Monday, September 29, 2014


It really gets under my skin when the handful of people who just troll the blogs to make moronic statements complain when a blogger does not post, or the story is not what they want to read.


Get a life - we as bloggers owe you nothing. You have no Free Speech Rights with us - we are not the government. I hate when people come on to this blog to complain someone is not blogging or trashing a story without a substantive complaint.

When you have tried to develop sources and to get elected officials or top administrators to trust you, you will begin to know how hard it can be on some days to develop a story.


Anonymous said...

which is a more serious crime Bobby...having "re-elect" for a position you were not elected like Lucy Longoria. Receiving monies without having filed a treasurer....not filing a PAC, ever.....or a combination of the above mentioned, and is it a basis for the D.A. to prosecute?

BobbyWC said...

Saenz himself is the most serious crime. sadly we might have to wait years before the doj acts