Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Brownsville beats the world for novelties, but the inventive faculties of her people are exercised on a specialty: controversy is our forte. Conspiracies, vast and vacuous, have sinuously infiltrated the city’s history.

Its inhabitants are well versed in the idiosyncrasies of this border town’s racial past and veritable experts on everything from corporate duplicity to political deception to media doublespeak.
Perception is reality when it comes to the public’s trust. Our county and city commissioners are little more than abstractions, names and faces on billboards and storefront posters at election time.
It seems a pity that intersections are blocked with big, ugly signs advertising big, ugly candidates.
In Brownsville, politics is just showbiz for the cosmetically challenged. Its a strife of special interests masquerading as a contest of principles. The conduct of public affairs for private advantage.
Money remains the mother’s milk of local politics, no matter how hard you try to keep venal rascals like County Judge Carlos Cascos and his chief of staff Chris Valadez off the teat.

With the tumult and political intrigue that characterize life along a riverfront where there’s always a fiesta, people are still asking themselves the same questions following weeks in which every decision these Republican roisterers made left even the most sophisticated devotees of local politics scratching their heads in befuddled amazement.

In recent days the only positive thing anyone could say about them is that at least they haven’t been enmeshed in the percolating raises-for-votes scandal surrounding newly created temporary positions.
Valadez’s promotion from Republican dirty trickster to chief of staff is typical of what patronage politics has become: no regard for qualifications, flagrant discrimination and brazen implementation.
These political end runs were identical to the sleazy maneuvers employed in the past decade through an administrative review process heavily skewed in favor of elected officials and well-connected Democrats.

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled (in the Rutan decision of 1990) that party affiliation could not be used as the basis for hiring and promotions.

Try telling that to Carlos Cascos and Human Resources Director Arnold Flores.

Not only have Cascos’ decisions defied logic, they have been presented for public consumption in a manner that can only be described as exclusionary power politics. His politically motivated diversion of public resources to settle a catty billboard beef is an example of his political tin ear.

This malicious ruse could be viewed by some in the community as another red herring set in motion with the clear intention of continuing to distract from the real issues — accountability flaws, financial manipulations, influence-buying scandals, inaccessibility and the misappropriation of public funds.
For someone who is supposed to be politically savvy, banking on re-election, former Democrat Carlos Cascos has done nothing but embarrass himself. It’s as if the serial smoocher has gone politically tone deaf with his message of kiss-up conservatism.

Rather than raising our property taxes to increase his political fortunes by providing raises and Christmas bonuses to all county employees weeks before the election, shouldn’t he be using his considerable puckering skills to kiss up his friends, relatives and neighbors who will again be pulling the Democrat palanca?

Ramon de Leon


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just learned Bowman failef to show at AOBE forum. i have no idea if she had a good excuse. but did you notice how herald refused to play along with la bowman

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