Thursday, September 18, 2014


No one has heard me defend Joe Rivera.  For me and so many others this election is turning into, why should I vote?

From a mere image point of view, other than pure vile, who would have Cris Valadez as their hitman?  No one - this is how little Carlos Cascos cares about his image, and our image.


Let me begin with the idiots who claim I disclosed Cris Valadez as a source.  Wrong.  I never went to Chris for anything.  He fed me garbage to promote his con job.  In fact during this election he has given out my number to people who claim to have information on Magallanes.  They tell me Cascos has told them Montoya is not smart enough to understand the information so they should bring it to me, because I will do a better job in explaining it.


I repeat this story because it informs you of the type person Cascos is.  He is a coward - devoid of honor and integrity.  And given the fact it is well known that he and Saenz are metaphorical lovers, Cascos has nothing to fear when he abuses his office for gain.

Cris asked that I help him and Carlos Cascos get a county employee fired.  The man works on some type reserve north of Port Isabel.  The claim is he runs a fishing tour business in the bay and that he was working his business when he should have been at work.

Actually having knowledge of such things I asked the question, "what are his hours?"  People who have these type jobs are not 9-5.  It never occurred to Cris or Carlos to find out.  They just wanted him fired.

I was told that the tour was $200.00 [I found this kind of high for bay fishing]  I was told they would cover all of my expenses.

Does any one believe for one second had Ernie Hernandez done the same thing Saenz would not have brought an indictment?  Nope - not for one second.

My sources are telling me Cascos through Cris Valadez regularly orders reports be generated to cause problems for people Cascos dislikes and in many cases these are the reports Montoya uses.  Everyone knows Cris gives Montoya everything he has on the county.

I have been made privy to Cascos' latest request.  I am just waiting for it to appear on Montoya's blog - but then it may not because the target told me the allegations are false.  You see Carlito when you make the request county employees have been routinely calling your targets to tell them of your actions.  You are truly despised by county employees.

Cris did not give me the Carlos Elizondo picture - but everyone who asked me about it has said they know it was Cris - it wasn't.  But everyone knows Cris works 24/7 to destroy Cata Presas-Garcia.  This should concern Carlos Cascos and it does not.


Anonymous said...

Your grip. On reality. And sanity. It's loosening (lose-ning?).

Anonymous said...

I love your overly dramatic headlines! Thanks for reminding us, once again...why you are the biggest idiot in Brownsville!

BobbyWC said...

Is Crissy pooh upset?

Anonymous said...

I don't understand why you and the other blogs like to trash the candidates. All you bloggers are just hurting the potential voters not to go out and vote. You sir as an educated man. Should have a little more respect to the community by setting a good example and not bullying and trying to slam candidates. This just strives me to vote republican in November... Its discusting what you do and how you right your blog. I am a first time reader and I don't like what I see sir..

BobbyWC said...

No educated persons is buying your nonsense.

Your statements tell me you are a liar and know you are a liar and choose to lie to protect peole like Carlito and Luci.

So this is exactly what you are saying. Carlito and Luci can pay a drunk to lie about me or other people, and that is okay because they are "speeeeeciiiial"

You are saying they can take out ads wherein they lie about their opponents and that is okay because they are "speeeeeciiial"

You are saying the voters have no right to know about their lies because they is "speeeeciiial"

You are saying educated people should choose ignorance over facts because facts make you want to vote Republican - Ma'am your opposition to facts and celebration of ignorance prove you were a Republican all along.

What makes you think no BISD candidates are Republican - you do not even know that the BISD election does not involve being a Democrat or Republican

You are the epitome of ignorance and to prove it you come here to denounce me for not promoting your ignorance

No ma'am as an educated man, I will promote facts over ignorance, and your opposition to facts only prove you are a Republican.

Bobby WC