Thursday, September 18, 2014

My choice is to believe he is incredibly ignorant of the law and terrorism, or just plain vile.  You decide.
To what end did Saenz put out a press release about his visit to Washington?  Why did he have to go to Washington other than to grandstand?  The DOJ is not going to share any sensitive information with him.  India is not going to authorize any information released related to their investigation which includes terrorism.  Saenz was told in person exactly what he is told every time he calls.  India is holding him pending completion of their investigation. 
Mark my words, when the election starts in earnest a year from now, Saenz will be on a plane to India to learn first hand what is happening.  It will be done on your tax dollars.  And what will he learn?  Amit Livingston is being held pending the completion of India's own investigation.
If India can prove Livingston's ties to terrorist elements and those supporting terrorists through money laundering and fake ID's he will be facing a longer and harsher jail term in India than he is facing in the US.  Bringing Amit Livingston back to the US is what he wants.  It means better living conditions and more rights.  How does this serve Hermila Hernandez?  It does not - but it makes Saenz look good.
"Amit Livingston is not coming back to the US any time soon.  The Herald quotes the following from Saenz.  "Saenz said Livingston remains in an Indian prison and might face local charges there."  Really? - Really, you think?
There remains an Interpol Arrest Warrant in effect for Amit Livingston.  Any Indian official dumb enough to release him will be immediately arrested.
From the BV when Amit Livingston was arrested
"I am not  discounting the death of the woman he murdered, but extradition for the murder is the last thing on India's mind right now.

India has a host of terrorist and separatist problems.  Key to their activity is the illegal wiring of money and fake ID's.  I am willing to bet the farm until India is certain Amit Livingston has no leads for them on either of these issues, their internal intelligence services are not going to let him go.  At this moment he is a major national security asset in terms of potential information.

They were not observing him at his home for no reason.  It was intelligence gathering.  If they had not already arrested the person who forged the documents before his arrest I am certain that person is now long gone.  The separatists and terrorists in India rely on these forgers to carry out their terrorism.  This is what most interests India."

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