Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Carlos Elizondo is telling people he is not responsible for the company he keeps.  He tells his fellow firefights he is not responsible for his association with Cata and Luci.
If Carlos Elizondo refuses to take responsibility for his actions now, why should we believe he will take responsibility for his actions as a Trustee.
Carlos Elizondo as an EMS fire fighter is so pathetic he is actually helping to fund Montoya's drinking without any regard for your safety and welfare while you drive.  In Carlos' mind you being hit by a drunk is good for his business.  Montoya has no fewer than 4 DWI arrests.  Carlos Elizondo as an EMS firefighter is okay keeping such a man in his beer.
Carlos you cannot run from the company you keep.
My company - disabled vets - such as tomorrow as I help several in Harlingen.  My company - families in need.  My company - UTEP students who will benefit from my estate which will be in excess of a $250,000. My entire estate is set to go to the general scholarship fund at UTEP.  For the idiots out there, I have no access to my retirement until age 65.
I am proud of the company I keep, are you Carlito?

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BobbyWC said...

It is funny, instead of denouncing Montoya, the moronic supporters of Carlos Elizondo have come on line to denounce me for defending disabled vets.

You keep interesting company Carlito

Bobby WC