopez dismissed from the lawsuit means once again we are being fu..ked over.  The BISD Board needs to put on the October agenda the immediate discharge of both of these law firms, along with consideration to sue them for every penny they have fraudulently billed BISD.

The Board needs to  also vote in October to refer Frank Perez to the State Bar for making false claims as to Minerva Pena and Cesar Lopez.  People, Cesar Lopez was not even on the Board and our tax dollar are going to defend him for actions he never took.


Based on his and his wife's actions related to Tony Martinez, every lawyer I know has lost all respect for Andrew Hanen.   He serves without the support of the Bar.

This white supremacist driven to save the Latino community from itself with his superior Anglo ideals allowed the Antonio Juarez lawsuit to continue even after the federal court of appeals found he used impermissible hearsay evidence to deny BISD's Motion for Summary Judgment.  Unfortunately, as the court of appeals noted, in an interim appeal they could not reverse him. 

Andrew Hanen's corrupt conduct has now cost the children of BISD over a million dollars.

He has had more than enough time to dismiss Cata's and Luci's lawsuit, and has not.  The writing is on the wall.  Until BISD is bankrupt and the children left with nothing Andrew Hanen will not stop.
 My big disappointment will come if Minerva and Cesar fail to sue the Herald for Declaratory relief only.

The lawyers need to be fired forthwith for fraudulently billing BISD and failing to point out to the court Cesar Lopez cannot be liable because he was not even on the board at the time.  Minerva Pena cannot be liable because she voted against censure as to Cata, and was not even there for the second vote which concerned Cata and Luci.


Anonymous said...

Luci is such a moronic person, she learned from Cata la rata!!

Anonymous said...

"Your ex husband accused you in court pleadings of sleeping around because you are a bad person."

Bobby, this is disturbing news that you have printed about one of our members of the board of trustees. How can a member of the board of trustee render decisions on similar matters related to the discipline of school employees.

BobbyWC said...

The school board has no authority in such matters - so they would never have to make such a decision

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

Really you are going to threaten me - sounds like Luci -

You can publish all of the garbage about Cesar Lopez you want - I do not care - no sacred cows

I have been anything but nice to Cesar - so have at it - if you can prove it then post it the people have a right to know

Your problem is you think I am you - I am not getting paid - I will report the truth and you should too -

But here is the deal to the best of my knowledge neither I nor Cesar have paid for ads with false claims.

Luci opened the door to her character when she sued Cesar for actions he took as a board member when he was not even a board member.

Luci opened the door to her character when she pays a drunk to lie for her.

Are her current actions out of character when compared to her past? This is why her past has now become important.

It is clear - she is dishonest whether in the past or today.

Hey so have at it - post to the internet every piece of garbage you have on Cesar - it bothers me not one bit.

Why should the people be denied the truth about Cesar which you claim to have?

Why would you want to deny the people that truth in exchange for me stopping telling the truth about Luci?

I say no - print the truth about both - no sacred cows - bottom line.

Luci was warned to keep it clean - but when you have a drunk helping you with your campaign you are doomed to being dishonest

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

Luci - you are just stupid - you keep on listening to Montoya and I will unleash my entire portfolio on you - got it.

You might not think it matters but I paid $80 for supplies for Bela because you "madam" gave away over a million dollars to your fiends in political deals instead of using the money for the children.

I can assure you - you keep your association with Montoya and it will cost you even more - he will sink you more than he already has.

Try being nice - you might see a different response.

Finally I handed you on a silver platter Martin Arambula and you responded with a anonymous post trashing me - you are the only one who knew what was in my email.

You are beyond ignorant and self destructive.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

"The school board has no authority in such matters . ."

Bobby, if two school employees are acting in such matters, the school administration could recommend for the termination of their contracts. In such situation, the board of trustee must act on the termination of employees contract. Also, if the employees involved in such matters files for due process through the grievance process and it gets to level three; the board of trustees will get involved in the decision making process. Yes, the office of Human Resources usually take care of such situations; however, the situation could go beyond the office of personnel.

BobbyWC said...

I do not publish anony claims of criminal conduct.

But not that facts matter to you I am the only blogger who called for the Board putting Baltazar Salazar's discharge on the agenda.

You can make all of the unsubstantiated claims you want against Cesar but you need proof.

As to Luci I posted my proof and the law. You posted nothing more than a coward accusation with no specifics

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

After reading your article I refused to accept that one of the elected members of the board of trustees had been accused of an extramarital affair years ago during the board member’s first marriage. Until, a good friend of mine who worked many years ago at the main office told me that she had heard of the accusations of the affair involving a department administrator. To think that she receive my vote the first time that she ran for office makes me angry. This woman has done so much harm to her family and the community that she does not deserve my vote or the vote of the community.

BobbyWC said...

If that is your reason for not voting for her then you are as misguided as those who are voting for her. The alleged affair as made by her ex husband by itself at this point in time means nothing. People make mistakes. It is her continued bad behavior which makes her past behavior relevant because it shows she has not learned. Some people do learn and should be forgiven. Some people never change - and that is the point

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Totally agree with Sept 20, 14 @8:25 pm.
This woman needs to step down. She carry the affair with a top administratotor, who not only did he take her to NYC, but he also took his wife during that particular trip. On top of that this woman later voted to set the lawsuit said administrator had, resulting in the depletion of the rainy day funds. Do NOT vote for Luci.

BobbyWC said...

I agreed to this post because I want to dispel a myth. There has never been any evidence Luci and Hector Gonzales ever did anything inappropriate.

It was real simple. She was loyal to her - to include a big raise on the even of her retirement. She then voted settle his lawsuit.

But there has never, ever been any evidence she had an inappropriate relationship with Hector Gonzales.

It is time to bust that myth

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

I guess I am not everyone because I do not know it.

But I hear everyone believes you do it with goats - must be true because I am typing it without proof other than everyone knows it.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Being honest in life is a major character of a good person. You have stated over and over that she is a bad person who has not been honest with her family or the community. Therefore, how can she honestly expect the community to support her and re-elect her; has she no shame.

BobbyWC said...

In the last 10 years there have been great advances in neurology and brain function. We now know the part of the brain which gives someone shame may not function. The brain is not a random function. Everything is programmed. If shame, honor, integrity is not a functioning part of your brain you would have no idea what you are doing is wrong.

But you should be able to see and understand people are having problems with your conduct. But that by itself should not be enough to change. You need to be willing to consider whether another persons judgment is based on a greater sense of morality or a personal choice.

Bobby WC