Friday, September 12, 2014


Carl Montoya is playing a very dangerous game.  Mary Rey says she was told a decision has been made, but she has to wait for the lawyer to put it in writing and mail it to her.  That was several days ago.

Another source is telling me that they were told that the ballots have been ordered.  BISD is playing a very dangerous game if it intends to tell the candidates of its decision after the ballots are printed.  Texas Election Code allows for a candidate to be removed from the ballot up until the day before early voting.  Their votes simply will not count.  If the Texas Supreme Court has to intervene BISD could find itself spending money to print new ballots.  100% of the blame will be on Carl Montoya.

It is like I said, without the Healthsmart issue, I would be supporting a Cata majority.  BISD would be best served without Otis Powers controlling the Board, and Carl Montoya, Baltazar Salazar, and Lucio Mendoza being sent to the curb without jobs.  If Cata takes a majority it will be for 4 years.  It will mean in 2 years all she has to do is win, or have one of her candidates win and then Luci will control the Board. If they take two seats it could be 6 years before Cata and Luci lose control of the Board.  If this happens the blame will be on Otis Powers and no one else.


According to the election code the agency overseeing the election has the final say to either accept the draft ballots or reject them.  Caroline at the SOS was very clear with me that she fully expects Chris Davis to follow the law independent of anything BISD requests.

Here is the problem, how is father in law's name appears on the ballot is an issue.  If Chris Davis rejects BISD's request, Carl Montoya will look bad.  If the Texas Supreme Court must intervene to compel Chris to comply with the law, his bias will be established.


Anonymous said...

"Oh what a tangled web we weave."

BobbyWC said...

What they fail to understand is, the DOJ is looking at this and if they ignore the law, BISD and even possibly Texas can be put back under the Voting Rights Act.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Regarding the Healthsmart lawsuit
what makes you think Luci will vote to dismiss it, if she voted to re-file. Don't be assuming, be man enough to call her and hear it from her. Stop listening to Minerva and Rick, get it from the horse's mouth.

BobbyWC said...

What makes me think - the first time even though a law firm was willing to take the lawsuit for free until it settles she voted to dismiss it.

[2] She openly worked with Ted Parkers convicted felon to get elected and then dismiss the lawsuit

[3] She took Ted Parkers help in round one

[4] If you think Rick Zayas would even say hello to me you know nothing about Rick Zayas - I think he hates me more than he hates Cata.

I do not need to listen to anyone - just look to the evidence.

Here is an idea - how about Luci Longoria sign an affidavit that she will resign if she voted to dismiss the Healthsmart lawsuit, while stating she will denounce anyone who tries to dismiss it, and I will post it

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

You posted "without the Healthsmart Issue You would support a Cata Majority". You are just a worthless as those you accuse. If you believe Cata is a good person then you are just as mental as she is. So much for your credibility. Triste, bien Triste!!!!

BobbyWC said...

The only thing sad is you did not read my post.

I at no time have I defended Cata or Luci - there has been no stronger and consistent critic of both women than me.

You want to live in a world of taking sides. I live in a world of issues.

My primary issue is Healthsmart - nothing else matters. That money can make a big difference to the students and teachers.

You need to look more than 2 inches in front of your face.

If Cata and Luci fire Montoya, Mendoza and Salazar, litigation will follow. BISD will lose its liability coverage with no hope of getting new liability coverage will come any time soon.

I am convinced this would lead to a TEA takeover - and that is what BISD needs.

A TEA run BISD will change the district for the better.

It is not that I like or believe in anything Cata or Luci do - they have been a terrible drain on the school district.

But so to has the current majority and the current administration.

I care about the kids and teachers and a TEA run BISD is in their best interests.

Cata and Luci will fail big time if they take over. For all of Escobedo's faults he was able to keep them under some control. He is no longer there to control them.

You cannot possibly believe in the best interests of the students and teachers and believe Otis Powers and Montoya are working for the students and teachers.

Unlike you I believe our students and teachers deserve better than the lessor of two evils.

