Saturday, September 13, 2014


Reading is not for every young child.  Bela since the day she was born lived in a world of endless learning and having books read to her.  She also had cousins a little bit older than her who were in school.  Even though she was not in school yet, she always insisted on being the teacher when they played.  Those cousins have moved away - which is fine because Bela is busy being teacher at school.

Do not push a very young child into reading unless they are ready.  Bela is very ready, but she still hates failure.  She has been this way since she was a baby.  Whenever she fails she gets very quiet.  We always tell her that when you make a mistake you learn and that is why mistakes are okay.  But if she is afraid she cannot do something, you really have to coax her.  This is one reason I am glad she is now reading the first two sets of Bob Books.  She knows she can learn to read.

Bela has a distant cousin who is 20 days younger than her who is not ready for reading.  The parents bought the books and the child simply refuses any interest.  In 4 year olds there can be a big variance in maturity - so be patient and do not push your child too fast.  Reading should be fun, and not a punishment.

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In my mind the parent should make the child a bit advance for each grade.  Bela helps with the other kids when she can.  She knows she must wait for the teacher to say it is okay.  For Bela school is fun.  In her case all the teacher is doing is reinforcing what she already knows.  It is my understanding in a few weeks the children will be broken up based on what they already know.  This is when Bela will be more challenged.  It is good - the first 6 weeks she got comfortable with school.  She will be ready  for the more challenging instruction.

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