Sunday, September 7, 2014


As of Friday afternoon, BISD was back to being undecided about how if at all the names of Joe Rod and Shirley Bowman will appear on the ballot.  Salazar is telling Carl Montoya at $20,000, a month he is not qualified to interpret the meaning of the word "shall" or term "may not."

Carl Montoya and Baltazar Salazar are waiting on the lawyers at the SOS office to tell them the meaning of "shall" and "may not."  They want cover for court.  I can just hear the judge now, "your defense is not your analysis of the law, but merely the recommendation of the SOS?"

Depending on the source the current status is anywhere from Joe Rod and Shirley Bowman not appearing on the ballot, to no nickname at all, to "coach" and "la".  Sources in Austin have indicated that they now believe coach and la are not nicknames as a matter of law and instead an "impact word," or slogan.


Anonymous said...

What sources in Austin? Why the secrecy? Print the names of the individuals that believe "coach" and "la" are not nicknames. Give credibility to your statement.

BobbyWC said...

You mean blow my source so you can harass them.

How about we just wait and see how today goes and then you can determine if the story is credible

In the end, the end result of this matter will determine the credibility of my story - eh?

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

". . . you can harass them."

I am just a reader who likes credibility to every story that I read. Make up statements or lies whether there may be truth to the stories makes everything less credible. I am not in the business of harassing anybody; however, I am a voter who cares for my community. So you say that "today" things will happen that will make your story credible. Is "today" like your statement of Saenz being indicted "within six months"? Six months that have come and gone and no indictment.

BobbyWC said...

Through your post you prove your bad intent - what you seek to ignore for your own purposes is there are people out there who will harass my sources.

Every news source withholds the name of confidential sources - why should I be different? - fine, ignore what I am saying - I will not be hurt - but if as someone who claims to be a concerned voter you are fooling no one.

I have laid out the law - what you are saying is you are not educated enough to read the plain language of the law.

Montoya says they have already told the candidates that their names will appear as requested.

Obviously you cannot look to independent sources like the election code to determine if the claim is false - apparently to you the election code wherein in it says knicknames go in the middle is not credible evidence for you that Montoya's claim Coach Joe will appear on the ballot with Coach first, is false

Me trying to argue with you or educate you is a complete and total waste of time and energy - you have no interest in reality.

I never said BISD will make a decision today. I am hopeful it will come by Wednesday. I said lets see how today goes.

The SOS is aware that they through their conduct have opened Texas coming back under the Voting Rights Act. This is why I believe the questions will not be forwarded to the Election law lawyers at the AG. They know if the DOJ finds Texas is ignoring its own law, they could be put back under the Voting Rights Act.

The AG could gamble and refuse to issue an opinion - the DOJ could decide it does not care.

But I think as early as Wednesday we might know something - but it could happen by the end of today. It may be Friday.

The bottom line BISD has issued no written response to Mary Rey's challenge, and until then the issue remains live.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

"I never said BISD will make a decision today"

You did not make that statement and neither did I. However, you did state that "today" things will happen that will make your statement credible. I am glad that Mary Rey has challenged the proceeding of the election by BISD. However, as you know our democratic system of selection of community representatives is based on the will of the people (voters). Mary Rey is as good as a candidate as the two others but without the two other candidates in the ballot on election day we will not know if she is the chose of the people. My argument with you is not about harassment or Montoya, it is about being truthful and credible with your readers.

BobbyWC said...

Me saying

"How about we just wait and see how today goes and then you can determine if the story is credible."

Is not a declarative statement we will know today. I have no way of knowing how fast the SOS will deal with the DOJ complaint against them and BISD.

But if by today, BISD does not respond to Mary Rey's challenge then you know the issue is not resolved which puts my claims as credible.

Further, you seem to want to ignore reality. The BISD election does not include the will of the people - if the will of the people mattered to you - which is does not - then you would be demanding BISD change how elections are held.

Cata received about 40% of the vote - on what planet is it the will of the people when 60% of the voters rejected the winner - who are you kidding.

How is democracy served if the candidates can ignore the election code? It is not. When you are saying in order to have multiple people on the ballot if need be the law should be ignored.

You know what is never in any of your posts - any claim I am wrong about the law with supporting law or a court opinion.

That is what matters - the law - not you and your belief that when 60% of the people reject you, you have the will of the people.

Cata has a lot of things behind her, but the will of the people is not one of them.
If you care about the will of the people then stand with me and demand BISD change its rule to require a majority to win

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

"if the will of the people mattered to you - which is does not - then you would be demanding BISD change how elections are held."

You do not know if it matters to me or not. Yes it does. Nicknames in the ballot are acceptable to me if the rules of the election are followed. Often people know individuals by their nicknames instead of their given names. Individuals who if elected would serve the community to the best of their abilities. My argument with you will continue to be if you are truthful and credible. You can state all the laws in the land but knowledge of them does not make you credible. We can continue this argument but it is best that we see the results based on your statements. Enjoy your day.

BobbyWC said...

And you continue to refuse to refute the law which is why you end with let's see how it turns out. You know as well as I do that if politics demands the law be ignored then it will be ignored. Politics does not change the law - it just ignores it for political ends

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

"... wait and see how today goes ..."

It is 8:33 p.m., so how did it go?

BobbyWC said...

Yes, it is 10:10 p.m. and BISD is still waiting on the SOS to tell them what to do. The fact they have made no decision yet means, they are scrambling.

One source is telling Joe Rod is besides himself with anger, and Cata is telling people she is going to handle me one and for all.

Newsflash for you Cata - my dog Buster can outwit you. You are not even smart enough to have conspiracy meetings outside of Brownsville - oh yes girl - we have the pictures

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

"Cata is telling people she is going to handle me one and for all."

How is she going to do that? Does this woman have the goods on you or she is going to fabricate them using her favorite blogger? Sticking pins on a doll is not beyond the imagination of some individuals in this world.

BobbyWC said...

Cata is angry and delusion - she flies off at the mouth to impress fellow num-nuts - that's about it

Pins in a doll might work - my back hurts - a little acupuncture would be nice about now

Bobby WC