Sunday, September 28, 2014

It is inconceivable to me that anyone who has watched the civil rights movement grow and mature would not know, the more we regulate speech to control one group, the more we divide our community.
A federal court of appeals opinion from the 9th circuit while seemingly in compliance with Supreme Court precedence, is in fact an example of how judges will take a legal concept and extend it to the point of absurdity to justify their own agenda.

The basic law is pretty clear, schools can regulate student speech if the focus of the regulation of the speech is student safety.

But let me ask you, in today's world if the Christian Right were to start trouble over a gay organization on campus, to include threats against the gay students does anyone believe the 9th circuit would ban the gay organization in the interests of student safety.

The problem with the 9th circuit's opinion is quite simple.  You ban political speech if anyone in opposition to said political speech threatens violence over the speech.  This is a very, very dangerous path.  I can only hope the Supreme Court on a united front 9 zip reverses the 9th circuit.

Our students would be better served if the school district did more to bring the different groups together.  But silencing the speech of one group will only serve to create an even bigger divide among the students.


Students wearing U.S. flags on their shirts on Cinco de Mayo.

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