I support a TEA takeover ASAP.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

You have slammed TEA on many occasions for not doing their job, your typical incompetent beaurocrats, and yet you support them taking over the district. Go back and look at the districts that have had Masters under TEA and see where they are now. Most are back to where they started. The problems that BISD have are endemic to many districts and have to be resolved internally. No doubt we need a Supt. that fits the district and Montoya is not he. Unfortunately, the school board is beset with self serving, narcissistic individuals who cannot help themselves. If Cata could shut up and enjoy censure istead of attacking like a msd dog the district might have a chance at repairing itself. I do not believe all the board is like she, but Lucy is a close second. What we need to do is elect board members who have no vendettas nor personal issues. That is not what exists at present. We already know that some candidates are in a certain camp as the blogs show. Personally I will not vote for anyone that a blogger recommends as bloggers contribute and in many cases make the drama worse. BISD has many positives upon which to grow, but continuing to elect board members the calbre of Cata and Lucy well, we have no one to blame but ourselves. This election will not fix the district. Either the present majority retains the majority or Cata and company will begin another blood letting.

BobbyWC said...

It is the blood letting which they will bring down the district which will bring in the TEA and an end to Cata and Luci for good. That is not a bad thing.

But the core problem is exactly what I have said for years - the law.

So long as the superintendents basically serve at the will of the trustees nothing will change.

All of the litigation proves the rules mean nothing to the board.

The Legislature must pass a law which provides that superintendents are hired and fired by the Regional TEA Office. I have no problem with candidates being vetted by teacher associations, PTA's and Board Members so they can give their input.

But until the superintendents have the protection of the TEA nothing will change. It must be in the name because Carl Montoya changed sides based on his paycheck. He serves no one but his wallet.

Why? The system leaves him no choice.

In a perfect world Luci, Carlos and Shirley lose thereby leaving Cata by herself. That was possible had Otis Powers and Carl Montoya followed the law concerning ballot access.

So now we have a situation of another two years of conflict.

It will take a major crash of BISD and TEA intervention to get the Legislature to change the law as to who hires and fires superintendents.

I agree if the TEA takes control and the Legislature does nothing to fix who can hire and fire superintendents BISD will return to chaos.

In the end for now it is the people voting in the same old people who are aligned with the same old groups trying to control the contracts.

We do have some new people running - we should be looking at them.

No one can say I have taken sides because I have not been positive towards Otis Powers, Cesar Lopez or their candidate Joe Rodriguez.

Thanks for your comment and extending the discussion - as I say this is when the BV works best

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Have you ever been associated or familiar with the Regional TEA Service Centers? Most of those working at the Regional Service Center are nice individuals that were hired to specialize in a particular field of education. Some of them are former school administrators, school teachers, school counselors, etc. Some may have experience in a particular field while others may not. However, they are not in a position to determine the need of each school district or even yet to determine the leadership of each school district. The citizen of each school district are left with the responsibility of selecting their administrative leadership through the selection of their governing board. There are no college courses or specific training for its citizens to be trained on how to vote. All you have is citizens who are subject to an election of candidates who are elected who may or may not have the best interest of the children once they become the governing board. Perhaps this is where you come in, to enlighten the community and allow the community to be able to select the best candidate. Politics is a dirty word. Sometimes the citizens make the right choices and often are not they do not but that is politics.

BobbyWC said...

I do not think anyone can defend the current system. Like I said the teachers, PTA and Board should be allowed to vet possible candidates.

What we will know for sure is - a national search will be done, and highly qualified candidates will apply.

I have said in the past that a Board should be allowed to recommend discharge based on good cause. They will then have to defend that good cause before a committee of the TEA.

There is no other way to get independent superintendents who are not in a constant state of blackmail by self-serving Board Members

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

TEA first sends a Master which has happened in BISD. The person they sent was no better than the board. To have TEA take over the board and the district there has to be things much more serious that what is wrong with the current board and supt. A master just watches what is going on and draws a nice salary from the district.

BobbyWC said...

And you are just totally ignoring my argument which includes events which have yet to occur

Bobby WC